“Abyss” Kdrama Review: Why Its’s One Of The Most Disappointing 2019 Kdramas

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It’s not an understatement to say that “Abyss” was one of the most anticipated kdramas of 2019. The casting news of Park Bo Young first came out in the summer of 2018 and many of fans including me were super excited about “Abyss.”

“Abyss” also includes many other talented actors such as Lee Si Eon and rising rookie actor Ahn Hyo Seop and many others.

I was excited about Ahn Hyo Seop because I thought he deserved a leading role, and I was anticipating seeing how his chemistry with Park Bo Young will turn out.

However, here we are, “Abyss” is struggling to maintain good ratings after its premiere back on May 6. The drama first episode drew 3.8% which is not too bad for a cable drama but the ratings have been on the decline ever since.

What went wrong And what made “Abyss” so difficult to watch?

Today, I will be talking about my personal opinion and discuss the reasons why I believe the drama never picked up as many had hoped and why I found it to be one of the most disappointing kdramas of 2019. This is “Abyss” review of episodes 1-6.

Note: Of course, this is a personal opinion article and I discuss my personal thoughts. If you don’t like people who are critical of kdramas, then please don’t bother to read.


Reason 1: Excessive Marketing


I work in marketing, specifically social media marketing, and I know a thing or two about how to carry out successful marketing campaigns to promote products. First impressions matter. If the first couple of episodes are disappointing, then people won’t tune in anymore.

What does this have to do with marketing? And how did it play a role in the falling ratings of this drama?

I have been closely following tvN marketing for this particular drama. I first started to pay attention because the teasers were interesting but then it began to get on my nerves. It was excessive.

For almost two months ahead of the drama release tvN started teasing with videos and photos. Each time, they’d release a video then release another one that has 5 added seconds of the same previously released clip either before or after the original clip.

This went on for a while and it was rather annoying to me because it seemed that they were trying too hard recycling the same material as much as possible to build up hype.

This got me thinking of two possibilities; the drama is either extremely disappointing or very good but experimental so they want to get the word out.

I don’t expect people to pick up on the excessive marketing part, but I am guessing many saw the teasers; there are many versions of them.

Excessive marketing is not bad when you’re sure of your product. The issue is that it creates high expectations and if those expectations are not met, the product fails to sell to the targeted audience which is exactly what happened with “Abyss.”

The first episodes were a total disaster and had editing issues. It was overwhelming, confusing and difficult to follow even though the core idea was rather simple.


I will talk in more details about my fury with episode 1 and 2. People tuned in with high expectations and were met with a messy premiere which led to the decrease in ratings ever since.

This is why you should be careful with planning the marketing strategy for whatever it is you’re working on. You don’t want to overwhelm the consumer and then shock them with terrible products/dramas when they’re launched.

Reason 2: The Premiere Was A Mess


The first episodes of any drama are important and if you do a poor job, it’s pretty difficult to get people to tune in to see your drama after that.

But this might not be the case with the international kdrama community who is rather more patient than the average Korean general consumer. We also watch on websites and have the freedom to choose when we watch. Many of us only care about looks which is why you rarely see people heavily critiquing kdramas.

The first episode was seriously rushed. A man dies 1 minute into the episode. A woman dies in the last minutes of the first episode and I honestly couldn’t care less about either.

It felt as if the writer wanted to fast forward towards the main hot leads ASAP without taking time to set the premise and introduce the characters properly. It ended up looking like a total mess and a bunch of scenes that make no sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind mystery and I don’t want to be spoon-fed every single detail I need to know about the plot, but episode 1 and 2 were difficult to watch, it almost made me want to give up.

Many kdramas start out boring because they take time to set things up, but not this one.

It felt like I was in the middle of mayhem and didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t care less when the hot lady died and was replaced with Park Bo Young. I had no attachment to the characters and had no idea what was happening around me.

Episode 2 was a little better because it felt as if the director and writer felt more comfortable now that the main characters were in. However, it was already too late to salvage the drama.

Reason 3: The Script


One of the most disappointing scripts of 2019 has to be “Abyss.” It is written by a writer called Moon Soo Yun who has no other credits to her name besides writing two seasons of “Rude Miss Young Ah”- a long-running tvN series that has many seasons.

It felt as if she wanted to prove to people she was good and experimental but had no idea how to construct characters or events properly.

I am baffled by the fact that people read the script and actually thought ‘hmm, this is a good idea; let’s make it into a drama.’

I still can’t believe this script was okayed by a production studio and a broadcasting station at the same time.

But it’s not all bad, I think the core idea is actually very interesting but the execution is rather poor. This infuriates me because I felt that these were wasted opportunities.

The writer has many interesting ideas inside her head. She wants to shock people and she does a good job at it but needs more time to construct a script that is at least plausible.

I felt like she forgot she was talking about murders, not average rom-coms, murders…. These types of scripts need to revised over and over again for accuracy.


I was shocked when I found out director Yoo Je Won is actually working on “Abyss.” I am a huge fan, he directed one of the best 2018 kdramas “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” which was beautifully written, but then he chooses this as his comeback project. Disappointment is an underestimate.

I get that it’s an ambitious project and I appreciate the idea but the writer can’t for the life of her execute it properly.

Logic flies out of the window the minute the drama starts (and I am not talking about the abyss part) and instead of characters making logical decisions as logical human beings, you see them make decisions based on how the writer wants the script to go. It’s like these characters need to do these things so we can move on to the next scene, that’s how it felt.


Rather than being driven by sense, it’s driven by the writer’s purpose, and its obvious, too obvious.

The prosecutor does things that wouldn’t fly over anyone’s head in real life but he gets away with it because the writer says so. The police do stuff in a very unprofessional weird manner in a drama that is supposed to be about a serial killer.

“Abyss” is just incomprehensible and I am not nitpicking. You can’t just expect me to throw logic out of the window especially when we’re talking about a serial killer.

If I wanted to point out the plot holes of this drama, I could go on for days. There are so many inconsistencies, missing details, illogical actions or reactions. Basically almost everybody in this drama is dumb.

Reason 4: poorly written characters

Part 1: Cha Min


I had to focus on Cha Min specifically because he’s the main character. Keep in mind this article talks about episode 1 to 6.

In the first episode, Ahn Hyo Seop character wakes up in a different body and rather than feeling bad his old body is gone he’s happy as a kid about the new hot body he got. But how will he survive?

I know that Korean beauty standards are strict but man, you’re a leader of your family company, why don’t you think about what’s gonna happen now that you real body is gone?

He goes around doing a bunch of stupid things and lying profusely yet somehow people fall for it. He keeps looking for a fiancé that ran away who won’t even recognize him if he finds her.

Cha Min then sees someone on the ground and the first thought that goes into his head is to revive a person he doesn’t even know.

Here is the character description according to AsianWiki:

“Cha Min is the successor of a cosmetics company. He is smart, humble and has a good heart. He is also unattractive.”

It obviously didn’t say ‘dumb,’ but man it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a gullible ignorant character and I don’t think the writer is doing that intentionally.


Ahn Hyo Seop is a good actor, I firmly believe that. I firmly believe he is doing the best he can with the material in his hands, but man Cha Min is one of the stupidest characters I have ever seen in kdramas and I have been watching for 8 years.

I understand the fantasy element of the drama but why is it that when Koreans write fantasy stories they think logic flies out of the window for everything else that surrounds their drama?

Isn’t the idea about how normal human beings would deal with an abyss that brings people back to life?


If the writer was trying to portray the psychological effects the revival had on the characters then fine, but it doesn’t seem that she’s going in that direction.

I want to point out one scene that got on my nerves.

