The Kdrama “Alice” Episode 5 And 6 Review

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“Alice” is one of the hottest currently airing kdramas, it’s been consistently doing well in ratings and getting favorable reactions from netizens around the world.

I am one of the people who have been enjoying it a lot, however, as you can guess from the title, I am not so sure I like it anymore after episode 5 and 6 aired.

Below is a subjective review of episode 5 and 6, its my personal opinion so don’t get too trigerred, if you’d like to discuss my point or refute it, please do so in the comment section of this article.

Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom becoming romantic?

The biggest issue with “Alice” as of this writing for me has to be the insinuation that Tae Yi is falling for Jin Gyeom, its not only weird but disgusting. Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun share good chemistry as a mother-son, and she looks old enough to be his mother, trying to reverse that doesnt feel right.

This week’s episodes of “Alice” were difficult to get through, especially the 6th episode. I couldn’t watch it in one go.

Throughout episode 5 and 6, they begin to hint that Tae Yi is falling for Jin Gyeom. As far as we know, she is his biological mother, but towards the end of the 6th episode, we understand that we’re working with the concept of a parallel universe, meaning a lot of copies of you could exist in their own space, all good but still, the fact the writer is pushing it in that direction is really irking me.

I don’t understand the justification behind trying to romantically get them involved together, some people think its for ‘comedic relief,’ but in any moment they hint at a relationship, its not done with bouncy goofy music but rather a serious tone giving me the indication that they actually mean it.

Biologically, she is his mother, Jin Gyeom has half her DNA, whether she’s his mother in this world or not isn’t that relevant because the concept itself is f-ed up. What is incest doing in this drama?

I doubt the writer would ever go that way because it doesn’t make an ounce of sense for him to do so, not to mention the backlash it’ll get, but he seriously shouldn’t even have included some of the scenes he did in episode 5 and 6.

“Alice” has a very interesting concept and the drama is fun to watch, there is no logical need for that particular thing to be included.

I would’ve preferred for their relationship to have been fully platonic. I get why Tae Yi would fall for him, he’s hot and saved her at least 100 times already, we’ll talk about that later, but it also could’ve played out differently. She already knows that his mother resembles her a lot, I don’t think she saw the photo but she still isn’t dumb.

The other issue is, Jin Gyeom is difficult to read because of his condition, so now I am confused. I know she reminds him of his mother but I can’t tell anymore why he’s trying so hard to protect her going the extra mile like that. I highly doubt he’d ever consider her anything but his mother look-alike but the entire relationship has been tainted for me.

Saving Tae Yi over and over again

Tae Yi is portrayed as a strong independent smart woman. However, each damn episode, she gets saved about 2-4 times. I understand it for the first couple of times, but it gets pretty annoying by the 10th time.

Jin Gyeom now knows that time travel is real; I don’t understand why he’s still acting suspiciously about it. You travelled back in time already, what more proof do you need?

And considering the fact that he values Tae Yi because she resembles his mother so much, I don’t understand why he’s always placing her in difficult situations where she needs to be defended. He already knows that he’s dealing with something bigger than him, but he still does that.

This is like a cheap trick by the screenwriter to make us invested in the drama, the thing is…. “Alice” doesn’t need it. It would still be interesting regardless, focus on the murders and shift away from Jin Gyeom placing people in danger for asking them for favors, then rescuing them over and over again. It’s becoming annoying and we’re only 6 episodes in. “Alice” has 10 more episodes to go.

What’s bothering me is that we’ll likely keep seeing this scenario repeated at least 10 more times because it became clear to me that someone is trying to destroy all Jin Gyeom’s efforts to figure out Alice. And I believe there are people trying to kill the ones in the present time to stop them from developing Alice… I might be wrong on what it is exactly, but I know the leads will be targeted over and over again.

Is Do Yeon annoying?

A part of me dislikes her attempts, but the other part understands her reaction.

She’s loved him ever since high school; she’ll naturally freak out and be scared for his well-being. Her reactions are warranted, but at times, she feels like a tool the screenwriter uses to relay information and create conflict but disappear when no longer necessary.

The actress behind this character is very cute and talented. She deserves better.

I’ve seen a lot of fans complain about her character. I understand their point of view but I also understand hers. I desperately wanted the screenwriter to pair them together as a couple because I actually think they have great chemistry and would make a good couple, creating romantic moments between them is more logical to me, yet, the screenwriter thinks it’s a good idea to insinuate that we have incest going on.

