“Woori The Virgin” Ending: Episode 14 Recap, Did Woori Choose Lee Kang Jae or Raphael?

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“Woori The Virgin” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of the final episode [episode 14].

The below is a highlighted recap of “Woori The Virgin” episode 14, its not a detailed recap.

The series begins with Woori congratulating her mom and dad on their engagement. She says she’s made up her mind and will tell the person whom she loves the news first. She refuses to tell either Lee Kang Jae or Raphael whom she chose.

At night, Woori feels some pain in her stomach and in the morning, she collapses and is rushed to the hospital, she’s told she has issues with her appendix and must get surgery asap, she’s worried about the baby but is assured she and the baby will be fine.

She gets the surgery and recovers well, but she refuses to take medication at first because she’s afraid it will hurt the baby, later, she decides to take it because she is in so much pain.

At night, both Lee Kang Jae and Raphael come visit her and see the diaries she’s written for her baby.

In the days following that, she recovers well and goes to do what she set to do previously before the surgery. She decides to confess to the person she loves and propose to him.

Fast forward to 10 months later

Its now their baby girl 100th day celebration, the entire family is there including Lee Kang Jae and Raphael. The drama delays the reveal of who was chosen even more, it appears it was Raphael at first, but then, Lee Kang Jae joins the family photo raising curiosity of whom was chosen.

After that scene ends, we get a flashback to when Woori proposes to…..

Lee Kang Jae. She tells him he’s her spring and she loves him so much, she asks him to marry her, he helps her up and kisses her accepting her proposal.

Back into the present day

Woori is busy preparing for their wedding and gets a call about her upcoming drama’s script. The famous actress wants to revise the script because she thinks the character is a bit annoying but Woori refuses. The actress decides to join the project regardless because she has faith in Woori.

At night, Woori’s mother surprises her daughter, she’s now pregnant. The three women spend the night sleeping in the same room since it will be Woori’s last day before her marriage.

On the marriage day, Lee Kang Jae is late as he was bringing the bouquet. He decides to break the barrier and Woori goes to the police station to get him. She runs through a marathon and convinces a bus full of drivers to take her to her destination and back. Raphael ends up stalling time making jokes that don’t land well but the bride and groom arrive just in time.

Later, Raphael meets with Woori’s parents and is happy to have a family now that he can have dinner with. They agree he’s now their son and he’s happy to call them grandma, mom and dad.

Woori and Lee Kang Jae check into a hotel and as they’re about to spend the night together, Raphael calls because their daughter is sick. They rush to the hospital but luckily the baby is ok. They return after wrapping that up and decide to finally have sex.

After having sex, Lee Kang Jae asks her what will the ending of her drama be, she says, ‘we shall see’ and winks at the camera.

The end.

What did you guys think of “Woori The Virgin” ending? Were surprised by who ended up with Woori?

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  1. Well,I do like Kang Jae at first and I know his really devoted to Woori but I really hoped she ended to Raphael..I guess it’s for their baby’s sake cuz his the Real Father I was in episode 11 and found out here cuz I’m really curious about it and now I can’t continue to watch it hhmmmm

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