At one point, Cha Min says that he has to see his fiancé, speak to her and explain his situation and this is how he’ll be able to get back to his real self. The only issue is no one has EVER said that. Cha Min just invents stuff on the top of his head that no one told him about. He proceeds to execute them because… the writer says so.

This particular plot point annoyed me because I was almost offended that the writer thought we were this stupid.

I had to go back in episodes just to double check. No one told Cha Min that if he does certain things, he can go back to his old self (so far). Why is the writer creating scenarios and making up rules on the top of her head like that?

Part 2: The killer


This is also a part of the writing issue but I wanted to highlight it because I am furious with the way it was written.

To put it bluntly, the killer character is cartoonish. It’s like straight out of a cartoon I used to watch when I was 12.

Everything from the laugh to the actions and the dialogue, it screams cartoonish and childish. I am sure the actor is doing his best with the material he has. But here is my issue with the killer:

We’re talking about a man who died on the spot and then was revived. He held a prestigious position as a respected doctor and now that’s gone. Yet, he charges through like a machine and continues to cause havoc and kill.

Considering his past actions, the prosecutors couldn’t get to him because he was careful and didn’t leave evidence. He finds out that his appearance changed and does nothing about that but rather goes on a killing spree as if no one can catch him.


No regard to fingerprints, CCTV, police or anything. He just keeps killing like a robot that’s out for blood, literally acting like a programmed machine. His laugh is very cringy and makes him look more cartoonish than he already is.

He explains why he’s about to do things or why he’s done things like a villain in a comic book who’s about to kill somebody.

At first, the drama threw me off guard because I was like ‘why is everyone so stupid? Can’t they see it’s the dr. but with grey hair and a fake mustache?’


I seriously thought that the Dr. was playing games on them. Later, I realized he was revived.

I was impressed by the idea but man the execution got me so mad I couldn’t even enjoy the plot twist.

We’re being thrown into this environment without any explanation and the plot jumps from one place to another trying to provide entertainment but ends up looking rather confusing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many parts that make great plot twists and the drama doesn’t go the usual route, which I appreciate. I was going to appreciate this but it’s very difficult to watch this drama without scratching your head.

No matter how tolerant you are of poor scripts, there is bound to be one scene or another that makes you go ‘hummm, that makes no sense…’

And this is why my friends, I consider “Abyss” one of the most disappointing kdramas of 2019 and one of the most difficult to watch as well.


I hope you know that this is a critique of the drama script and editing not meant to disrespect anyone. I have nothing against anyone or anything. I am just a fan who’s disappointed that a drama she’s been waiting for turned out so bad.

So this is my review of “Abyss,” What did you guys think of it?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. Abyss has an intresting plot and has some of my favorite actors and actresses. i’m not an expert with kdramas and such but i really like it. also i never experienced the first reason. i think it’s because you watch on cable but i watch abyss on netflix. i wouldn’t necessarily say it was disappointing, it just lacks logic. i mean it’s just a drama, right? i have never seen a fantasy drama that didn’t make any sense.

    1. The writer has a point but i enjoyed watching it on Netflix. Although sometimes i rewind it to understand the scenes. I love the actors in this drama though. Just enjoy and dont think too much of its flaws!

  2. I am really enjoying watching this drama and can nor wait for each episode. I love everything about this drama and find it refreshing.

      1. (just my personal opinion)i agree with this statement…the actors were good but not with the story…
        for real, the ratings were also no good…

        1. The points you made, particularly about the character development and the plot have been the EXACT points/reasons as to why I’m SO frustrated with the drama! Everything is just illogical and feels too “set up” or too primed so that the next part of the story can happen. I was excited about starting this drama, but, like you, I find it to be a huge disappointment.

          1. Certainly agree with what you said. It was really too disappointing for me watching this dram especially the first two episodes, it was as if i’m at a loss of what’s going on.

      2. I completely understand that you have your own opinion but I think it’s still too soon to say it’s the most disappointing kdrama of 2019… Especially since it’s only June! Granted, I probably haven’t watched as many kdramas as you. I just think it’s a bit overkill to say it’s the most disappointing.
        So far I’m enjoying the show Abyss.
        My first drama was Strong Girl Bong Soon which starred Park Bo-young! She’s the reason why I’m watching Abyss.
        Also when Cha Min says he can “go back to his old self” I think he means when he clears his name he won’t have to hide anymore. He hopes that if his name is cleared Hee-Jin will contact him. Because according to Se-Yeon, even if Hee-Jin wanted to contact him, he’s a murder suspect. Then again I might be wrong.
        I just hope you can give this kdrama another chance! Maybe when all the episodes are out.

    1. I understand what you are saying, but, like, I never stopped to think about it since whenever I watch anything, I don’t analyze it too deeply. But now that I’m reading this, I realized that you have a point. I only started watching the drama because of Park Boyoung and I’ve been enjoying it honestly, but I think you are right. Also, I’m not that good analyzing/judging things.

    1. I like the drama because of ahn hyo seop and park bo young.. somehow the first episode is a messed but the later part, the actor gave justice to their roles and thats all that matter to me right now…

  3. It’s really disappointing I’m an international Kdramer and I was waiting for this drama, but I couldn’t resist it and only watched until episode 3

    1. Well, I dont really like the word “The Most …” because we know there’s no such thing as perfect. But I agree that Abyss is disappointing, because as a viewer who believe in PBY’s acting since Speedy Scandal, I have a huge expectation on the show, because I trust her in choosing project. She’s always in good dramas and movies.

      But with Abyss, I just can’t bare to continue watching after 2nd eps. Because I do agree with ur 1st reason, the premiere was a mess, it failed to catch my attention. I usually give a drama 4 eps chance before deciding to stop or continue, but Abyss failed me in 2nd ep.

  4. i really love tnis drama its very unique and suspense and many twist,i can’t wait for the next episode but if you dont like abbys then dont watch it. ill respect your opinion.

  5. 2nd episode n …gave up.
    I’ve been watching KD since 2004.
    And just 3 Dramas i couldn’t take my eyes on.
    Achiara, Manhole (sad part is i am Kim Jaejoong’s fan) n now this one.

  6. Thank you for the honest opinion and I totally agree with you. I almost stopped on the 2nd episode but I still gave it a chance until episode 4 but I cannot continue anymore. The story is so dead and i feel sorry for the actors. I was so looking forward with Park Bo Young’s drama regardless of who she is paired with, I just knew her drama will be a big shot., but boy.. I didnt expect y this total disappointment. I don’t know how they will save tbis drama.

  7. I stopped watching after ep2, I forced myself to watch because I really like the actors, but I can’t seem to get the hang of it. I can’t understand why they do some things and the characters don’t seem to fit. I’ve watched almost all kdramas on netflix, (some of them I didn’t finish because they bored me ), I also watch a lot in other internet sites, I’m not sure if that makes me an expert ✌️

  8. In the first 3 episode i stop watching, really i feel you.. Im so disappointed, knowing the actor and actress is good,..
    I continue watching after a week because im curious what going on, on the story but still im disappointed… Yeah true yeah sa scipt is poor and i do lot of scratch on my head..

  9. You are totaly right about it, episode 1 and 2 are boring i dont even get it.. just force to watch because of Park Bo Young but to tell you the truth im not really convinced with the script poor execution.
    There is no chemistry with the male lead and Park Bo Young. My standard of korean drama change since when? when i was watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon it was the definition of good and perfect chemistry and also amazing script with good adlib of Park Hyung Sik. Anyone around here want a comeback of Park Boo Young and Park Hyung Sik after his discarge on 2021? Yeah im looking forward for it.

