Kdrama “Bad Prosecutor” Episode 1 And 2 Review- Kyungsoo Is BACK!!!

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After months of teasing and anticipation, “Bad Prosecutor” is finally out, here is what I thought of its premiere episodes [episode 1 and 2].

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

Its not an exaggeration to say that Kyungsoo’s return was one of the most anticipated ones of 2022. Ever since his military release, people have been counting down the days until his upcoming drama release and we’re finally here.

2022 is definitely the year of legal kdramas. This year, I have seen the most legal kdramas ever in my entire life. I’ve been watching kdramas for 10 years and this year alone, I think I’ve watched more legal dramas than I have in all of the previous years combined.

Am I excited for another legal drama? Not really!

Will I be watching because its Kyungsoo? HELL YA!

This year, legal kdramas have done everything you could possibly envision for such a type of content, from serious to funny and downright ridiculous. In that aspect, “Bad Prosecutor” does not really stand out besides having what we know as a star-studded lineup.

The believability of “Bad Prosecutor” script is a bit of a question mark for me- Thus far… for a couple of reasons including the fact that Jin Jung is still a rookie prosecutor… a prosecutor who also doesn’t have much to show off for in terms of what you’d expect aside from just how tenacious he is. Yet, he’s a part of the prosecution team. I would have let it slide if he was a police officer, but a prosecutor who behaves like this? Its a bit difficult to believe.

What I mean by the above is this: So he’s not particularly rich or especially smart or from a notable background but somehow, he’s made it onto the prosecution team and somehow, despite his erratic/dangerous behavior, he continues to work there. I understand he’s working for justice but someone like him does not strike me as the type of guy the Korean prosecution system would even keep for a couple of months.

I know, I know you don’t have to tell me…. I understand the biggest part of the appeal of this drama’s script is this point, the fact that he’s a very ‘bad’ prosecutor who doesn’t bend to the traditional set of rules such organizations keep. But in order to reach such a status of being somewhat ‘untouched’, it would be difficult not to butter up to the higher-ups or have someone who clearly backs you up.

Going around beating police officers and kidnapping them in front of a police station, or aiding a criminal to evade arrest and lying to him to track him down like that or even lying about a potential bomb threat that shall cause millions of dollars loss in hours…. I am not a lawyer, but even I can tell he’d have a difficult time building cases if this is his method, not unless he’s chasing some nobodies. Even then, with the right lawyer, Jin Jung would be easily beaten in court. So I am curious about how he handles the situation after a trial begins.

Some suspension of disbelief won’t hurt as long as the screenwriter doesn’t push it too much, because then more people will pay attention to this, and the foundation of which the script was built on will begin to shake.

Aside from that, the premiere was very very standard, but still fun. The case that set Jin Jung off has been seen so many times this year, I can already picture how it’ll end.

As a character, I loved the introduction of Jin Jung, but what I loved more was the acting. This character can easily come off pretentious, annoying and childish. I can clearly see how much effort Kyungsoo and the production team has put into this. From his hair styling to the makeup and his demeanor. I don’t think Jin Jung as a character would have worked without such special dedication to these details.

Jin Jung has the face of someone who hasn’t slept in 4 days. Someone who has drank 10 coffee mugs and redbull back to back because he’s so obsessed with work. He also strikes me as someone who I wouldn’t want to go near because I am afraid he’ll explode at me. Someone who is so chaotic and difficult to handle. I can tell by his demeanor alone and this is AMAZING.

Such brilliant acting, Kyungsoo has NEVER disappointed me. He is not afraid to look ‘not as good looking as he can be’ for the sake of the character, I respect that a lot.

He’s joined by Lee Se Hee, who is a rising actress. She gained fame playing the female lead in “Young Lady and Gentleman” which I obviously didn’t watch because its 50 episodes. I’ve seen her acting previously on other dramas but haven’t paid much attention to her. If she does this right, she’ll be able to gain a sizable fanbase. She’s ok thus far.

Ha Joon is part of the cast. He plays villain roles well and can get on your nerves very easily. I think he will make for a very compelling villain character. I enjoy watching him play the villain roles.

Too bad Oh Do-Hwan touched the one person he shouldn’t have, Jin Jung will break him mentally and physically. It will be fun to watch.

I have a feeling that Kim Tae-Ho is not as ‘nice’ as he appears but thats for later. Its always nice seeing Kim Tae-Woo in a drama.

When you pause to think about it, this drama has one of the most skilled and veteran-filled supporting cast lineup. Its also doing well in ratings, as expected. I think it has the potential to blow up if it continues to be entertaining.

Kyungsoo picks very entertaining projects. The premiere was fun, and I am excited about what will come next week.

Have you guys seen “Bad Prosecutor” yet? what are your thoughts on it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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