“Flower Of Evil” Episode 1 and 2 Review

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“Flower Of Evil” is probably one of tvN’s most well-marketed dramas. tvN has literally gone all out trying their best to promote the upcoming drama. I, my friends and so many people I interact with online were very excited about the series after watching a teaser or two.

If you’re in any capacity aware of tvN dramas even vaguely then you’ve probably stumbled upon a teaser of “Flower Of Evil.”

Now I personally don’t like getting too excited for a drama because that has proven to be a bad mindset after a couple of years of watching kdramas, these days, I try to control my feelings on a project, sometimes, I get pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Note: the review below contains spoilers.

“Flower Of Evil” premiere is great and I am here to talk about it.

“Flower Of Evil” marketing was both genius and in-your-face, thus far, it doesn’t seem that it’s paying off as much as tvN had hoped it would. The ratings are okay but they could be a lot better. I certainly hope it picks up.

I really liked the way we were introduced to our characters; the editing is very nice for “Flower Of Evil” and I like it so far. Since I am really interested in the making dramas, I’ve paying attention to stuff that most people wouldn’t normally pay attention to, such as the editing.

Turns out, a lot of kdramas have terrible editing but the editing team for “Flower Of Evil” is doing a great job because the way it plays out is very interesting.

I also liked that they didn’t use voice-overs for the exposition of our main characters so much; it was used but not as aggressively as some other dramas, I like to be shown instead of simply getting fed the plot.

The interesting thing about “Flower Of Evil” is the fact that there are no other kdramas like this one, a first male lead who is a legitimately terrible human being who’s done bad, these roles are reserved for second male leads and sometimes only supporting cast, the lead is always portrayed as this savor capable man. This was what drew me to “Flower Of Evil.”

Lee Joon Gi is an interesting actor. I was excited he chose this project; I haven’t seen him play someone who is not a savor but instead a problematic dark human being.

His character is very intriguing, there is a lot to unravel but a part of me is worried that he might not be a serial killer after all, as weird as this may sound. I signed up to watch the series because I was interested in seeing a kdrama about a woman slowly figuring out her husband is a cold-blooded murderer. They have a child as well which adds to the complexity of the situation, it’s not as easy to cut ties and play the good cop role.

I would be very upset if it turns out he was simply misunderstood and placed under extraordinary circumstances that can be easily misinterpreted. So far, it seems that he killed one person for sure but it could be because that person threatened or had done harm and he was simply defending himself. Things are vague thus far and deliberately.

His father is a known murderer and this could’ve easily influenced him and his situation badly. It seems that he can’t process human emotions and studies them instead which lead me to believe he’s a psychopath, many people are saying he’s a sociopath, but those are two different things.

According to WebMd, the difference between them is whether the person has a conscience, a psychopath doesn’t feel remorse, he may act like it but he doesn’t, a sociopath feels slight remorse but it doesn’t stop their behavior.

So far, Hee Sung looks like a psychopath. It’s important to note that not all psychopaths turn violent IRL. He is very smart but the actions he did to a friend he knew in the past doesn’t indicate he is remorseful to keeping him locked up in the slightest. It could be that because he was bullied terribly by him, so I am not entirely sure so far, but I am leaning towards what I’ve explained above.

I like the introduction to Moon Chae Woon’s character as well; she’s so deep in love and appreciative of how nice he is that she can’t apply logic to her situation. She’s observant otherwise and applies logic to her everyday life but if she took a slight closer look at her husband, she’d find red flags, this will become clearer soon.

It’ll probably be a great shock to her once she finds out. It seems that she relies on him a lot and this will create a lot of issues down the line. When a person tries to overly compensate and go out of his/her way to be nice so much so that its overbearing, you can’t help but get skeptic. They’re likely overcompensating because they’re scared or  hiding something or both.

“Flower Of Evil” has the chance to become one of the best of 2020, I have high hopes and can’t wait for next Wednesday, it’s going to be difficult to wait but I am too excited to binge watch it 2 months from now.

What did you think of “Flower Of Evil” premiere?

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