Disney+ “Third Person Revenge” Review- Episode 1 And 2

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Disney+ has recently premiered its newest kdrama “Third Person Revenge” ramping up releases for the year 2022, so how was the premiere?

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

Lets talk about it!

I was drawn into “Third Person Revenge” because I liked the premise I read about it. While I do not generally watch high school kdramas anymore because I’ve overgrown them, I am up for something that could be less censored and shorter. Disney+ provides that and you can tell from the premiere that they did not hold back on the violence and blood.

Some people might be a bit freaked out by this but I do prefer such deception to overly censoring the crap out of it which is something broadcasting stations tend to do, I feel it messes with the flow and the believability of the drama when its done.

I think its better “Third Person Revenge” was remade by an OTT service instead of the traditional broadcasting stations as I feel with this script, we needed this level of violence to show in order to correctly convey the messages its trying to portray.

The script is written by Lee Hee-Myung who is a veteran screenwriter that has been working on kdramas since the late 1990s. I don’t feel the kdrama gives off an old feeling in the writing yet which I appreciate.

I liked the premiere of the “Third Person Revenge.” If such situations actually occur in Korean high school then I’d be terrified, I can’t comment on how believable this is, but what I see scares me due to the sheer fact that such young kids could be capable of such cruelty.

I am pretty sure the screenwriter shall delve deeper into this as the drama progresses and discusses why it could be that young kids behave this way. Its not a noble undertaking nor is it new, but with the premise and overall lack of censorship when it comes to the actual crimes committed, I think it has a chance of standing out.

High school kdramas tend to do well with the international fandom too. So there is definitely a possibility that this drama gains momentum overseas, I can see it happening.

I felt so bad for Ji Soo-Heon and his mother who seem to be hit by the worst luck there is in kdrama land. Its so sad if he ends up passing away due to what happened.

Another detail I liked was how it turns out that Ok Chan-Mi’s brother was actually a terrible person. It could definitely be a divergent but I like the idea that she’s shaken at the possibility that he’s actually a horrible student and was ill-mannered to his peers. This makes the aspect of taking revenge or wanting to take revenge a more difficult thing to tackle. It adds depth into the story because generally speaking, in such kdrama settings, the deceased whom the family member takes revenge on behalf of, is rarely portrayed as a horrible person.

In regards to performances, I feel they’re a bit lacking. I tend not to watch high school kdramas because of this too, because I realize they bring sometimes rookie actors who might not be that experienced yet.

Having said this, Ye Eun is doing ok here. This is by far my favorite premiere of a kdrama she’s done ever, I have not been a fan of her choices personally and I think she should take a step back and do more secondary lead roles but it looks like its not happening yet. I think her rise to fame and subsequent ability to book leading female roles came too soon. She needed more training and guidance.

In regards to Lomon, whom I first got to know with “All Of Us Are Dead,” he’s doing ok too. However, I feel he needs to put more depth into his character, I can tell its because he’s not that experienced yet and I think with time, he’ll be able to reach that state. I am kinda surprised he’s already leading his own drama as it feels too soon as well. He’s been doing supporting roles and suddenly graduated to 1st leading role so fast.

I understand why Disney+ would choose such a cast but I am being honest about my own thoughts.

I feel like with time, they’ll both get better and be able to take full charge of the characters they play as long as they don’t try to always take 1st leading roles moving forward. The more challenging and emotionally demanding a scene is, I see them falter a bit.

Other than that, I liked what I have seen and I am optimistic about the next episodes. I am also curious about Seo Ji Hoon’s character. It would be quite interesting if he turns out to be a bad guy too.

I am not too excited for the incoming love triangle but it is what it is.

So what did you guys think of “Third Person Revenge” premiere?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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