  10. You are totaly right about it, episode 1 and 2 are boring i dont even get it.. just force to watch because of Park Bo Young but to tell you the truth im not really convinced with the script poor execution.
    There is no chemistry with the male lead and Park Bo Young. My standard of korean drama change since when? when i was watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon it was the definition of good and perfect chemistry and also amazing script with good adlib of Park Hyung Sik. Anyone around here want a comeback of Park Boo Young and Park Hyung Sik after his discarge on 2021? Yeah im looking forward for it.

  11. I totally agree with everything. It such a struggle for me to watch the drama. The personality of the lead characters are just simply annoying. I had to forward most parts where the characters Re being super gullible. Like, I can’t even picture the scenarios happening IRL, may be that’s also why it is struggling, it is not that relatable.

  12. I’m well satisfied about “abyss”.
    We are have our deffirences about how we are going to judge.but, it does’nt matter unless it will never harm you..
    I’m watching abyss through netflix and im enjoying it.looking forward for the next new episode..

  13. I am satisfied with the drama and also understand your point because it’s kind of annoying sometimes.
    I do think that we expect our favorite actresses or actors to behave/ act in a certain way because we have seen them in a specific persona for so long. For example; Park Bo Young’s previous personalities in other dramas isn’t the same here so the thrill isn’t the same obviously.
    But well..‍♀️

  14. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I think you’re too quick to judge this as the Most Disappointing Drama of 2019. We will never know the outcome of the other upcoming dramas in 2019. I guess Abyss is for people who can appreciate something different. Its a mixture of all genres, love/humor/crime/fantasy. If a single drama can include all that, I don’t see whats so bad or lacking about it. Ratings doesn’t really define how good a drama is. After all its up to everyone’s personal taste. I’m sure many love Abyss as much as I do, looking forward to every next episode given how all the episodes are addictive. Aren’t you the least bit curious to know whats to happen next? The writing isn’t obvious, because I doubt you can predict how this show ends. Maybe when you watch it with a more open mind you’ll learn to appreciate it better.

  15. Yeah..u do have a point…but im still up for the drama n the ONLY reason is coz I stan Park Bo Young so much..i watched all her dramas…if it is not for her..i think ill stop too

  16. Im watching it right.now and it always annoys me. MOST of the characters are so dumb or the plot is pathetic that it can make my blood boil. The script are so frustrating. It makes the whole.series.uninteresting.

  17. Yes, totallly agreed with you. I am a huge fan of Park Bo young but it is really dissappointing to see her acting in this drama. i am watching episode 10 right now and it is killed me how the plot is poorly arranged especially part where Oh Yeong Chul was escaped.

    1. I’ve only watched till episode 4 at this point. I have doubts about the interpretation of Cha Min’s words about returning to his old self upon meeting Hee Jin in this post. I interprete Cha Min’s words more of as a moving-on sort of thing. He feels the need to actually talk to Hee Jin to finally get closure from her sudden departure from his life.

      I do agree that Yeong Chul’s changed appearance upon revival was very poorly executed though. I did initially think he was just in a very bad disguise to fool the police and whatnots, so the drama does leave some extra connect-the-dots work for the audience.

      The drama’s got a plot that’s very easy to poke holes into, but I’ll give them props for entertaining me. I like the drama for it’s fairly fast pace and the quips from the characters. There are some interesting plot points, but it’s obviously not like the extraordinarily tight plot of tvN’s Signal.

  18. shocking that you find it disappointing. i think it’s one of the best kdrama’s i’ve ever seen. i love the plot, love the characters and don’t simply find it boring or disappointing at all. every time an episode ends i just can’t wait until the next one.

      1. I was very dissatisfied with it for I’m used to seeing more romance and not so much violence in movies or shows I’ve seen in hers.
        It went to romantic to murder Murder MURDER!

  19. Finally! Someone who also shares the same sentiments as mine. I feel you, girl. For me, it’s one of the worst kdrama plots that i’ve ever seen. The characters are just plain dumb. But i will still finish watching this, just because the main actress is park bo young. Lol

  20. Omg I thought it was just me! Glad to know someone else understands. This has to be one of the most frustrating and painful to watch shows I’ve ever seen I found myself yelling at the TV and I never do that. I made it to episode 6 but I can’t bring myself to finish it. The plot is all over the place and nonsensical it’s not cohesive at all I really was looking forward to this show too.

  21. I kinda agree with some points, but don’t you think it’s ridiculous to say Abyss is the most disappointing k-drama in 2018 when the film itself hasn’t done yet? And for your statement about logic and else, I bet there must be a reason why Abyss’ genre is fantasy? Come on. This is just my opinion, but I still respect your opinion anyway.

  22. I’m on the fence with this one. There is so much that is good about it but I agree the character development was rushed in the beginning. My husband and I keep getting confused who is who and constantly have to remind each other. We are also not sure the motives for people to act the way they are acting are strong enough. And don’t get me started on the real Lee Mi-Do’s plastic surgery make over… lol the other thing is… I get that being beautiful is an important value in Korea but we found it a bit sad that Seo-yon suddenly finds Cha-min interesting after years of friend zoning him just because he’s changed appearance.

  23. I have just finished episode 6 and I noticed a few bummer part.

    1. Why Cha Min didn’t read the Abyss manual? Can he recklessly revive any dead person? There must be some kind of sacrifices he has to make?

    2. Everytime the killer talks, I feel like I’m watching sageuk drama. The way he speaks/enunciate his dialogue feel so Joseon-ish.

    3. Se-Yeon died May 7th, in episode 6 when she woke up and check her phone it’s May 21st. In such a short time span, Oh Yeong Cheol didn’t go hiding but instead go on killing spree. Is he dying?

  24. at the beginning I find it is somehow interesting. but after for or five episodes, it becomes really boring, story is so slow, nothing new.
    I really want to skip to the ending episode!!!!

  25. I’ve watched episode 14 last night, 2 more episodes to go. So far it is interesting but annoying at the same time. How did they missed Oh Young Cheol’s partner ?

  26. I’ve only started watching the series so here’s how I feel for the first 3 episodes. I’m not a huge fan of kdramas but I do watch them in my spare time. I’m a huge fan of mystery and fantasy genres and when I saw this one I was like “Why not give it a shot?” I think the plot is good but as you said, the execution is a tad bit… shtty. I mean don’t get me wrong, the actors are brilliant! But alas, there were times that it got me like “Whut? Why did that happen?” There were also times where I guessed exactly what’s going to happen next (because as you said, it’s too predictable). But since I haven’t watched the show for long, I’d still want to give it shot.

  27. I’m a bit picky with kdrama but I have watched a lot of kdramas so far, specifically in the mystery/fantasy/crime genre. I have to disagree with you. So far, I’m on ep. 7 and I don’t find some annoying characters like I do with others. I can also still follow the storyline well, everything is still clear. Also, in order to follow the story well, you have to watch every detail in the drama. I did not have a hard time remembering who is who. I’ve followed everything well since ep. 1 and I have not experienced being confused with what’s happening. The story of each character is being told as each episode goes. The few seconds preview at the beginning of each ep is done because the series is for those who follow the kdrama on a weekly basis. Most kdrama do this to give a brief idea for audience (or new audiences even) about what has happened so far. There are no boring scenes, each episode is something to look forward to. The only odd thing I noticed is that Lee Mi Do is a transferred to a Law Firm but they never show that she goes to work while they show Cha Min go to work when he finally revealed himself to his mom. Like, doesn’t her company look for her? That made me wonder. Other than that it’s good so far. It’s still getting me curious for the next episode.

  28. **also if you didn’t notice, he said that he can’t read the manual of the abyss given to him because it was in a language he could not understand.

    1. I don’t agree completely especially this statement that this drama is the disappointing drama of 2019. Liking a drama or not is subjective. Even I don’t like few classical dramas people praises so much. I find them illogical.

