“Flower Of Evil” Review- Why Its Lee Joon Gi’s Best Drama In Recent Memory

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“Flower Of Evil” is a tvN drama about a detective who’s married to what she presumes to be a doting loving husband. He cares for her and their daughter, however, through a string of events, she learns that he’s living under a false identity and starts to suspect that he’s a serial killer. She chases after his past and tries to uncover the truth.

The drama finished its run a couple of days ago, and I am here to talk about my final thoughts on the drama and why I titled the article like this so join me on this ride and lets discuss “Flower Of Evil.”

Note: this is a subjective review. It contains spoilers from the entire drama. If you want to know the final verdict without reading into spoilers, click on the last part ‘Should I watch this drama? ‘

The premise is interesting

The idea behind the drama is interesting in itself. Usually, male leads in kdramas can be difficult and arrogant but they usually turn out to be nice and are definitely not potential serial killers, they’re presented as these ‘perfect’ dreamy men but “Flower Of Evil” takes a different approach from the get-go.

They clearly establish that Hyun Su has led a difficult life and his father is a serial killer. He struggles to understand people’s emotions and is putting a front to deceive his wife and daughter under a false identity. Over the course of the drama, the idea morphs into something even more heartbreaking but it’s an interesting premise. The screenwriter is truly the hero of this drama.

Many fans seem to either gloss over what I am about to say or dismiss it completely, but it’ll always be true. The script is what makes or breaks any drama, even if the acting, directing and editing is 100%, if the story is terrible, there is no way you can save the drama.

This is not to undermine all the hard work that went into this drama, but the script truly shined, even if Lee Joon Gi/Moon Chae Won weren’t part of this project, I would’ve still watched earnestly until the very end.

It’s one of the very few kdramas that I put out a review of consistently on the blog, being a lazy human, that’s an accomplishment for me. “Flower Of Evil” not only started with an interesting idea but it kept getting interesting until the very end, something not many kdramas can boast about.

Even when I thought I knew what was about to happen, screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee would surprise me with another twist. Added to that, there were still missing pieces of the story left to be discussed until episode 13 which is also rare in kdramas. She sprinkled many hints here and there and she did it so perfectly. So instead of becoming boring half-way through, the drama only became more interesting.

It’s the perfect mix between romance and suspense. The story is overly dramatic at times but still, very entertaining. The characters emotions are the center of it and regardless of how ridiculous it gets, the highlight was always their emotions and how they’re supposed to navigate the story.

Towards the end, the plot started to get ridiculous, a bit too ridiculous to my liking. I felt that the finale episodes could’ve turned out better, because towards the end certain things made little sense and certain situations were too over-the-top include the scene where Hee Seong shoots Hyun Su from the back and that whole memory loss part, I dislike it when writers use memory loss.

Regardless, it remained enjoyable and by the end of the day, a drama should be just that.

“Flower Of Evil” is the perfect drama for those who like to make theories, as an audience member, you will become more invested because you’re trying to decipher what just happened and find clues that could lead to the real accomplice.

I would’ve liked it just the same if Hyun Su turned out to be the actual accomplice because that’s also an interesting idea; we rarely see the male lead character in your typical kdrama be the actual villain of the entire story. I almost immediately knew it wasn’t going to be that case, and I totally understand why, but it would’ve made an interesting story.

The reason writers don’t do it is that they want the audience to remain invested and on the main character’s side, when you write a difficult character, the audience will become detached and you could lose them if the character becomes overbearingly evil or annoying.

Highlighting The actors

I can never give enough praise for everyone involved in this drama. Everyone from the lead to the supporting actors did a marvelous job; there were no cracks at all.

Seo Hyun Woo was funny whenever he’s on screen and was the perfect comedic relief when its needed. He is very talented and deserves more attention.

Jang Hee Jin is one of my favorite underrated actresses, she did an amazing job with her character and really looked like the older sister to Lee Joon Gi even though she’s one year younger than him.

Moon Chae Won has outdone herself and pulled one of the best performances of 2020 across the board; she deserves to get nominated alongside Kim Hee Ae for the top award, its one of her best and most challenging performances to date. It must’ve been hard but she did it so effortlessly. She is also criminally underrated. The scenes in which she cries alongside Lee Joon Gi were the highlight of the series for me. When everyone was also probably crying watching them, I was sitting on my sofa blown away by how good the scenes turned out to be.

