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Yang Se Jong, one of the most talked about rising actors of 2018, is finally back with a drama. He is joined by the talented late-bloomer actress Shin Hye Sun in “30 But 17.”

The story of “30 But 17” is an interesting one (at least the outline), it’s about a woman Seo Ri who gets into a horrific bus accident, she slams her head to the rods of the bus and unfortunately, goes into a coma. A man named Woo Jin has shut himself from the world after he witnessed something horrific back when he was 17.

So the idea behind the drama itself is rather interesting. A teenager wakes up in the body of a 30-year-old woman, that’s an interesting subject to explore. Sadly, as you could probably tell from the title, I am disappointed (so far).

I have watched all of Yang Se Jong’s roles ever since he started getting ones. I also watched over Shin Hye Sun as she grew from highly-underrated to leading actress winning awards.

The premiere is entertaining and sweet yet its filled with your typical kdrama clichés that we’re so used to by now. It turns out that Seo Ri and Woo Jin actually met each other back in high school and this was when their story began.

2018 has been relatively boring for me, I think its because I watched too many kdramas already, I am becoming pickier with time. The kdrama clichés we’re so used to don’t satisfy me anymore.

There is that fateful meeting between the two leads, the old-past connection, the fateful meeting for the second time, the im-gonna-live-with-you-even-when-I-don’t-really-know-you cliché, the talented male star who is surrounded by loving woman but is oblivious to whats going on/playing dumb, the sweet female lead whose heart remains pure even when she’s met with severe tragedy that would literally drive any saint human over the cliff.

That’s basically the sum of episode 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are funny sweet moments here and there, everyone puts on a great performance but its still lackluster.

The kdrama follows stereotypes we’re so used to scene to scene, its too predictable it almost felt like I could’ve written a more interesting twisted plot if I were given the same basic script.

Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong are both hella talented, but I don’t like that they chose this drama, I would’ve preferred they chose something that was a bit different and fresh, something of their caliber, not this script.

There is basically nothing really pulling me back into the drama, I know there are some loose ends here and there we’re only 2 episodes in, but I think the drama setup was mediocre.

I know, I know, you’re gonna say you’re jumping into conclusions jazmine, and you’re right, it doesn’t mean that I hated the drama, it was fun to watch, very light at times and entertaining because everyone has such a sweet peculiar character.

I am not a fan of the plot (so-far) itself, but I like the characters and the ways they were written, they’re very entertaining and adorable, very stereotypical but adorable nonetheless.

I kinda expected that the event which made Woo Jin shut off from the world to be something bigger and harsher than just him telling Seo Ri to exit at the next stop and the bus tragically crashing.

Its not his fault, and I know he would still feel guilty but would it actually cause him to completely shut off from the world? I don’t know, I might be underestimating this, but I thought it would be something that touches Woo Jin himself.

The drama is 40 episodes long (35 minutes each) or 20 hours. If the drama follows the same steps as its premiere I will be quitting soon.

I usually don’t give up on kdramas, I watch 4-8 episodes (the 1 hour long episode) before I judge whether I should continue or drop out. I am very busy and don’t have time to waste on average kdramas, I want something with a kick, something with a twist.

So far, “30 But 17” gives no clear indication that its anything different. I expected better because I know Yang Se Jong can do better but instead he’s settling for sweet romantic-kdramas to solidify his status in the entertainment industry. I can understand his decision since it’s a safer choice, but he used to be more adventurous back when he debuted.

Also, I would like to comment on this particular thing that is driving me crazy. Ahn Hyo Seop ended up withdrawing from his first leading role opposite Kim Yoo Jung in “Clean With Passion For Now” for this drama.

I saw his acting and he’s so sweet, I really hate the current pairing of “Clean With Passion For Now,” why was Ahn Hyo Seop rushing into another project? waeeeeee

I think I am the only one complaining about this, I just felt that he would’ve been better in that drama I loved that he was paired with Kim Yoo Jung and now its gone. its all gone (I know, I know I am dramatic)

Having said this, I actually love Ahn Hyo Seop and Yang Se Jong’s bromance, they’re too sweet, I swear to god! My heart is melting watching them bond, knowing that they’re actually less than 4 years apart and Hyeo Seop calls Se Jong (samchon).

I will watch up to episode 6 and then decide whether it’s a complete waste of time or not. If the drama doesn’t pick up by then, it means that its poorly written (by my standards) and I will stop.

Do I recommend you watch this drama?

For now, I actually recommend this kdrama to almost everyone. Why you ask after all I said? Its because its your sweet average kdrama, and for many kdrama fans that’s just perfect, that’s what they like about kdramas and that’s why they watch it.

So, if you like sweet romantic kdramas with talented Korean actors and an average plot, “30 But 17” is actually a good choice, it will warm your heart this summer, more than it is already hot.

So what about you guys? did you like the premiere? did it live up to your expectations?

You can watch the drama by clicking here.

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