      I think this drama is focusing more on Abyss and the people involving it and it is more like a crime thriller which is more like cat and mouse chase. I am watching this from yesterday and followed each and every scene with deep concentration. I am not at all confused with the story. To me, I think it is tightly written where you have to focus on every detail otherwise you will miss out the scene entirely. Like why Cha Min doesn’t go back to his office? How? With that face? Even if he does, he is a freaking suspect here and the case is opened to public. He is smart for academics and management but he isn’t cunning and was insecure about his looks which lead him to that rooftop and to death. Killer was indeed wearing a wig and all but that’s our perception and they actually thought him to be father first. He has indeed made mistakes in killing people but these things are revealed in the later episodes… so…

      However, some points mentioned here does make sense. Like, Character development for Cha Min is messy, Poor Chemistry between leads as per plot description and unclear motive of prosecutor. The plot of this drama is moving as per writers wish and not because the characters are doing something to change their situation. I always get frustrated why that killer is always one step ahead but I can actually ignore it.

      I guess, there are many good things in it which overpowers the flaws. For me, of course. I am not stating that this article is a hate or something but this is what I think.

  29. I was in Korea at the time this drama was being marketed so I was really excited to see this new fantasy drama with PBG but it has been painful to stick with it and keep watching. It feels like a whole big chaotic mess of different ideas stuck together. I don’t think the writer really knew what he/she wanted the story to be. The romance seems to have been thrown in as a “must include” element but I don’t really feel the chemistry at all. AHS is really cute but I don’t think his character does him any justice at all. He is just this tall cute puppy following PBG all the time and being completely submissive. I feel sorry for the actor who played the original Cha Min and how much this guy’s looks were bashed. It sucks to be chosen for the role because you are considered ugly and can play the loser dumped by his girlfriend. It really made me cringe how horrible and superficial it was and the obsession with looks. The serial killer story was absolutely ridiculous. Once Oh Yeong Cheol got hold of the marble he spent episodes threatening the power he now held and yet nothing at all happened. I also hated how he had been an intelligent surgeon and suddenly turned into the psycho killing machine. Did not make sense whatsoever! The aliens and the fantasy theme were quickly forgotten and simply served to replace the main characters with PBG and AHS. It didn’t make sense why the aliens left the marble behind or why only the two main characters drastically altered their appearance but nobody else did. Actually there are just a million problems with this whole drama and although I have stuck it out to see where it went it has been a long and boring journey!!!

  30. I think cha mins character in a sense is suppose to be ‘book’ smart but not ‘street’ smart if you know what i mean. But i do agree that more backstory on the characters before they were revived would have changed the tone of the drama.

  31. I’ve finished episode 15 and am devastated that it’s almost over. I actually kind of loved this drama. To me, the plot was interesting and quite easy to follow. The dramatic irony but also the suspense and the viewers having to figure out the problems and make connections was fun. The reasons for why the murders happened are explained slowly as the episodes go by. My only problem with the drama is how (spoilers but like other people spoiled too???) when the real Lee MiDo comes back from the US, SeYeon continues to go by Lee MiDo with some people but she doesn’t work with the law firm anymore?

  32. for me, it is one of the kdrama that i really love. i like the plot because it keeps my focus (i mean the plot is keeping ny brain works) so i never found abyss boring and i love the characters. actually i only have one episode left that will be release tomorrow :)). that’s why while im reading this article and comments im little bit hurt. but i respect your opinions :). still glad that i found some comments saying abyss isn’t that bad. (im not fluent in english but i hope you understand what im trying to express)

  33. i think the drama was great ! its really weird to see netizens comment that its bad, considering i watched this drama before reading reviews so i didnt care anyways. hmm

  34. I honestly enjoyed it, am i gonna let the opinions of netizens affect my happiness and love for the show ? no, and just like other things in life, you don’t have to let the opinions of others dictate your feelings. i found myself being sad a little bit after the drama ended. good job abyss team!

      1. I feel the same way like you, I enjoyed the dorama, but I have to thinks that bothers me a little bit, just the way he(Cha Min) came back to a human body again and how this other 2 characters, like Cha Min girlfriend have the same body and her brother, when they supposed to have a body like how was their soul.

  35. Im confused, for the last episode was Cha Min brought back with the abyss? I don’t understand how the old man brought his soul back to human form??? someone explain

    1. In the next few episodes hee-jin tricks Dr. Oh seo youl (spell check) into entering a hospital to visit her mom I think; but instead he accidentally revives cha-min in a wig back to life while he was sleep in the hospital bed. Hee-jin got in contact with prosecutor go in the episodes before, admitted she was helping the killer out and they joined together to trick the doctor into reviving him. But the plot twist is that the doctor didn’t lose the marble. Which doesn’t make sense, cuz if cha-min is revived then the marble should go back to him.

    2. Umm I don’t know what the other person was talking about but I believe that maybe there is more than one Abyss in the world and it just depends on your life circumstances. In the first episode, Min was given the Abyss by those shady people (lol no hate) because they did something wrong to him that costed his life. So maybe they had done the same thing to that man and all they do is give them free Abysses. That man’s abyss was red which is the first color of the rainbow, meaning he has never used it. So maybe an unused Abyss can be used by its owner to bring a lost soul back to life if they desire. And since he saw Min looking so pitiful, he spent his first and last use on Min..?

      Another theory I have is that the man is one of those “shady” people, as I call them, (or their leader) since he asked Min why he didn’t just go back like the other shady people told him to, which shows he is very aware of how the Abyss and those people work. So maybe he saw Min still yearning for Seyeon and was like “ah, what the heck” and gave him another chance at life. So he took Min’s abyss (put it in his cart) and “renewed” it which is why it turned red signifying that it can be used one last time..? He also left Min with a message saying something like “once you find something better than this abyss, you will no longer need the abyss”, and he found true happiness with Seyeon. I guess the man was teaching Min that you don’t need another life as long as you can cherish the one you’re living in.

      I honestly have no idea if any of this makes sense but that’s all I got.

  36. I personally love this drama I’m hoping for season 2 I’m sad one more episode to go … I love the humour in it as well …and love the cast as well ….

      1. I really enjoyed the Abyss
        For me the show Abyss is one of my favorite Korean drama i really loved it!!!!
        For me it touched My heart

  37. I kind of agree with the reviewer. If this had been all 16 episodes in one go I imagine I would have skipped quite a few of them and just watched the last episode. As it was I watched every episode. It was great to see Park Bo Young back on the screen and she didn’t disappoint, but the show just didn’t have that umph it needed. In my case I think it was the main mail lead. Not so much the actor (I’ve never seen him before so can’t judge his performance against anything else), but more the character of Cha Min. He was a complete idiot. When he first got the abyss he was also given a manual but never even looked at it. He just kept reviving people stupidly. The cops were morons, although I liked the main cop. While I didn’t hate the drama I can safely say I won’t be watching it again unilke “Strong woman Bong Soon” which I’ve watched more than once and will do so again. I don’t think any of the actors in abyss can really be blamed for bad acting, it was just a badly executed script. Possible spoiler; One point that really annoyed me (because it was never explained) is why the prosecutor guy turned bad when he appeared to be quite a nice kind young boy??? Anyway its over and l look forward to seeing Park Bo Young in her next drama.

    1. I literally just finished the last episode. There were definitely stupid moments but my biggest problem were all the holes in the story that never got tied up. So what happened to the prosecutor? Was he executed? They never delved much into how he became this murderer like his biological father. Also, so much didn’t make sense but I was sucked in and continued watching. I kept hoping that the original Cha Min would come back in the end so it would come full circle and that Se-Yeon would love him anyway but the last episode had her being stupid and commenting about worrying how the baby might have an ugly face like old Cha Min.

