“Crash Landing On You” Ending Explained And Review

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“Crash Landing On You” is one of the most talked-about kdramas in 2020 and now the highest-rated tvN drama of all time, the drama broke so many records with its last episodes and fans couldn’t have been happier.

I’ve already written a quick recap of “Crash Landing On You” ending, you can read it here. Today, I’d like to talk about my thoughts on “Crash Landing On You” ending.

Note: this is a subjective review, if you can’t handle opinions, don’t bother.

“Crash Landing On You” is in my opinion, no way near the best-written kdrama I’ve ever seen, it’s a light rom-com for the most part that shouldn’t be taken seriously. I enjoyed the drama but I mainly stuck around because I really liked the cast and their characters not because of the plot, it wasn’t that interesting to me or gripping to me.

For “Crash Landing On You” ending, I expected the outcome we’ve gotten. I can’t say I was disappointed with the ending because judging by how the writer did everything until that moment; I knew what we were going to end with.

I was a bit upset by the ending because Gu Seung Jung didn’t end up with a happy ending nor did Seo Dan when I think they were the victims of circumstances. Seo Dan had her fiancé fall in love with someone and basically cheated on her despite their family promise. When she finally got over it and fell in love with another man, he’s taken away from her too soon.

https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Crash-Landing-On-You-ending-1.jpg https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Crash-Landing-On-You-ending-1.jpg

Gu Seung Jung is also a victim because of Seri’s family. His family was ruined because of them and he did what he did because he wanted revenge, this is in no way a defense to what he did but I would’ve loved for a cheesy happy ending for them too.

“Crash Landing On You” was fun but every episode felt so long and for no clear reason. I couldn’t understand the need for 1 hour and a half episode each time. “Crash Landing On You” finale was the ultimate long episode, almost 2 hours and honestly, it all could’ve been wrapped up in 45 minutes and we would’ve still ended up with filler scenes.

It had many unnecessary filler-scenes and touched on each character ending over and over again and even went through mundane everyday tasks that didn’t need to be covered. To convey the ending the writer would’ve wanted, 2 hours weren’t needed. I was bored a lot of times whilst watching the final episode and felt that a lot of scenes could’ve been omitted or just simply rushed a bit more. But it also felt to me that the writer wanted to give fans the ultimate fan service, which isn’t bad but nice of her, the cute interactions between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s characters, it’s what all of us came for. It felt like a gift to everyone who thoroughly enjoyed this on-screen couple.

I’ve always found Writer Park Ji Eun dramas to be boring the more I saw of them, they start out with a bang and towards the middle fizzle down only to pick up towards the end.


She’s the writer behind “My Love From the Star”, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and “The Producers.” She has a lot of interesting ideas but she always repeats herself and uses the same clichés over and over again.

I know this might be something most people will disagree with but I definitely believe Writer Park Ji Eun dramas are this successful not because they’re written so well but because they have amazing actors in the leading roles.

All of those dramas I’ve mentioned wouldn’t have gotten half the attention they did if it weren’t for the lead cast. And I believe that Koreans tuned to “Crash Landing On You” partially because they’re curious about what exactly is going on between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.


Just a couple of hours ago rumors about them dating surfaced again after fans spotted them holding hands in between takes in a video shared by tvN. Hyun Bin agency expressed their frustration and stated they’re not dating, for the millionth time already. Korean media and netizens, in general, have been very invested in their ‘possible’ relationship since 2018 when they worked on that movie together.

tvN used their chemistry and teased their off-screen romance so much for their benefit, that’s clever marketing in my opinion because they all came out winning from it.

Overall, “Crash Landing On You” ending was okay but a bit too long for my taste. Despite my personal thoughts on this, I fully understand why a lot of people will disagree with me; I understand what makes “Crash Landing On You” this popular.

This is not to say I am bitter or have any bad feelings towards anybody, I am happy the drama is this successful and I found out about many talented actors through it so that’s also a win for me. It’s nice to see your favorite actors’ dramas do well whether you find them worthy of the attention or not, in the end, they all worked hard.

What about you guys? What did you think of “Crash Landing On You” ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

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  1. I loved the drama. I understand that some scenes may seem like fillers to you, but may that’s just because you’re less interested in the lives of the supporting characters, and that’s okay. To be honest, I never found the 1 hr long episode too long because I was enjoying it.

    I am also happy that the drama’s success passed that of Goblin’s. For me, Goblin was the one that’s dragging and felt too long. I only stayed for that drama because I was curious to know how it would end. Plus, the second leads carried the drama, for me. But in CLOY, I enjoyed everything and not just being curious as to how it would end.