Even the child actress is hella cute and talented. I don’t expect the best performances from child actors but the casting team worked hard to cast the right child actress for the role. And, she only started a year ago; she has a bright future ahead of her.

And I want to give a special shout out to Nam Gi Ae, one of my favorite Ahjumma actresses, her role as the frantic over-the-top anxious mother wasn’t easy to pull off.

I previously talked about him in the reviews, but actor Choi Young Joon is very charismatic. I’ll have you know he started acting in 2019, so he started pretty late, he’s 40 years old and he’s hella talented. Whenever he appeared on screen, he stole the spotlight. His role wasn’t that highlighted especially early on but he has this charisma that pulls you to him. With the right role, I think he can grow to become the next big success story.  

And now onto the biggest surprise of “Flower Of Evil,” actor Kim Ji Hoon.

I am aware of actor Kim Ji Hoon, but he always flew right under my radar. His transformation for the role was marvelous but he wasn’t recognizable. I had to visit his profile to confirm his identity because I thought he was a rookie actor at first glance. I was surprised when he turned out to be that Kim Ji Hoon.

They say a drama is as good as its villain and that’s definitely the case with this one, Kim Ji Hoon put out one of the best performances by a supporting actor in a kdrama in 2020. Also, that face belongs in a museum.

If I forgot someone know its not intentionally, I think everyone did an amazing job.

Lee Joon Gi’s best drama in recent memory

Now onto Lee Joon Gi and why I believe this is his best drama in recent memory.

Lee Joon Gi has been around for a while, since 2003 to be exact. He is one of the very few actors that I can tell love their job. Let me explain.

There is a spark in his eyes when he is acting, a spark that I don’t usually notice in actors around his age. Of course everyone is different, but you can easily tell that Lee Joon Gi is enjoying his time and enjoying what he does. Nearing 40 years old, he’s still at the top of his game always trying to reinvent himself and take on challenging roles.

This is what I admire about him. A lot of people like him for because he’s hella handsome but the first thought that comes to my mind when I think of him is just how insanely talented and underrated he is. Yes you heard that right, he’s underrated.

He is known for his visuals but I don’t often see people discuss his acting. He is insanely versatile and so passionate about his craft. He doesn’t rely on roles that highlight his good looks which is also important to take into account, because if he had relied on that, his career would’ve easily dwindled.

I’ve watched almost all of his dramas in recent memory. The title of this article is bold but I feel that considering how many dramas I’ve watched of this talented actor, the title is befitting. He always gives an amazing performance but not all of his dramas were to my liking, script wise.

He had the best supporting cast, and story to back him up this time and this is why “Flower Of Evil” is his best project in recent memory.

Should I watch this drama?

If you’re looking for something that’s fast-paced, fun and dramatic, “Flower Of Evil” is the drama to watch. Even if you don’t know the actors, the drama is still fun to watch.

This is a drama I feel comfortable enough recommending to those who like fast-paced action or slow-paced stories. Unless you don’t like stories about murder and suspense, this is a drama worth checking out.

So these are my thoughts on “Flower Of Evil,” I am interested in knowing what you guys thought of this drama. Lets discuss in the comment section below.

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. Just commenting about how much I love your site and your articles. I appreciate how you go into depth with your opinions and really give us things to think about and consider. You take this seriously and it shows, along with your genuine love and respect for Korean culture. I appreciate it and it keeps me loyal to this platform!

  2. Lee Jun Ki is one of my favorite actors in Korea! He’s so talented and I have to agree, storyline has to great and on top of that, talented actor who can play the part goes with it makes it even better. I hope to meet him someday. I only have a handful of actors I’m fond of and he’s the top of my list not just because of his looks but because he’s so good at acting!

  3. Thanks for the review agree with what you shared about the actors n the plot. I binge watch it in one day . The drama is so addictive… I need to know what is happening next and so I just kept watching …

    Totally agree with you that Lee Joon Ki is underrated and that this is his best drama ever!!
    Well I have watched him since 2003 and have been watched almost all his dramas.

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