      I thought maybe the point of the story was that true love prevails but nope, she’s just as shallow as ever. If you think about it, had she accepted his love from the beginning, none of this would ever happen.

      1. So true. Se Yeon’s character was arrogant. She always thought she was the only one ‘right’ and was rude, thoughtless and bullying when she wanted her way. Particularly towards Cha Min who was definitely not the sharpest tool in the character box. Watching her complain & whine and act so impulsively without thinking of others was difficult. This whole drama was “all about her”.

      2. She also says how she had a crush on him in high school, which was while he wasn’t physically attractive, and she said this multiple times, as well as when she only gave him chocolates on white day in high school, because she liked him.

  38. I totally agree with this statement. I started this k-drama with so much excitement not because of the actors which i was not particularly familiar to but truly because of the plot ! I was so so so excited by what i was thinking would be focusing on the fantasy and criminal aspects that i ended up forwarding most of the parts of the last three episodes… i went from totally obsessed every weeks to see the new episode to frustrated. so many aspects of the plot have been ignored, so many inconsistencies and it just ending up focusing mainly on the romantic aspect of the plot which i wished had only been a background story (like really background) I really found the character dumb and i’m so frustrated that the aliens only appeared in the first episode … it feels like ” oh damn i killed a human by mistake what can i do ? let’s just revive him and allow him to revive people ” Clearly i am disappointed and i can say that in my opinion, it is one of the worst k-drama (in terms of plot) that i have ever seen. (which has nothing to do with the actors as i do like them in other dramas)

  39. I don’t understand why some people come back better looking and some look the same. I know about the “looking like your true soul” part. I think they got tired of switching actors. What happened to the landlady who was revived? Why didn’t the people who gave the Abyss come back and give advice? Why did Cha Min’s parents accept his new body, but we had to wait to the end for her parents to accept it? Why did she come back as her co-worker, and her co-worker has plastic surgery? Why did they have good sci-fi at the beginning, but botched up the end? The already showed us that thy were capable of a much better ending. I kept thinking we’d find out they possessed other people’s bodies, and that the original owners would come looking for them and want their bodies back. It was no where near as bad as this article says. I admit, I hated the last episode. It feels like they said “It’s the last episode? We only have five minutes to writ it. Let’s get it over with. No explanation of how he made it back after three years.

    1. I really loved this drama in the first few episodes but by the time I got around to the last one I really struggled to even get through it, I was wondering if I should even bother to finish it somewhere after the midpoint actually.

      They really set up so many interesting things and either completely abandoned them or made them seem irrelevant, like that body changing thing you pointed out. It’s almost as if their focus really shifted while the story progressed, not focusing on the rules and character traits they carefully crafted in the beginning in favor of cool or impactful scenes, which lead to a few amazing moments with the rest of the episodes getting worse and worse.

  40. I also very confused with this drama but i thought it was interesting at 1st. In episode 8, Lee mil do was declared dead. How come episode 9, lee mil do keep appearing at public place and meet and talk to prosecutor seo? Did lee mil do forgot she dead? Or she declared again she not dead? Please explain to me. Im confused

  41. It was good. I peraonally loved and enjoyed every bit of it. If you watched Come back Ajushi, and liked it, you will most likely like Abyss too. I personally don’t agree with the reviewer/review and decided not to let it affect how I feel about the show and I guess that’s why I enjoyed it alot more. Next on my list is Arthdal. Can’t wait!

  42. I honestly thought the drama was pretty average. The kind of drama to just watch to relax a little. I think is obviously not that drama that leaves some emptiness on you when it ends, but not a disastrous drama either.

  43. I like the show in his retarded way, however the serial killer part made no sense in the way that they had to do jump thru hoops to get a conviction, i see this show as the pinky too from ur foot that keeps banging against something, it was drama after drama unrealistic stuff, i hear ya dude.

  44. Just give them some slack…ok? If you dont have anything nice to say keep quiet…its not easy being a writer…..it takes sleepless months to create a unique story…and there’s a lot of men and women who worked really hard to put this story up for everyone…not only you…but everyone…everybody i must say…you’re one quite insensitive…so called “fan”

  45. You are absolutely write on your review about Abyss. I must say this is the dumbest and stupidest series I have seen. All the characters here do stupid things. I totally blame the writer here first and foremost, then the producer and then director.

    This is a waist of Park Bo Gum’s talent.

  46. Honestly, I thought the Abyss team did a good job and I really enjoyed the drama itself.
    Let’s all take a step back and not criticize every single detail about a drama. Even game of thrones has flaws and nothing can be 100% perfect.
    For sure there is room for improvement but it isn’t so serious that we need to post anonymously that potentially could jeopardize someone else’s jobs or lives.

  47. To me, saying that the drama is the most disappointing is too much,cos some people especially me actually liked the drama. Although the drama had some unexplained concepts, i did not find the drama disappointing or boring at all,the cast was amazing and the story line was different and nice although they should have done a better job in explaining it making some things clearer. Either way the drama to me was good and i would recommend it to anyone interested. I just want to add this,is there not a concept that allows writers to present their story their way like the way they want to,i don’t think people should judge a drama based on what they expected the drama to be but what the drama actually is

    1. Yeah I freaking loved the drama. I love the cast, I don’t find it confusing, or disorganized at all. I loved the entire storyline, like who o would think about making a drama about an abyss. To me it seems like this persons does too much research before hand, like no need to expect something specific depending on the writer, like just look at the cast and watch the drama.

    2. I agree.Abyss was so fun to watch for me because I was excited about what was going yo happen next.I even waited and didn’t sleep just to watch the next episode.Well,everyone has different opinions but in my case I sincerely loved the drama and don’t consider it disappointing but rather full of mystery and anticipation.

  48. YUP. This drama was a hot mess. I’m glad I read you review at episode 4, so I could drop it sooner instead of spending the time to watch more for the chance that it will have a satisfying conclusion. The plot was just garbage and the characters aren’t even likeable. All they have going for them are looks (in this drama). What a disappointment this was. Thank you for giving an honest review!

  49. I really enjoyed the drama. I read this article and found out a lot of flaws. A lot of the actions actually did make sense, I think it’s just that you aren’t paying attention enough. I really do think that if you want to watch this drama you have to pay attention and remember every little detail in order for the outcome to make sense. I’m new to kdrama and this definitely leaves a good first impression .

    1. Honestly, I was very excited at first, but the dumb stuff and the dragging of the killer getting caught got really annoying for me, by the half of it, I was done with it really, I just wanted it to tell me answers which it never did, how exactly did a 7 year old covered a murder and went away with some old guy, why a person with so much money who knows is in danger does not get a body guard, why to they go alone everywhere when the killer is not caught, and more importantly how did Cha Min got his body back??? Can someone explain that to me, did I missed something? Omg sorry love the cast but worst ending ever.

      1. I agree, and why would the real lee mi do look so different from the fake lee mi do . I just feel that itd be better if park bo young play a double role there. And most people love the chemistry but i find it cringy. I dont know why. And the whole story is a mess!!

  50. Well i dont have much to say about it. But
    Abyss was one of the Best Drama that i liked .. its different and funy ..it was my first drama serie.. and i love it ..

  51. If you actually pay attention it is really good it’s a likable case it reminds me of black and bong soon it’s something you figure out as you watch, and see how the characters connect and watching a playing advantage and also difficulty of having a new face with past information

  52. To be honest, i find the drama interesting and amazing and i finished watching it in 4 days. Regardless of some flaws in the drama, i think it’s still a must-watch drama for this summer.

