“Again My Life” Episode 1 To 8 Review- A Cathartic Revenge Drama

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SBS’s currently airing drama “Again My Life” is among the most popular dramas right now and there is are good reasons for it.

Today, I am here to discuss my thoughts on the drama thus far.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

The writing

On paper, “Again My Life” script thus far has been pretty standard, its what I’d expect from a drama about such a topic. We’ve seen many kdramas discussing corruption within the prosecution and a man with the upper hand. I can’t even begin to count just how many kdramas touch on this subject in great detail. Some were good, some not so much, but the reason why we keep seeing revenge kdramas of this type is to be expected and I still think there are ways you can take such a standard idea to the next level.

“Again My Life” is written by two people, one of which is a new screenwriter and this marks their first project. The other one is debated because some websites say his name while others give him the nickname J, so… I don’t know which one is accurate. Regardless, two people are involved in the script.

I honestly can see it if I think about it, I feel like, with such a type of plot, it could have gone way worse but I can tell more than one person is probably sharing and exchanging ideas [not counting assistant writers if there are any]. When you do dramas about time travel or time slip, it can go bad pretty fast, luckily for us, its done only once and seems to be inserted as a tool to achieve a goal rather than being the highlight of what the drama is about. I still don’t know how to feel about this part, I need to watch the entire drama to conclude my feelings on this.

But I get the choice, if we look at it from a realistic point of view, with the webs Jo Tae Seob has everywhere and his grip on politicians, chaebols and the national assembly, its stupid to assume that one person, despite how hard they try, will be able to bring him down.

The time slip is justified in that regard because he needs to be so well-prepared to even stand a chance against him. Watching Kim Hee-Woo slowly eat at what makes him so powerful has been cathartic. You feel vindicated watching this. Jo Tae Seob is a fictional character and hasn’t done anything to me but god damn it, I feel like I’ve lost everything because of him [hahaha], but seriously, its been so much fun watching someone be so well prepared taking down such a horrible human being.

However, with that in mind, “Again My Life” is very standard, thus far, it has not been challenging enough, I guess that is to be expected considering how well prepared Hee Woo has been, but it also feels a bit too ‘convenient.’

The ways things just fall in his lap and the way he’s able to recall future events so vividly and accurately while at the same time being served with those people feels unchallenged. I know… I know, this will stop being the case very soon but this has also made the drama feel a bit too predictable.

And even when things get hard, I am pretty sure Hee Woo will be able to find a way out of it using his wits, the support of others and probably many hidden secret weapons.

“Again My Life” is the type of drama I feel would be a huge treat if you really get into the story and if you really like the characters too. If you don’t feel strongly attached to the drama, or you are on the fence about it, I wouldn’t say it was able to change your mind with its first half.

I don’t expect the drama to surprise me much with its second half but if it did, I’d be thankful and happy. I am always happy to be challenged or proven wrong, its more fun that way.

One last comment on the script. Thus far, there hasn’t been any romance in the drama, fans are debating how to perceive this, personally speaking, I don’t mind it either way.

Joon Gi and Ji Eun’s chemistry is fine, its not the best but it could be because we haven’t seen much yet. If that ends up happening, I’d say it will add a deeper layer to the drama because it means he has a lover whom he deeply cares about. If it doesn’t happen, I’d say its not too a problem either because there is so much going on already.

The characters and chemistry

I’d say for most characters, I really like how the screenwriters crafted their stories. They spent time building them and showing us why we should care and why they matter in the grand scheme of things. I bet that connecting all of those stories together must have not been so easy on the screenwriters, I liked their work on those parts specifically.

However, I am surprised with one character, Hee A.

Kim Ji Eun is written as the main female lead for the drama but I am surprised by how little she appears in the series thus far. I estimate she’ll play a more active role soon but I expected to see her participate more actively in the drama.

Despite saying this, I understand it from a character’s perspective, its not her time yet. I am just saying I was surprised by how little she appeared and how the screenwriters didn’t even attempt to force interactions between her and Hee Woo.

The character that intrigues me the most in “Again My Life” is Lee Min-Soo [played by Jung Sang Hoon]. There is something about his amazing performance and his aura that makes me gravitate towards him. Actor Jung Sang Hoon is doing such an amazing job adding depth to what could have easily been a very bland character despite his backstory.

Hee Woo as a character is very standard, I like him and I like Joon Gi’s performance, but I don’t feel that he’s anything special as a character. He’s just what you’d expect from a main character with a drama about such topics.

The performances

Whoever cast the actors deserves a raise. I love everyone’s performance and they’re the reason I come back each time.

Like I said, Jung Sang Hoon is amazing here, there is something slightly unsettling about his appearance but at the same time, with a switch, he can appear so innocent and playful.

I also like actor Kim Hyung-Mook’s performance. He plays the role of Prosecutor Jang Il-Hyun. Oh my god, he’s such a talented underrated actor, he has such great chemistry with the actors and has been a treat.

Joon Gi is; again; giving his all. He’s always fun to watch. However, I would say I found his character rather bland. I think he did the best he could to inject some life into a very standard goody-two-shoes character.

As I said, I liked everyone’s performance including the supporting actors, some of which are rising actors I expect to see more of in the future, hopefully.

Conclusion and hopes for future episodes

I already have many ideas in my head about who will die and who will be injured or turn on Hee Woo already. As I said, I feel “Again My Life” is very standard but its super fun, its well made and well-acted. What more can you ask for?

I hope the screenwriters surprise me in the second half but I am a bit worried that it will not happen and that the script will evidently slow down before we reach the climax. I hope that doesn’t happen.

The only thing I can wish for is for “Again My Life” second half to remain this fun, that’s all.

So these are my thoughts on “Again My Life”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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