I certainly hope that in episode 7, the screenwriter draws a line. I don’t understand whats going on with SBS that they’re unable to air a drama at this particular time slot without creating issues, “backstreet rookie” and “The King: Eternal Monarch” aired at this timeslot and suffered from issues relating to the plot…. why create an issue when you don’t need to do it?

Will The Reviews Continue?

People might call me a hater but honestly, I wanted to like “Alice.” I am a huge fan of everyone involved in this project and the issues I have with this drama have nothing to do with actors who are only doing their job.

However, episode 6 really took me out of the feel I had for the drama. I am no longer as excited for next week’s episodes. I know this might be an overreaction to some of you, but I don’t like how the screenwriter is dealing with the characters at all.

I don’t know if I’ll watch “Alice” next week or not. I might do it to put out a half-way run review.

This is sad because I desperately wanted to see Joo Won on screen for more than 6 hours. I might wait for it to be finished then binge-watch at once and put out a spoiler-free review of the entire drama.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

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  1. I don’t know if I’m stupid or what, but the reviews for next episode kinda hint us that someone gonna try to kill Tae Yi, but the concept of time travelling here is multiuniverse. Even though they succeeded killing her, Alice will still be there in 2050, am I right? And I just found it bizzare that Tae Yi got pregnant in her 60 (if I’m not wrong her age in 2020 is 35, but I could be wrong)

  2. Yes, I also feel it’s going the wrong way. Even if they are trying to act like that’s not his mom, she still looks exactly like her. There is also the fact that, that was her name when she is with her boyfriend Min Hyuk who time travels too (he called her Tae Yi). Then the woman that was Tae Yi’s friend when she was a time traveler hints that it is Tae Yi just at a different point in time. Wherever they are going with this it better not be to make a look alike mother and son be together. That’s just wrong.

  3. I’ve read some fans blog and Tae-yi 2050 is likely a time traveller herself. I mean that she go to 2050, meet Min-hyuk, then go to 1992, then died in 2010. That’s the most logical explanation could be. And now I think we don’t need to worried about the romance between mother and son, I think the writer just wanna hint it a little to create a sensation. But realizing this drama is a multi universe time travel is kinda bring me down, cause you just creating another “world” every time you go with no consequence, that part really pissed me off.

  4. i like the drama at first its so nice i cried a lot when his mother is killed the chemistry of mother and son is so very nice….but how come in other episode its make me uncomfortable when the look alike and the same name of his mother become like romantic..even though she is not his mother it feel me so very disgusting…

  5. the beginning of the episode its so awesome thats why i continue to watch. every episodes is aired i can’t finish the whole. i skip all the time when tae yi and jin gyeum is showing a romatic scene .why they are not going to focus a romance with the father and the mother..when min hyuk saw her its make me happy that he found the love of his life..
    but when they are showed the romance between tae yi and jin gyeum its feel me very uncomfortable because of the same face and same name of his mother. its so very pissoff to me.and this women is flirting with him..its so disgussting.but then, i will continue to watch this drama..

  6. the beginning of the episode its so awesome thats why i continue to watch. every episodes is aired i can’t finish the whole. i skip all the time when tae yi and jin gyeum is showing a romatic scene .why they are not going to focus a romance with the father and the mother..when min hyuk saw her its make me happy that he found the love of his life..
    but when they are showed the romance between tae yi and jin gyeum its feel me very uncomfortable because of the same face and same name of his mother. its so very pissoff to me.and this women is flirting with him..its so disgussting.the genre of this dramabut then, i will continue to watch this drama..

  7. I absolutely loved it the first few episodes.. but i think i lost it when they moved in together and there was a “romantic” moment where he reached for the tissues in the top shelf to help her get it. The only thought that was running through my mind was “this is so fked up im scared of what’s gonna happened next”. The writer really should get it together. The plot is already amazing but its repetitive and this incest is so unnecessary and such a turn off

  8. No question about the performance of the actors. I just got so many questions still left unanswered. I saw some inconsistencies.
    Anyway there a still 2 more episodes. I hope previous unclear events will be explained in ep.15 and 16.

  9. I am from India, thought we Asians are alike when it comes to relationship, say once son looks at other if they have resemblance of his mother, should be treated with respect , give some affection to her. Son and mother bonding is very strong compared to other relationship and it can’t be taken lightly, but in this last few episodes I am kind of disappointed to watch some incest scenes. There could be few cases of odd reality, but please remember that there are all kinds of audience (amateur, kids )who may watch/watched these kind of drama. Wondering how come director and key characters agreed to act such scenes that too showing them as positive characters.

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