    1. Ugh. 56 minutes into ep 1 and I’m anything but entertained…confused, frustrated and a bit annoyed is all I am so far.
      Ok, just watched the last 10 min of ep 1. I’m glad i paused to read ur review, but I think u were too kind. Wild horses couldn’t make me watch another minute. Great story idea, but a hot mess right out of the gate

  53. I just finished a third of the 1st episode and thought hmmm i think I will see what others opinions are who have already watched it since it completed already. i think it did feel rushed as you stated. that first episode had helllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa going on at one time all slap shot and put together– we meet every single person down to the real killer in the first episode.. what’s funny is that I totally called it on the DR!! what I didn’t like the main lead. they didn’t show him as the caring but not so cute man that he was, they made him seem like a stalker of 20 years and blaming the women who don’t like him to be the reason why he is who he is??????????????????????????????? If the girl who he loved for 20 years had shown even some kind of feelings other then disgust then that would have given me hope — but nope she said YUCK… I am the most beautiful (who goes to a crime scene in a too short skirt and heels?) of course this is all based off the little that we see of them in the first episode. I was here for Park Bo Young. I will watch whatever she is in! I’ll watch a little more. it seems a few people enjoyed it. I mean i get sometimes having to throw all normal thought out the window and just enjoy something. I can watch the two main leads as long as they aren’t spouting too much dumbness… lol

  54. Watched this series in two days. It really made me curious about the evolution of the plot and I could feel a lot of tension because of the events. I think they could have explained more in detail and cut some overly cheesy slow motions but afterall it’s a Kdrama right?? The actors are good and I wish they make a 2nd season. Do you guys think they will?

    1. I don’t understand why you found this drama so disappointing. I found it quite enjoyable and I never once found it slow. Yes, there were a few plot holes, but when it comes to fantasy+crime there have to be some plot holes. Perfectly, doing crimes is not really possible in real life right? Moreover, the Villian didn’t have any magical powers other than abyss (which he didn’t know how to use) for him to perfectly carry out crimes without getting caught. Therefore,technically it is not possible for anyone to think of such situations. So definitely we need to understand and assume a few things. Taking this into consideration, I felt that the writer and director did a great job. By writing this, I don’t want to blame you for not liking the drama. I mean, you can have a different taste. But, definitely it wasn’t the worst drama, believe me.

  55. Half way through the show I started to get irritated more and more. Just like the writer explained. Everyone is dumb. The police are so unprofessional. The prosecutor acts as if know one governs him. The two leads go around with out a care in the world knowing a killer is on the loose. The rules to the abyss are never explained meaning the writer can make up whatever on the fly. The killer goes from an abuse psychotic doctor to an old man killing machine. For how sloppy he is, it shows how poor the police are. Logic goes out the window. The show is objectively poor. I would challenge anyone to prove me otherwise.

  56. No the drama is great …me I loved it it was susposed to be fantasy like hotel de Luna so there is no logic needed in the script Ahn Hyo Seop can act I loved him he needs more roles and Park Bo young is amazing …..I liked their chemistry I think the writer of the article was a bit harsh no drama is on a 100 but if you want a sprinkle of craziness and beautify chemistry I would say watch it

  57. I loved this drama. I watched it in 2 days and i’m now rewatching it for the second time. I respect your opinion and i agree with some things. the first episode was rushed and i was hesitant to continue watching it but i gave it a chance and i fell in love. the actors are extremely talented, the story is good and the ending is sad but turned out to be happy.. honestly, i’m waiting for season 2 now. i really hope there will be a second season. but other than that, the script wasn’t perfect. so i would give it a 9/10.

  58. I agree with everything although I’m not professional observing dramas and stuff This drama is also rather disappointing for me. I can’t actually find the logic in it. The actors and actresses did a good job but the drama itself ruined everything. The idea is great but the production and how they made it-*sigh* I’m kinda disappointed tho.

  59. I agree with every single word. This drama is SO stupid. I have never seen such lazy and predictable story telling in a Korean drama especially one with this female lead (who often plays in amazing dramas). It felt like practically every episode she would get kidnapped for being an idiot. As an audience member I’ve never been so offended by a writer-way to make the audience feel like dumbasses that are wasting their times. Ugh. I’ve watched kdramas for 10 years because of the creative and thoughtfully crafted storytelling. But this was neither. I am just upset that I wasted my life watching such a dumb show.

    I really enjoyed this kdrama, but there were definitely a couple of things that bothered me.

    – Oh Young Cheol
    Wasn’t a fan of his acting. He always talked so slow, and his cackle laugh.. Yeah okay, he was an old man now, but I just personally didn’t like it.

    – Product placement
    There was some heavy product placement with the water bottles and a sandwich company that looked like a Korean Subway

    – Random facts
    Where did they suddenly get the information that the Abyss can only be used one last time? Like you said in your article, they just pulled things out of the air

    – Hospital
    How many times did they went to the hospital? Felt like almost every episode someone had to be admitted. Seriously. Imo, Koreans (in dramas) always overreact in these kind of matters. Like the mom is worried about her son, faints and has an infuse thingy (is that the English word?). They always faint here and there, end up in the hospital and recover from heavy stuff like it’s nothing.

    – Kwon Soo Hyun
    I don’t know if it’s his acting or his character role because I’ve never seen him act before, but his acting felt a little bland. He was calm and cool and he is a good actor, but I wanted to see more psychoness and anger (emotion) like at the end.

    They could’ve made it this show scarier. I know it’s not a horror drama, and it has to appeal to the masses. Just saying it had more potential. Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching it!

  61. TBH, I dont know what drama everyone was watching…..but the drama “Abyss” became one of my favorite drama….i have watched it like 3 times already…..i absolutely love this drama and the leading roles were acted out so good and also the supoorting roles and i hope they do another drama together…

    Plus i got to see my hubby “SEO IN GUK” even if it was just for a couple of minutes

  62. i loved this drama, i couldn’t stop watching each episode… so entertaining… but it’s ok, it’s just your opinion, i can agree in the characters not being entirely well written and the story missing some little things

  63. Boys over flowers didn’t make sense at all. It is a much worse drama. Yet everyone liked it.
    But, why are people showing hate for this drama then?!!
    I believe that half of the people changed their opinion after reading a bad review from someone who doesn’t like fantasy and crime

  64. I do enjoy watching this drama until the end of the episode. But at the same time, I agree with your comments. I’m not the one who always search about bad comments about Kdrama after watching them. But this drama get my attention to look for it. I’m most dissapointed at when they’re all know about the serial killer is very dangerous and harmful person but yet, they always at ease and careless about their safety which means, for me the scene is not logic at all. At near to the end of this drama, Oh Su Jin/Jang Hee Jin just disappear from the drama after the scene where Persecutor Seo throw the luggage into the sea like nothing happened after what they had to sacrifice to get the mother back. There are so many things I want to say, but I will keep them to myself hahaha

  65. I do not understand why people love it. I’m sorry to people that do but it has so many plot holes and scenes that just don’t make sense or wouldn’t fly in reality, it’s cringy/cheesy and the characters act so illogically at times it’s insane. I’ve been watching kdramas since around 2007 and this one has got to be one of the most disappointing ones I’ve watched in a long time. Maybe the people that do like it are younger so they like the cheesiness and don’t really see the plot holes? I regret wasting my time finishing it but I just wanted to see how it ended and if it got better over time… I felt like it got worse LOL… It sucks because I’m a fan of Park Bo Young too. She did well in A Werewolf Boy, The Silenced and Oh My Ghost…

  66. I’ll be honest the drama had loads of potential and I’ll be hoest for most of it I did like it. But I get your point it was poorly written and the finale was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cringy.

