“Work Later, Drink Now 2” Ending And Finale- Episode 12 Recap

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Work Later, Drink Now 2” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of its finale episode.

The episode begins with the three girls back at their apartment, they talked about Ji Yeon’s biological father and how she ran into him. She concludes he could likely be a professor or a teacher of some sort.

The next day, Ji Yeon goes to work to retrieve stuff from director’s Kim’s house, she finds out she’s had a big fight with her brother.

At Buk Gu’s place, So Hee shows up and brings him food. She talks to him about being attracted to him about how she feels being sex partners, she comes close to admitting she sees him as the one but he cuts her off believing she’s talking about sex.

At work, Ji Gu meets Mr. Nice Paper, and they have a chat, he say she’s become his inspiration and he was offered to go work in London and wanted her to come with him.

Ji Yeon then talks to director’s Kim and her brother separately, she makes them reconcile.

At night, So Hee is talking to Buk Gu and comes to the conclusion they could move in together, right then, his alcoholic father with dementia walks in and ruins the moment. So Hee says he’s been traumatized by his parents and just when he thought his life was going well, his father shows up, which is also why he never locked his door.

The 3 girls get together at the bar and listen to Mr. Hwang sing a sad song after he got rejected. The girls then talk about a recent trip to Laos they’ve had and 3 hours where they were apart. They talk about how these 3 hours spent apart became clearer with time.

2 weeks later

Ji Gu leaves with Mr. nice paper. A little while later, Ji Yeon also leaves. So Hee stays at their apartment.

1 year goes by

The three girls meet up at Mr. Hwang’s wedding, he’s singing to his wife. He ended up marrying Dr. Kim Hyun-Joo.

The girls meet up and question how Ji Gu got so tanned when she was in London, she’s wearing a ring which hints at things becoming serious with her boyfriend. She reveals they’d actually gone to different places and were in Africa recently.

Its also revealed that So Hee did not give up on Buk Gu. She confronts his father and pours him one last drink, she tells him to drink it and if he gets help and becomes sober, she’ll look after him until the day he dies. Buk Gu is in tears seeing this. The father agrees.

Ji Yeon reveals she’s actually gone to her father before she left. She talked to him and asked him to be at her wedding which will happen a while from now. She also thanked him for bringing her into this world.

Ji Yeon had also gone on a trip and brought back two men with her, then Director’s Kim’s brother shows up hinting at the fact that she might be dating 3 dudes. She says ‘why not?’

The girls celebrate Mr. Hwang’s wedding and Ji Yeon catches the bouquet. Later. So Hee walks up near the status they had built during their time in solitude, she’s dancing and then she trips and falls, she wonders if she’ll die.

The end.

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