Kdrama “Payback” Review- Episode 1 And 2

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Payback” is here at last, after years of waiting for Chae Won to return, she’s finally here!

Generally speaking, I like Chae Won and Sun Kyun’s choices and I think for a premiere, it seems they picked a good one.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

“Payback” is a bit difficult to understand for younger fans or anyone who is generally unaware of how stocks work and how people can manipulate it, despite that, the drama does a good job pulling you in.

I thought the premiere episodes of the drama were strong and nice. The story is very interesting and intriguing. There is a balanced mix between happy and sad in the premiere episodes that excited me for what will come.

As usual, Sun Kyun is amazing, and although we didn’t see much of Chae Won, she makes an impression with her scenes.

CEO Myung should not have touched Eun Yong’s family.

The screenwriter behind this drama is named Kim Won-Suk who wrote “Man to Man,” which was ok but he’s known for also being one of the two writers who worked on “Descendants of the Sun.” Thus, I am a bit on the fence about this, but from the premiere episodes, it seems to be flowing nicely.

I can’t attest to the accuracy of the stock manipulation scenes but I liked how the character Eun Yong managed to beat his own boss at his own game, but he also ended up at a loss, living far away from home. I guess we’ll find out more about why he chose this lifestyle later.

I also notably liked rising actor Kang You-Seok’s performance, he did well here. I’ve seen him in other dramas but this is my first time seeing him in a notable supporting role. I can’t wait to see how he collaborates with his uncle.

“Payback” did well for its premiere episodes in terms of ratings, scoring above the 7% mark which is becoming more and more difficult, I bet it can rise if it continues to be this interesting.

Have you seen the premiere yet? thoughts?

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