  67. I was so disappointed with Cha Min. He supposedly has a beautiful soul which is why he looks the way he does but he revives a serial killer that killed his friend and didn’t really show much regret for what he did. He should have been apologetic and angry and beating down doors to catch his friend’s killer. Since it was his fault (and the killer’s). Instead he only starts to care about Se-young’s death because he is accused as the killer and it prevents him from meeting his fiancee. The same fiancee who abandoned and robbed him. That’s not the only way he’s stupid. He’s so entitled, complaining about the cheapness of the food/clothing when it took Se-young’s smarts and brains to get them that as well as a job. Also he died a meaningless death.I haven’t seen that he helped anyone so far while Se-young was a prosecutor doing a meaningful job who loved her parents. Cha min showed no concern for his family.

    1. Did you even watch more than one episode? He gets to that in the second/third episode and cries over that. He was very distraught that he did that.

  68. I stop tuning in immediately when the girl who has been ignoring Cha Min for 20 years fall for him immediately for his good looks! Disguisting!

    1. I kept watching but I agree it was so hard to watch due to that fact. I usually love all of Park Bo Young’s characters from the beginning but she seemed so superficial with a hint of narcissism.

    2. Exactly ……….this was exactly the argument I was having with my sister concerning the drama how can you reject someone for over 20 years and the next thing you start liking him when he’s appearance changes really disgusting

  69. every episodes have all stupids thinking and actions of the characters, bad movie plots and i wont recommend this movie to watch.. only make the actor potential wasting their popularity.. very very bad serial movie ever..

  70. This murder “mystery” was far more murder than mystery. With all the ability of the cast, the fault for the slow death of this show lies with the writers and the director. In the first episode, I thought maybe this would be a winner. My son decided to watch it with me because he thought it was an interesting premise, but gave up on it after the 5th episode because it has lost all its potential already. I hate to see good actors stuck in terrible shows. The writers wanted us to believe a lot that was fantastical, but the one they I could not believe was that so many people could be so constantly stupid. It was driving me crazy. And we new just about every turn this story would make. Just plain dumb. Often viewers think or say “I could have done this so much better”. Well, this time I have no doubt that most people are right about that.

  71. Sooo. If someone randomly revives you with an orb? And they say they gave you a manual to use it? Wouldn’t you be more curious as to what other types of powers it has too? I would’ve at least tried to skim it.

  72. Just completed the whole series! Agreed with the dumb plots. Knowing the killer is dangerous how can one chase after him alone and stand so close in front of him to get poke by needle. I like the actors/actress in the drama especially the bad prosecutor. Too bad plots are not doing any justify to all the talent actors/actress. Hope they get better script next time.

  73. Not to be mean but……………….
    Oh who am I kidding I am trying be mean but all I gotta say is there is nothing wrong with the shower it was honestly one of the best shows I’ve watched it was funny romantic and filled with thrills so I don’t see why you guys say it’s bad it’s honestly amazing and worth my time at least the person took their time and created good show now Dont hate on their hard work

    1. thank you I was looking for a positive comment and you are one of the only ones! I LOVED this show so much I also have no idea why these people are complaining, try making a drama yourself!

  74. The ending was the worst. I tolerated all of the other holes in anticipation of the ending. I don’t think it was explained well how the main character came to be revived or why it took three years to do so. I think I would have forgiven the rest of it had the ending been better. Just so stupid it made the rest unforgivable. Other than that it was good. 🙂

  75. I watched Abyss and I like it. I am a kdrama fanatic though I don’t remember names that much. Yes I know it’s ironic but it’s the truth. Honestly people you are too perfectionist. 1st if I’ve been just told the Abyss could revive people not knowing if it’s true or not still I would test. Like if something that you already know smell bad still unconsciously you’d smell it. So the Cha Min reviving that unknown person can be justified with real life reason. A lot of people look alike. So what if you see another person who looks like you but older. You’d wonder but would just think that these things happens, so the doctor’s face couldnt be suspicious at first. And Cha Min looking for fiance? Hellloo. When something is out of hand we human beings things out of logic also. Like when you are late to work you’d think your boss is absent or late also so he wouldnt know what time you arrived. There are some missing elements but the stories and plot scenes are all logical to me. Hmp!

  76. My issue with the show is why they never spoke of the manual that came with thr Abyss. You have something that brings the dead back to life, you don’t think it would have consequences or some kind of strings attached? Wouldn’t at least be curious what all it could do without finding out the hard way? They kept getting into cars or walking up to people they knew were are at least associated with the murders, let alone get taken by the murderers many times. Not all kdramas have a happy ending. Memories of Alhambra did not. It was all over the place with the story, confusing in parts that could have been explained, but weren’t. I srill enjoyed the show immensely.

  77. It was the best K-drama I’ve ever watched ! The story was captivating it made all sence, it was not a typical boring love story. When you watch it you feel involved, you feel anxious, you feel worried. The alien touch made is mysterious and you never know what happens. The cast is amazing. . It has everything anyone could ask for and I dont know why this post ist so popular it always shows up on the top of my google search, like is this sponsored/ bought or what?

  78. One of the best drama. It kept you wanting to watch the next episode. It got all genre into one. Amazing actors and actresses. It is sad that people don’t get the plot and like this drama. This drama is so underrated.

  79. I Liked what the show tried to do but I litteraly had to come here because I kept getting the feeling I was missing huge plots and conversations. Like they weren’t even in the same shows together or the lines didn’t match what was happening in the show. I kept thinking am I stupid? Did I miss something? What is going on??? From episode one it was off.

  80. I’m really disappointed. The first episode kinda got me hooked. Really liked the casts but the characters were a little out of normal settings. Some episodes lacked logics and I practically finished the whole drama in less than 5hrs. I had to skip scenes, fast forward and a whole bunch of deals. I’ve been a fan of kdrama for more than 10yrs and this is one of ….words really can’t explain it but I’m still angry for feeling I’ve wasted resources.

  81. The worst kdrama I have watched so far – this review is spot on. It was very frustrating to watch all the characters who were dumb as rocks over and over again! It’s like the cliche horror movies where the stupids go toward the killers and make inane decisions. It was impossible to finish watching. The writing was ABYSS-MAL!! The plot and lame characters are what fell into the abyss. Yea she falls for him after he becomes a tall, good looking guy – could not come to like any of the characters.

  82. I honestly like abyss too much it’s one of m y fav kdramas but I will agree with the part of Cha min being a lil bit stupid especially in the first episodes like he was a murder suspect and couldn’t understand that he shouldn’t use his credit card because they’ll find him… But I also think he is extremely kind in a ridiculous way that’s why when he saw the killer he tried to save him… But I enjoyed everything the spript, the fantasy part, the romance and the chemistry between Ahn Hyo Seop and Park Bo Young, the other characters and the ending for my opinion definitely worth watching.. I am watching it for the second time right now

  83. I’m currently watching it, and I’m so mad that I am. You are right it so lacks logic that I’m actually INFURIATED! I just want it to end asap because I rarely abandon a drama once I start watching it……I’m so disappointed!!!

  84. Currently in episode 6 and enjoying the drama thus far. May be because of Ahn Hyo Seop who I came for since I can’t get over him in Romantic Doctor? However, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense in the drama. I know it’s fantasy but how come they overlooked the obvious situations? Like when Cha Min died the second time and only one detective was shocked when he came back to life again? They honestly made ridiculous detectives out of the story.

    Really the main problem is the lack of scenarios that explain the intermittent development of the plot. But in my opinion, it’s still enjoyable to watch. At least, I didn’t skip scenes like what I usually did to other dramas. Thanks to Ahn Hyo Seop. Haha.

  85. I search for the Abyss reviews because I am disappointed, and denial (can’t believe that this series will turn up like this) the stupidity of the characters, don’t get me wrong, the actress and actors are great but the written script was all over the place. At first I thought that maybe I should give a chance to the characters to grow on me, but the more I watch it the more I hate them. Because the characters does not give justice. for example Chamin is intellegent before he died but when he got the new body dumb with a pretty face. the killer is a doctor but did not mind his finger prints, even though he thought he has a new body, He should be careful not to get caught. Anyway there are so many reason not to watch this series.