    About cliché, I can’t say I’m surprised nor disappointed. To be honest, one of the reasons I watch Kdramas are for the clichés because it seems like a light escape from reality. I also expected the ending, because I didn’t see any realistic way how they would end up together if not that ending. For Gu Seung-jun, I was surprised he died. I was rooting for him and Seo Dan of course, but I liked how they made Dan single in the end and not force her into some new cameo character just to give her a boyfriend or something. I like how she seemed stronger after everything that happened. But of course, I would have preferred that Gu Seung-jun lived.

    Another thing I noticed about the drama, although the sibling rivalry over power is cliché, I liked how all the parents were nice! There was no evil mother-in-law whatnot. Especially, Seo Dan’s mom and Ri Jeong-hyeok’s dad towards the end!

    I also liked how the main characters have no toxic trait. Yoon Seri wasn’t a brat despite being filthy rich (although she said she’s picky, we all know she’s not lol) and Ri Jeong-hyeok was just the purest, idealistic (and most unrealistic *sigh*) there is.

    To sum up, I really loved the drama. I cried a lot both during the happy parts and sad parts. The thing is, I never cry about relationship/love plots in movies or shows. Even when someone dies or something. I only tend to cry when it’s about thr family arc (because of childhood issues). But while I was watching drama, I cried A LOT even though as I’ve mentioned, I know they’ll eventually be together in the end anyway. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of their acting? Their specific love story? I don’t know. But I enjoyed every bit of it!

  2. I hated the ending! Very disappointing in my opinion, and too much filler. I did love watching this and loved all the characters, and wanted to see at least ONE person defect in the end, even if it wasn’t Ri Jeong-Hyeok.

  3. I think you have given a fair review. There were many times that I have to fast forward the scenes. Their love story is just cliche. Typical filthy rich leads who found love. And I don’t think there is any breakthrough in HB and SYJ acting. Just the usual good as we expect.
    What great about this drama are the supporting cast, namely the 4 soldiers and the N Korea setting. Still a drama worth watching.

  4. I liked it, but thought it was a bit bittersweet, and unrealistic. They only see each other a couple weeks a year. Realistically he could have just settled in South Korea, and then met up with his father in Switzerland once a year. Then again that isn’t nearly as dramatic! This is a show, not reality. I mean she would probably get pregnant. What would happen then. And with how well connected their families are, they could probably see each other on a monthly basis in Switzerland. I mean she is like a billionaire. The ending for them was sweet. The only thing I didn’t like was the seo dany ending. It was sad and I think she deserved better. I also thought the show lost some of its suspense when it went to south korea. I felt like they could have cut the show in half. There were many heartfelt moments. This is my first kdrama. I am a guy so I don’t usually watch something this sappy, but I really enjoyed it. It felt like the story is completed so I doubt they will make another season. Overall I thought the characters were hilarious, but not realistic in terms of North Korea. I would give the show 4.5 stars out of 5 despite dragging the show out, and not caring for some of the story beats with seo dan in the end.

    1. actually I take it back, I guess he would never be able to defect because of his dads position in North Korea. It doesn’t show how bad things are in North Korea but in an reality 3 generations of family would be put in a concentration camp. Not sure if this would still apply to someone as high up and well connected as his father was. Someone like him would probably be on a personal good terms with the dictator of the country.

  5. Great series but I have to agree they repeated many scenes which I suppose would be fine for people who watched an episode every few days but for binge viewers the episodes were a bit long (personally I didn’t mind it). The comedy were wonderfully funny and I laughed when the reference to Memories of the Alhambra came out! One of the best Kdrama series I’ve seen:)

  6. Personally, I thought the ending was the more realistic approach than him deflecting (given his family background). Switzerland has historically kept ties with North Korea so it’s still one of the few countries where N. Koreans could actually go. Unless there’s a reunification, they could only go to a few countries to see each other and why not Switzerland (since that was their first encounter).

  7. I wholly agree with you. The plotline was meh but the casts were funny & wardrobe was beautiful. I loved My love from the stars but Legend of the blue sea felt similar

  8. I liked the writing.. many heart touching dialogues throughout the series.. I think it’s what made the story so memorable.. the conversations between the characters.. be it the lead pair or the interactions between the friends.. definitely the awesome lead actors do play a role in the popularity of the series but I think the writing plays a more important role.. I love k dramas because of the pure emotion it builds up inside.. and that is only possible because of the insanely wonderful things they say to each other.. and that comes from the script alone. 🙂

  9. I totally agree, the ending was way too long. My sister didn’t even stay for the epilogue cos she was done with the finale 40 mins into the episode. I can’t say I was pleased with the ending but we can’t always get what we want.

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