“Flower Of Evil” Episode 11 Review And Recap

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“Flower Of Evil” 11th episode finally revealed the identity of its infamous accomplice, and we’re here to discuss the 11th episode and what could happen in the 12th episode.

tvN’s “Flower Of Evil” is an enjoyable drama, it doesn’t give you a chance to take a breath and I personally love that about it. I love love fast-paced dramas because I get bored easily, I am an impatient person.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

When will episode 12 of “Flower Of Evil” air?  

After I’ve finally completed the 11th episode of “Flower Of Evil,” I decided it’s a must to talk about it, and just a heads up, “Flower Of Evil” 12th episode didn’t air on Thursday because the drama had to halt filming due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, they’re among countless other dramas that had to temporary halt filming for safety measures.

While I love my kdramas, I don’t want people to get hurt making them, it’s a torture to wait for every episode of “Flower Of Evil” but the cast and crew safety comes above all else. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves during this difficult time.

As to when will episode 12 of “Flower Of Evil” air, it will air next week Wednesday (9th of September).

Back to the review

The accomplice identity

Do you guys remember what I said in my previous review? I said that the father isn’t the accomplice but I also said Hee Seong is also likely not the accomplice, that turned out to be wrong. My judgment was slightly off and I like that, I like coming up with theories and getting disproved, it makes it more fun trying to figure out what happens next.

Although we’re at 11, there is still so much going on and so much more to unravel, there are a lot of things we still need answers for, one of my biggest questions has to do with the role of Hee Seong’s mother in all of this.

Hee Seong appears to be a timid person and I found the justification for labeling him the accomplice a bit weird. So he was ‘forced’ into it but he cried so much during the funeral of a serial killer who forced him to take part in his wrongdoings. Something still doesn’t sit right with me, and I have a feeling he could have a personality disorder which would justify the missing link.

The actor behind Hee Seong is truly remarkable. I know him but I couldn’t recognize him in long hair, he looks more intimidating in short black hair.

I feel like Hee Seong has this childish like behavior, he talks like a child sometimes asking his parents to ‘protect’ him, and generally, his demeanor provokes theories.

Also, I thought he and Hyun Su were around the same age, hence why Hyun Su was able to assume his identity and go nearly undetected. But in the flashbacks, you can see that he’s still in his current form while Hyun Su’s character was played by a younger actor. Am I missing something? Please correct me if I am wrong guys, because this point doesn’t add up to me.

Jae Sub and Ji Won

Ji Won is freaking amazing, I love how much she’s willing to stand by her husband sacrificing everything to prove his innocence. I understand Jae Sub’s reaction to the entire situation, if I were him, I would’ve reacted the same way, but he was still trying his best to be understanding and respectful even when he has all the right to be upset about this. I think he either has feelings for Ji Won or genuinely views her as a younger sister he must protect. Either way, he tries his best to protect her and trusts her enough to give her space.

I think he knows how smart she is, and deep down inside he can tell she’s onto something because she believes Hyun Su to be innocent.  

I’ve previously touched on Jae Sub’s character, the actor is terrific and I just love his aura. He might appear to be dumb and just going with the flow but he’s smarter than he appears to be. He’s very charismatic, whenever he’s on screen, he just steals the spotlight. And get this, this actor only started acting in 2019, Choi Young Joon’s first project was 2019’s “Arthdal Chronicles.” He’s on my radar now and I will surely watch his next project.

Ji Won and Hyun Su’s unbreakable bond

Lee Joon Gi’s character growth is amazing. You can see just how much he’s changed over the years and just how much he loves his wife and daughter, those flashbacks at the beginning of each episode don’t interrupt the flow but enhance the experience, I must say the editing team did a good job on that one. It helps us understand more about their relationship and how it progressed.

As I said before, Hyun Su was misdiagnosed, it’s not that he can’t feel love but he doesn’t know what to categorize as love. He has trouble understanding emotions but he’s not a psychopath.

I also like the fact that the couple decided to face this head on instead of turning it into a soap opera of the worst kind forcing a ‘breakup.’ The screenwriter is truly doing a marvelous job. It must be so hard to write engaging content for every single episode while still maintaining consistency.

“Flower Of Evil” 11th episode was another good one, can’t wait for next week’s episodes.

Did you guys see the 11th episode? What are your thoughts on it?

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