  86. Well, talking about cha min..the part 1 of your article.Cha Min is kind hearted as stated there, and I watched the film carefully, the first thing that came to his mind when he saw the dead person was not to save him….Remember, whenever the abyss is around a dead body, it gives the owner this burning feeling.So, you can’t blame the character on that note.It is natural…as an human being-a kind hearted one like cha min-to do what is in your capability to help someone who is in need when you definitely have the power and might to do it
    You also wrote that cha min said that if he could get back to his girlfriend, he would get back to his old self.Well, in my own point of view, I think cha min getting back to his old self is not what you think(like being short guy back…NO).It meant going back to being the chairman of the corporation and gaining his fiancee’s love back as his identity is changed.He knew with his new body, his mother won’t recognise him but he wanted to first sort out things with the girlfriend so as to stop her from leaving him(you know he saw a picture of her in the airport..about to leave)and explain things to her and he can back to explaining to se-yeon cuz those are the 2 closest people in his life.
    In the part 2 of your article talking about the serial killer, how they could not recognise him.His identity changed…he talks, walks and looks like an old man now.Even his son and step daughter doesn’t recognise him .Put yourself in the main actors shoes, then you will understand.I think the costumier is good enough to change his identity.You also talked about the killer killing anyhow, that is the power of a Serial killer.They are very smart people who knows how to do their things and the fact that oh yeong cheol is a Doctor gives him more advantage.Even if there was a cctv on the way to se-yeon’s place, he cannot be caught cuz his body his always covered from head to toe and wears gloves to avoid getting his fingerprint.So do you expect the cctv to get the face of a man whose face is covered or who could imagine that a Doctor who save lives actually kills people again.

  87. I was so confused at the part when Cha Min started talking about going back to his old body, I mean they never mention it afterwards or before. There was really no point to the statement. I didn’t think that Cha Min even wanted to go back to his old body.

  88. Bro, ofcourse he revived the person that was on the ground, even though he didn’t know him, he was covered in blood and he looked like he was dead. ‘cha min’ obviously panicked and revived him. What would you do??? Let him die in front of you? Your article is bs

  89. I really loved Abyss…i love the characters and their personalities…it was great drama to watch….the script was great….its a very good thriller and mystery and rom-com…..
    overall, i totally loved it……

  90. I stopped at episode 2. I like the genre, but I got bored. I don’t know why. It’s not a drama with episodes that I will looked forward to watch to. Yesterday I continued until episode 4, then stopped again. If I like the drama, I can finished that for just a day or two days straight.

  91. First kdrama I’ve watched was Mr. Sunshine, and it was perfect! Especially Dong Mae
    Abyss is not perfect, but it’s a comedy. I usually, no, scratch that… I never like comedies, but I liked this one.
    So relax. Not everything has to have logic. 🙂

  92. I understand the first few episodes were kind of confusing but everything becomes clearer later. Saying it’s the “most disappointing” kdrama of 2019 is an over exaggeration especially since you haven’t even finished it by the time you posted this article. Yeah there were times the characters were frustrating but ALL kdramas have that one frustrating character. Saying there’s no plot or there’s a poor script is just an insult to the writer and director when later on in the drama things are getting much more intense and captivating. I understand it’s your opinion but maybe next time finish the drama before writing a blog saying it’s the “most disappointing” drama of 2019

  93. The first like three episodes are kinda a letdown but twardes the like 7th episode it gets really interesting and everything after that is so good the script and plot are so much better the back story explanes everything you need to know for the rest of the show. I feel like its kinda an exaggeration to say that its the most disappointing drama of 2019 because i have seen a lot worse and once you get into the latter episodes, it gets so much better. So before oyu decide that its the moth disappointing drama of 2019, mabey finish tf drama before you com to that conclushion

  94. Seriously, all you’ve done is rubbish it, like you’re an expert script writer, yet some of your diatribe comes across as puerile lost my dummy nonsense. If you can do any better, then do step up, I am dying to see your next drama ffs

  95. I love this genre but I’m only a few episodes in and it’s really really bad. Horrible script – the serial killer is obvious and the victims that have survived already pointed out who he was and yet, a few episodes later, the 2 main MCs are still clueless. Such a waste of a good director and actors.

  96. I am just now getting to episode 5 and I literally had to find a review forum so I could air my frustrations!
    Like you rightly said, there are so many illogical situations and actions going on but the part that vexed me the most is when the serial killer sees the abyss. Cha Min KNOWS that only those who have been revived can see it, there’s even a quick flashback showing us the series of events that led to him gaining this particular knowledge. He also knows every single person that he has revived so when the doctor can clearly see the abyss he immediately realizes that this must be the killer.
    So can someone please tell me WHY he tips his hand and let’s the killer know that he knows who he is???!!! Why the hell are you chasing down a serial killer?! ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
    So I’m probably gonna watch a little more to see how Cha Min gets revived but after that I’m done with this drama. So not worth it!

  97. I am just now getting to episode 5 and I literally had to find a review forum so I could air my frustrations!
    Like you rightly said, there are so many illogical situations and actions going on but the part that vexed me the most is when the serial killer sees the abyss. Cha Min KNOWS that only those who have been revived can see it, there’s even a quick flashback showing us the series of events that led to him gaining this particular knowledge. He also knows every single person that he has revived so when the doctor can clearly see the abyss he immediately realizes that this must be the killer.
    So can someone please tell me WHY he tips his hand and let’s the killer know that he knows who he is???!!! Why the hell are you chasing down a serial killer?! ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
    So I’m probably gonna watch a little more to see how Cha Min gets revived but after that I’m done with this drama. So not worth it!

  98. Lmfao. No idea what the issue is. Most fantasy shows esp Asian, logic has no place. I followed it pretty well, had no issues understanding and connecting with the characters and enjoyed it. The doctor… what you see as cartoonish, I see as creepy. That he can just laugh and smile about murdering people stacks right up there with psychopaths. I agree with Desolation and anyone else who disagrees with you. Your review reads like some expert on EVERYTHING and really you’re just what, a nobody panning a show you didn’t even finish. You come across as someone TRYING to be smart. Operative word, TRYING. You are or you aren’t, and trying just shows how unintelligent you are. Like people who say, “I’m not a Facebook status, you don’t have to like me.” If you can’t see the problem with that quote, well then…

  99. I watched the whole thing and I know kdrama can be cheesey sometimes but some of this was so hard to watch. Here are something made me cringe
    1. Cha min got a user manual and never read it . It is never mentioned in the series.
    2. There villan was revived and had grey hair . He is a reputed doctor , why don’t he just shave the beard and moustache and dye his hair. He did change that much
    3. When go seo Yeon after revival follows around Dong Cheol and asks about the case. Dude aren’t they both prosecutor and police officer. Even the other police officials were ok with it. I would have let it slide 1 or 2 times but dude….. That’s hurting my brain
    4. After people die they can see their body and things around . You can see that at the beginning but later this logic doesn’t exist
    5. Poor Hee Jin’s mom was yeeted to the ocean because her character was insignificant to be revived.
    6. Abyss turned color from the beginning but they are noticing way later into the drama
    7. Abyss turns purple and they assume it can be only used once more. How? They didn’t read the user manual
    8. At finale when they open the time capsule Cha min has kept baby shoes and towel in it. Ultimate cringe . What if he was not coming back. It was said he already knew about the end results.

    I know it’s just a drama but they misused drama logic more than they should. There are plenty more of the things that made me cringe but I don’t even want to remember any of that

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