Netflix’s “Move To Heaven” Ending Explained- Will There Be A Season Two?

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Netflix’s newest release “Move To Heaven” has been released on May 14 on the platform. Led by Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang and Hong Seung Hee. The drama focuses on a trio that runs a cleaning service to clean and arrange items left by the deceased.

“Move To Heaven” has a total of 10 episodes and after its release, many fans were left wondering whether a second season was in plans. But why did fans think so? Today, I’ll break down the parts of “Move To Heaven” ending that made fans hope for a second season, and discuss if a second season is in the works.

Table of Contents:

  1. “Move To Heaven” ending explained
  2. “Move To Heaven” season 2- will it happen?
  3. “Move To Heaven” ending- thoughts

Note: spoilers of “Move To Heaven” episode 10

“Move To Heaven” ending explained

Geu Ru and Na Mu rush to rescue uncle Sang Gu who is fighting in the ring. Geu Ru remembers to call the detective who had previously told him to call her if he needs help. As they rush to see the uncle, the police arrives. The uncle is badly hurt, the fighter who is going up against him is using a sharp blade to cut through his face.

The crowd attempts to run away when police shows up to arrest them. The kids take out the uncle to safety, however, Madam Jung who ran the illegal betting ring escapes police as well, she’s seen sitting in her car looking around as police arrest people. It appears she kind of has an idea who has done it.

This is one of the reasons fans think the drama might be planning for a second season. Madam Jung managed to escape punishment but judging by her character’s previous actions, we’re well aware she’ll find who did this and will likely teach them a lesson since she’s a scary woman you wouldn’t wanna mess with.

Her arc is left open and thus leaves more questions left than answers, why did the drama creators allow her character to escape punishment?

And while Uncle Sang Gu’s story is wrapped up pretty nicely there is a second reason why fans believe “Move To Heaven” ending suggest a season 2, it is because of the final ending scene.

In the final ending scene once everything was settled and uncle Sang Gu was made the guardian of Geu Ru, they’re back in business as usual. A beautiful high school student appears before Geu Ru, a butterfly is hovering around her, she tells him she needs their service and offers the name of the deceased, Cha Eun Byeol.

After stating her address, she says the person requesting the service is also called Cha Eun Byeol. Geu Ru says he finds it weird but she tells him she’s going to die soon and is requesting the service for herself.

Geu Ru looks up and sees her face, he’s in awe of her beauty. The drama ends there.

The second question the drama poses is this, ‘why did Cha Eun Byeol request the service herself? Is she terminally ill or does she plan on taking her own life?

And with “Move To Heaven” ending on such an ambiguous note fans can’t help but wonder, will there be a second season?

“Move To Heaven” season 2- will it happen?

“Move To Heaven” season 2 topic has been coming up the past couple of days after fans watched the finale of the drama and as I previously explained above, there are more than enough reasons to carry on the series.

Even if Madam Jung had been arrested, the format of the show makes it easy to serialize or make into seasons, with the right material you won’t easily run out of content to write about in relation to helping the deceased on their final journey.

Since its still a bit early to judge whether the drama is a success or not, Netflix has not publicly commented on the possibility of “Move To Heaven” season 2. The cast of the drama has also not addressed any questions regarding fans requests for a second season.

However, if they do, you can find the article about it here.

“Move To Heaven” ending- thoughts

I didn’t expect to like “Move To Heaven” so much. I plan on reviewing the drama soon but in short, it is one of the best kdramas of 2021. Netflix is really giving traditional Korean broadcasting stations a run for their money.

The idea itself is pretty interesting and the execution is nearly flawless. It flows so well and the ending was so satisfying to watch. I wouldn’t mind a second season but even if it never happened, I’d understand why.

I’d like to see Geu Ru fall in love and for our uncle to also make a move on Yoo Rim [played by Sooyoung], I thought they shared good chemistry. So many parts in the drama were wrapped up well but there is still that glimmer of hope.

So these are my thoughts on “Move To Heaven,” its ending and the possibility of a second season. What about you guys? Would you like to see a second season for “Move To Heaven”?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I agree, fantastic series. HOWEVER… it seems that this is the trouble of Netflix produced series… they leave a BIG hook for a season 2 (WORST case “Vagabond”). I’ve been watching K-dramas for a decade, and what I’ve always enjoyed about them is they take ONE story, divide it up into 10-12-16-20 parts, each part ending on a cliffhanger/major reveal, and you have to watch them in order as EVERY one contributes to the sum total (unlike US dramas where if you miss episodes, not a big deal). Certainly there have been season 2’s (“Queen of Mystery”, “Cheo Yong” immediately come to mind), but those ended “cleanly”, with a second season, while building on the first’s characters, nothing was really left unresolved in the first season.

    Now, given its clout, if any company can bring actors back, it’s probably Netflix. But no guarantees (“Vagabond” with ALL the original cast, I wouldn’t hold my breath). It seems that the Korean industry (I’m GUESSING) is not like the US where actors readily agree (and hope for) multi-season series.

    I hope there is a season 2, BUT I just wished season 1 had ended cleanly…

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