“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” Episode 1 Review

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“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” has finally aired its first episode after what seemed like forever. The drama was supposed to premiere in late August but was pushed back after one of its cast members tested positive for COVID-19.

As a result, the entire cast and crew had to test for the virus, the results came out negative and the production resumed in early September.

However, the premiere date was still under discussion. Only recently it was confirmed that “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” is set to air on October 7.

So how was “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 1?

I am here to discuss my thoughts on “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” 1st episode and talk about whether it lives up to my expectations or not.

Lee Jae Wook’s choice

We aren’t introduced to Lee Jae Wook’s character until much later in the episode which I found to be an intriguing choice and a good decision editing wise,  I was waiting for him to appear and when he did I was screaming.

Lee Jae Wook’s growth has been fun to see, ever since I laid my eyes on him I knew he was going to be something. Lee Jae Wook was one of those actors you could tell will grow to become big. Not only ridiculously handsome but an amazing actor who can make you sympathize with his character even if he’s playing the jerk. He steals the spotlight whenever he’s on screen and its fun to see him.

Despite the fact that Lee Jae Wook’s most successful project (ratings wise) remains “Memories of the Alhambra,” which he had a minor role in, he has been getting a lot of attention enough for him to lead a drama less than two years after his debut, do you guys know how rare that is?

As someone who’s been around for a while and has seen many actors grow and wither, I can say that Lee Jae Wook’s case and growth was a sight to see.

I don’t have enough data on his picks as an actor but so far, I am loving his choices. Lee Jae Wook’s character in “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” is fun. As far as I can tell, he’s from a rich family but for some reason decided to run away from home. It’s a bit cliché to use such plot device in a 2020 kdrama but I am interested in seeing how it unfolds and whether his character’s decision to ditch his family is warranted or not.

I just hope to god they don’t use the following clichés later on: 1- it turns out that Woo Joon and Ga Ra have known each other in the past and their lives are somewhat entangled since they were children, 2- he lies about coming from a rich family but then sweeps to emerge as this chaebol to protect his woman later on.

I know I am going to enjoy Lee Jae Wook’s performance but if the drama doesn’t live up to expectations, I don’t think I’ll be able to tune in.

The cheesy fun but slow introduction

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 1 had its fun moments and it was kinda cheesy at times as expected from a rom-com. I wouldn’t say I was blown away but there were some moments in this episode that I found surprising, it made it more fun to watch.  

We knew about the drama and we were super excited but at the same time, it turns out the production hid a lot from us. I didn’t expect Ga Ra to be married off at 24 years old… that seemed honestly young, quite young even by kdrama land standards. I was also surprised they made her character born in 1997 bringing her somewhat closer to Lee Jae Wook’s actual real age. There were many instances that honestly took me by surprise; I didn’t expect the premiere to be this dramatic.

A lot of people are surprised to learn that Lee Jae Wook was born in 1998. Go Ara is 8 years older than him but luckily for her, Lee Jae Wook looks older than he actually is, thus, he can play characters older than his real age.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 1 gave me enough interesting information to go on from but it was kinda slow here and there, and for a premiere that’s never a good sign. I don’t mind it when the premiere focuses on exposition but at least mix it with more fun engaging content that will keep people glued to their screens. I don’t know if “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 1 provided enough of that.

For people who love the actors, they’ll surely tune in for tomorrow’s episode, but I am not sure for the average viewer if it’ll be enough to make them return for tomorrow’s episode.

Having said this, “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” premiere was probably one of the better KBS dramas premieres this year. KBS dramas in 2020 have been painfully average and this could be their ticket out of their dramas steady decline in viewership ratings.

Ga Ra and Go Ara’s acting choices

Ga Ra is a cheesy typical female lead who has no idea what she’s doing. She oblivious to her surroundings due to her upbringing, it was kinda painful to see her antics because at this stage, I am not that excited to see clueless female leads getting saved by their leading men.

I hope to God her character goes through enough growth fast because it seems like she’s going to become the type of character that is constantly saved by men surrounding her.

Go Ara’s acting is either a hit or a miss with fans even us international fans, I have already seen people commenting on her acting in this drama. She’s known in our community but people have conflicting opinions about her acting.

I personally found her okay in episode 1 of “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol,” I wouldn’t say she wowed me, in fact, she hasn’t in quite some time but she was okay. I do understand why not everyone likes her acting tho. I hope that she can truly captivate us and make her character stand out in future episodes of this drama. Her type of character can easily become boring to see, it’ll be a fine line that the writer has to carefully navigate.

Final thoughts

I tuned in because of Lee Jae Wook and Kim Joo Hun and was happy watching the premiere of “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.” I still have my doubts mainly because the screenwriter who’s working on this worked on “Terius Behind Me,” but I hope I get surprised later on.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” could turn out to be one of the best 2020 kdramas but its too early to tell. It has a lot of hurdles to overcome. Overall, this was a fun light watch.

What did you guys think of “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” 1st episode?

By Jass K.

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