“Revolutionary Love” Episode 1 Review

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“Byun Hyuk’s Love” is the newest tvN rom-com that took over the time slot previously occupied by “Deserving the Name.”

The drama premiered with promising ratings. But was it worth the hype? And should you be watching this drama?

Let’s discuss “Byun Hyuk’s Love.”

This won’t be a full recap but merely a highlight of what took place in the episode and my comments on it.

For starters, let me begin by saying, Choi Siwon is not my favorite idol-actor, imma be getting a lot of hate for that, but this is my personal opinion.

My favorite idol-actor in Super Junior has to be the highly underrated Yesung, but this isn’t about Yesung so lets move on.

I don’t know how to feel about “Byun Hyuk’s Love” to be honest with you guys. I know this rom-com will be entertaining for many and boring for some.

To me, the premiere was meh!

In short, the first episode shows us the lavish life Hyuk lives, he’s wild and causes his parents trouble, he has a male babysitter looking after him and taking in the blame for whatever he does.


In the first episode we see Joon kicking ass, she’s feisty, she’s a fighter, a clever but under-estimated and under-appreciated woman who graduated from a good university and is working part time jobs.

She has fear of being dumped by corporations so she decides to take on as many part time jobs as she could instead of wasting her time working for corporations.

Je Hoon is the babysitter I felt most sorry for; he’s a friend of Hyuk but also works for his parents. He must endure the hardship because Hyuk is his ladder to success.

Hyuk causes trouble, sexually harasses a flight attendant, causes trouble wherever he goes and is basically the loser son, how original!

In a way he’s using him, and his character reminds me of another kdrama character but I just can’t remember it right now.

As expected, Hyuk and Joon stumble upon each other and Joon helps out Hyuk, she believes he’s a comrade, a fellow part time worker just like her.

Hyuk confesses to Je Hoon that he has fallen in love with Joon. That’s it, that’s the entire recap of “Byun Hyuk’s Love” first episode.

I didn’t have high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed by my expectations.

The plot is my major concern, whats up with Kang So Ra and her poor choice of dramas? Why does she always choose boring dramas?

The story is about a rich chaebol and a poor hard working woman, the two stumble upon each other and fall in love.

She’ll probably find out he’s a chaebol later in the drama, he’ll be the knight in shining Armor who saves her and the day with his devilishly good looks and money.

The plot outline is as typical as you’d expect it to be, which my major issue with it. If I or you reading this hadn’t known the main cast you probably won’t be watching.

This drama exploits Choi Siwon and the rising star Gong Myung presence. Kang So Ra is an amazing actress, not doubt about that, but if it weren’t for them, I would have never wasted my time watching the drama.

During the promotional period, tvN focused so much on Siwon’s comical acting and overwhelming facial expressions. He’s fit for the character he plays, but with all due honesty he’s like a 100 other kdrama character I’ve seen.

He’s close to Kim Tan of “The Heirs” and to many other nice chaebol kdrama characters who fall in love with the underdog, the hardworking female fatale that deserves better and is obviously in many ways wayyy more educated/sensible than the male lead.

The 3 main leads are unoriginal, that’s the problem, the entire script is unoriginal, there is nothing for me to look forward to.

I already know how this drama shall proceed and how it will end, I can even tell you right now. We have a classic case of the mean second male lead that ends up losing the girl for being too mean and realizing it a little too late (while secretly crushing on her). Remember Strong Woman Do Bong Soon guys?

The only thing that remotely screams a pinch of uniqueness in the plot is that Hyuk falls in love with Joon in matters of seconds, but again we’ve seen that a lot already as well.

This review will probably garner negative attention, and I understand where it’ll all come from.

To some, this drama was funny, to me… it wasn’t!

Many fans will jump up my throat and call me out for judging so fast, but for real guys, whats there to judge? It is anything but original.

I would like to ask you this question. If none of the main leads was cast in this drama and they were a bunch of unknown actors would you still have watched? (Don’t lie to me!!!)

The main reason why everyone watched was Choi Siwon. I mainly watched because I was interested in what would Gong Myung next project be.

Why Gong Myung? Why?

There is nothing wrong with the performances, nothing wrong with the chemistry, in fact the 3 of them look so comfortable around each other, Kang Sora’s chemistry with Siwon is actually good, my problem is the script.

Will I be watching the drama? Probably not! But depending on how much people read this review, I might watch and release a second episode review.

If you like rom-coms I guess you can go ahead and watch it, you’ll probably enjoy it. I don’t think a lot of people will agree with me on my review.

I know I have a different taste than most kdrama fans, I am also sick of typical rom-coms, I don’t have much time to waste so watching a 1 hour episode and writing a review about it must be worth it, or else I’d be hypocritical.

I know the majority of reviewers will like this drama and gives it good grades, I’ll probably be one of the very few who decided “nah! I won’t sugar coat it and I will actually speak up about how I felt about it.”

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oh! that weightlifting fair kim bok joo guy! Playing the same role again!

Now that I am done, I would like to know your opinion, feel free to discuss with me in the comment section below. Did you like the drama premiere?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

By Jass K.

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