Kdrama “Adamas” Episode 1 And 2 Review- A Promising Revenge Story

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tvN’s newest drama “Adamas” is finally here, and this is how I felt about the premiere.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

“Adamas” tells the story of twins who search for the truth about who murdered their stepfather, their birth father is accused of murdering him and is serving his sentence but it turns out, its not the truth.

For a premiere, I’d say “Adamas” hit all the right spots. Its intriguing and delivered mostly well. Ji Sung always chooses interesting characters and dramas, even if the writing might get derailed along the way, he always makes sure to give his all and choose fun projects, and if there is someone who can play two or more characters perfectly then its Ji Sung for sure.

I liked the tone of the drama, and I liked that for the most part, they didn’t try to do exposition on the nose too much except for some scenes which I’ll get to below.

The performances are good as you’d expect and the casting, including the supporting characters, is amazing. It can’t get better than this, they have some of the best and most respected supporting actors working on the project.

What I found slightly funny was how some characters yell out exposition for what should be obvious scenes so comically. This happens a lot with Ha Woo-Shin’s character but the screenwriter explains it by saying he’s used to analyzing people and speaking out what he sees, which is a bit…. Weird… because it almost seems as if he’s voicing out his inner thoughts with some information that are better kept on the low, especially since he is being watched 24/7. This leads me to my next point.

Ha Woo-Shin is too brazen for his own good and his approach to the entire situation feels so hasty. If he’s as smart as he claims to be or as the screenwriter tries to convince you, then he should approach this entire situation more secretly. He’s going around threatening an undercover detective and vocalizing exposition as if he can’t tell he’s being watched. He wanders around the place too much and too freely as if he owns it.

Assuming he knows the basics of how complicated this case is, then it means the people he’s dealing with are monsters and will not bat any eye if they have to kill someone. So this entire part feels off and not on par with the rest of the story. If he continues to behave like this, he’ll get caught by episode 3…. what could the screenwriter be up to?

I think Eun Hye-Soo wants to destroy this family from within because she’s probably sick, tired, and scared of them carrying on with their crimes any longer.

Butler Kwon is so annoying and I just want to punch her in the face. Actress Hwang Jung-Min does an amazing job as per usual, she’s such an underrated talent. I’ve seen her in many other kdramas, you wouldn’t believe she plays the innocent mother role in another dramas so darn well.

Out of all the performances, Lee Soo-Kyung’s feels a bit out of place but I’d say she has improved a lot. She can be very stiff, she needed to work more on nailing her facial expressions. I’ve been watching her for a while now and I’d say she’s doing way better than I would have expected thus far.

Ji Sung, again, gives an amazing performance but it does feel like this is very similar to a lot of the previous characters he’s played. I think people, including me, give him a pass because his dramas are so darn interesting. He picks fun projects. He seems to gravitate a lot towards justice themed kdramas with male leads who don’t mind being rough.

The screenwriter behind “Adamas” is an unknown screenwriter and this is his first project. For a first project, I am impressed with the way he crafted the introduction of characters. This can either be one of the best kdramas of 2022 or one of the messiest in terms of script. It will be highly dependent on the way he executes his ideas and whether he’s thought through the main points and plot twists he likely wants to introduce later on. This type of drama will rely on specific plot points making sense in the grand scheme of things, if a big puzzle piece turns out to have been hastily included in the script for dramatics, this could become a very messy script.

Added to that, we’ve seen a lot of similar kdramas with similar themes to “Adamas” this year. A presidential candidate whose win will likely cause harm to the people, he’s backed by a rich man who makes sure to eliminate everything in his way. This part of the script is similar to “Why her?” and some parts of “Again My Life” which were released earlier this year just to name a few. I can probably name more if I open the directory of the kdramas I’ve seen this year. I’ve seen so much.

Korean screenwriters seem to be particularly interested in this point, in the point of conglomerates controlling the narrative through sponsorship of highly elected officials such as assemblymen or presidents. A lot of kdramas this year deal with corruption on a high level. But again, there is only so much you can do with this premise, I mean we’ve seen it very recently more than once.

While I enjoyed “Adamas,” I don’t know if it will surprise me with what these rich people do anyways. Let us see where he takes this script.

We haven’t even scratched the surface yet but its super fun, I remain cautiously optimistic.

I am super excited to see how the drama turns out to be.

Have you guys seen the first episodes of the drama yet? What are your thoughts on it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. It is very annoying that so many good dramas are coming out & they aren’t available in the U.S.! We were looking forward so much to watch this & we can’t!

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