“100 Days My Prince” Episode 1 and 2 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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“100 Days My Prince” is one of the most popular tvN dramas of 2018, people had high expectations going but it was still shocking when it became known that this drama is reigning its time slot across all channels (public and cable).

Cable dramas naturally can’t pull in as many viewers as a public channels dramas can, one is free and one you pay money for.

So today, I thought it would be nice to talk about my impressions of “100 Days My Prince” and discuss whether it really stands up to the hype or not.

If you want a short answer, the answer is ‘YES, but..’

“100 Days My Prince” is a historical drama but it’s a comedy historical drama. We’re usually used to historical kdramas being overly dramatic and very sad but this drama is actually hilarious which makes it refreshing and interesting.

I am a person who hates historical dramas not only historical kdramas but any historical dramas/movies in general. Anything that dates back to any time before 1800s is something I don’t want to see.

Not in my own native language, not in English and not in Korean.

However, this is by far the only historical drama that I was able to enjoy for so long without feeling bored or bothered with the historical theme. This means that for people who enjoy historical kdramas, this is heaven basically.

“100 Days My Prince” is so cute and hilarious. It can be light at times however that doesn’t take away from the serious tone it has. It discusses corruption, a weak king and assassinations left and right but still manages to be funny.

The mere fact that the Crown prince is almost assassinated, finds his way to a former noblewoman who lives like a commoner now, ends up marrying her, gets ridiculed for knowing nothing, is almost killed because of his ignorance and innocence, is very very funny.

Sometimes, I find myself laughing out of nowhere because I am reminded that he is the crown prince but is basically going through the worst time of his life and being treated badly when he doesn’t deserve it. Its both funny and sad, funny mostly since its not happening to me!

The plot is very entertaining, each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and its still interesting, usually kdramas lose momentum around episode 6 to 8 but this doesn’t happen with this drama.

Besides the plot, the actors are also amazing. Kyungsoo is so adorable as the crown prince struggling to live like a commoner, Nam Ji Hyun is so perfect as the once-noble-woman who lost her status because of the crown prince weak father.

Nam Ji Hyun is probably my favorite child-turned-adult Korean actress, I have seen her in so many productions over the years and her passion as well as ability to capture my interest still astonishes me to this date.

It doesn’t feel like Nam Ji Hyun is trying to be this commoner struggling with a clueless husband but an actual commoner struggling with her clueless husband.

Kyungsoo is also my favorite idol-turned-actor. If EXO wasn’t popular I wouldn’t have believed he was even an idol. I usually hate idols in kdramas but this guy is EPIC.

He is also hella cute, he is like an angry puppy but when he smiles he is just too cute, he’s like this tiny neighborhood doggy that is super cute but ruthless if yo trigger him.

I love his acting and his chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun. I am also in love with every other character in this drama the good and the bad, they all do such a great job, I am so happy about that.

Everyone feels like their respective character and struggles seem real, you feel for the poor and hate the rich who abuse their power but also laugh at the incidents that happen in the village every now and then.

So far, I understand why this drama is so popular in South Korea and internationally as well.

However, I am a bit worried!

This drama has been amazing and entertaining so far, soon it will take a much darker tone because its about time everyone knows who Won Deok really is. This will lead to the fallout of his fake marriage among many others things.

What I am worried about is the delay in the reveal of his real identity and I believe I am not the only kdrama fan who is worried about that.

The biggest concern I had going in was about how long the writer will wait until he reveals the identity of the crown prince, there is THAT timing he must not miss.

I am afraid he’s gonna miss that golden timing that’ll allow the drama to prosper even more.

The grand reveal can’t happen during the last four episodes of the drama because it’s a huge deal that needs a lot of attention. The writer must rightfully address the aftermath of the reveal and its effect on the village, the protagonists, the king, the queen and Hong Shim.

Four episodes or less is not enough to wrap up the plot and deep dive into the aftermath the right way. The problem with kdrama writers (some, not all) is that they wait sooo long for THAT reveal ruining the ending and suspense.

If you keep delaying the reveal it’ll mean that you really don’t have anything else to dive into beside the crown prince becoming a commoner and getting back to his rightful place and that would be disappointing.

The plot has potential, I would love if the crown prince real identity was revealed next week so we can move into part two of the plot swiftly and still be able to see how everything unfolds the right way.

The crown prince must deal with his memory loss, regain his true identity and must act upon it, he must also stand up to Vice Premier Kim and his wife who disgraced him by getting pregnant with another man’s child, help his country rise back to the top, kick out the corrupt government and please his wife Hong Shim.

There is also the reveal of the father of the child of the princess, as well as Hong Shim finding out why her father had to die and why her brother became a killer, also her having to deal with knowing that her brother tried to kill her husband as well as deal with how her brother has lived until now.

Finding out the brother she yearned for killed so many people at the order of the vice premier Kim (who killed their father and ruined their lives) this is a huge deal.

And what I personally suspect which is that they will separate Hong Shim from Won Deuk, because once he remembers who he is and is taken back to the palace, I believe Vice Premier Kim and his group will try to separate them and call the wedding a sham because of the circumstances. Of course, Won Deuk will try to protect her, you know the drill.

Of course, we’ll need around 1 episode and a half to explore through that along with the rest of the plot developments all happening at the same time.

All those points and more need to be discussed carefully and explored well in the upcoming episodes for “100 Days My Prince” to officially become the best historical kdrama of 2018 and one of the best kdramas of 2018 as well.

If the writer chose to delay the reveal until episode 11 or 12 I’ll understand but I will be disappointed. Deep down inside I am hoping the writer has a lot more to discuss and it looks like it. With 8 hours left until the drama ends the 8 hours must be filled with a good plot, not just fillers to mask the lack of plot development beyond the ‘reveal.’

This is whats worrying me about “100 Days My Prince” going into the second half of this drama, however, I remain hopeful. I was able (for the first time in my life, literally) to watch a historical drama for so long and actually laugh through it.

I’ll be heading towards the second half with caution rooting for the crown prince to get the girl and teach the bad guys a lesson.

What about you guys? Do you agree or disagree with me? Have you enjoyed the drama so far?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas on this site in form of reviews an/or recaps, join me in the discussion~


  1. I with you. I HATE historical dramas ( except for British one I dunninmaybe it’s the accent) this is by far the best one I have seen and I’m not just saying that because I am a 100% super obsessed EXO fan who came into EXO because of my love for DO. The story line is good (if they can keep it rollin) and the actors are phenomenal! Now for me it’s still early because I usually loose interest around ep 11. If I make it past there I will finish the drama. I just hope that the writer doesn’t drag out the romance of the secrets or have some one leave for the other person blah blah blah… Be refreshing a cute like have been drama! Also I am DYING to know who the Crown Princess baby daddy is…bet it’s his younger brother.

  2. Hey
    Am a real Korean historical drama fan and even though they are some that are not great…..I a sure you when I saw masquerade and I am king movies. I really wanted them to be series now I got that with 100 days my prince with D.O. and Nam ji hyun both great actors wow and also masquerade remake in the works hey!!!

    You should see:
    Moonlovers scarlet hero
    Love in the moonlight
    Joseon gunman
    Six flying dragons
    Really great works!!!

    Can’t wait till Monday!!!! 100 days my prince kumab-so tvn!!!

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