“Crash Landing On You” Episode 15 Review And Recap

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“Crash Landing On You” episode 15 has aired last night and fans are already begging the writer not to give them a sad ending.

“Crash Landing On You” has been a fun romance comedy for the most part but as the drama progressed it got more intense and the stakes only grew higher. Episode 15 ending wasn’t giving fans any hope and they’re afraid “Crash Landing On You” might have a sad ending.


Towards the ending of episode 15, Yoon Se Ri suffers from blood poisoning and her parents are told that there is a chance she won’t make it alive. Ri Jeong Hyeok was harsh on her during their interview because of their conflicting statements to the NIS while being investigated. Ri Jeong Hyeok argued that he was there to use Yoon Se Ri attempting his best to protect this family, while Yoon Se Ri argued that he did it all to protect her from Cho Cheol Gang.

After Yoon Se Ri leaves the interview, she falls to the ground and is transferred to the ICU, where she remains under supervision, however, her heart gives up and it stops beating by the end of episode 15.

Fans are afraid that Yoon Se Ri might actually die in episode 16 losing her chance of having a happy ending with Ri Jeong Hyeok.

To make matters worse for fans who are enjoying “Crash Landing On You,” its not the only death that might happen.

Gu Seung Jung is chased by people from Yoon Se Ri’s brother, they attempt to bring him back to South Korea, he barely manages to escape them.

He meets Seo Dan after escaping to let her know that he’s leaving for Europe, he doesn’t want to be of inconvenience anymore and thinks its best to escape North Korea and go anywhere else and be chased there.

Seo Dan takes him to the airport and barely says goodbye before she gets followed by gangs and captured, the gangs tell Gu Seung Jung to come alone or she’ll die.

He arrives there with a rifle and shoots the bad guys but not before catching a few bullets himself. He’s in the ambulance when the sound of a heart monitor beep can be heard through the background. This cliffhanger is also scaring fans who think two deaths might happen in episode 16.

tvN has released episode 16 preview and its making fans even more anxious, check it out below:

Do you think “Crash Landing On You” will have a happy ending?

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