“Weak Hero Class 1” Season 1 Ending Explained [Episode 8 Recap], Is Season Two Coming Soon?

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Wavve’s newest series “Weak Hero Class 1” has aired recently and wrapped up its run already, here is a recap of its final episode and its ending explained, plus spoilers about a potential season two.

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“Weak Hero Class 1” season 1 episode 8 recap

The episode begins with Beom-Seok’s uncle cleaning up after his mess after he fatally hit Soo Ho, he escorts him outside and locks up two kids along with Woo-Young, he asks them to take the blame and basically say they were sparring together and he just collapsed.

Si Eun can tell something is up, he’s calling Soo Ho but he doesn’t answer. Beom-Seok is put on house arrest and his father says he’ll hire a man to kill him once he leaves overseas.

In class, Si Eun arrives and takes a test, after it, Young-Yi calls him and tells him Soo Ho has been severely hurt. He’s not breathing through machines, he’s basically a vegetable. Si Eun cries by his side.

He leaves ANGRY.

The next day, Beom-Seok is told to go greet teachers on his final day. He’s dragged to school. Meanwhile, Si Eun goes to Young-Bin’s school and beats him up and puts a pen inside him too. He shows him the video he saw of them beating up Soo Ho and he sees that Beom-Seok finished him off. Young-Bin swears he wasn’t there and only saw the video.

Enraged even more, he goes to find Woo-Young, when he sees him, they get into a fight and using many objects around him, he beats him badly. Woo-Young says its all Beom Seok’s fault, Si Eun doesn’t listen and hits him hard with a dumbbell.

He then returns to school, and carries a fire extinguisher, he beats up two of the kids who were there and then proceeds to choke Beom-Seok by the collar. Beom-Seok tells him he should understand him and he doesn’t even understand why he went so far. Si Eun cries but ultimately doesn’t hit or injure him badly.

School catches him as he leaves the class after being broken by what happened, he goes back to the hospital and looks at Soo Ho’s body there, he has an imaginary conversation with him.

Despite Si Eun ruining and beating up many kids in his quest for revenge, he’s not held responsible for much, he shows Beom-Seok’s father the video of his son beating up Soo Ho. This ends with him leaving school but Beom-Seok’s father does attempt to block his future by basically making sure he can’t go to any school in Seoul.

Young-Yi cuts contact with all of them after the incident. Beom-Seok leaves to study overseas. Si Eun transfers schools to Eunjang High school. Si Eun’s parents drive him there and his father then tells him its not his fault.

How does “Weak Hero Class 1” Season 1 episode 8 end?

Si Eun goes to his class and introduces himself, one of the bullies goes up to him and starts bullying him nearly immediately, he tells him he’s the gofer of the class moving forward.

Si Eun holds a pen in his hands and looks at him scarily, he says, ‘does this fill your ego?’ the student says, ‘should I rip your mouth?’

Then it fades to black before a man with a tattooed hand is looking at a photo of Si Eun in the class, he’s told he beat up Woo-Young, and another voice asks, ‘what should we do with him?’

The end.

What happened to Young-Yi?

She cuts contact with everyone. When she confronted Beom-Seok about why he’s done it, he tells her she came in between them and ruined everything.

What happens to Beom-Seok?

He leaves overseas, and goes to study there. His father wants nothing to do with him there.

Did Soo Ho die?

Yes, he’s basically brain-dead now, the machines are breathing for him, his chances of waking up are close to none.

“Weak Hero Class 1” Season 1 Ending Explained

So in short, “Weak Hero Class 1” Season 1 was actually the backstory of the hero of the webtoon, Si Eun. The original webtoon begins from the final scene of the 1st season of the series. The webtoon itself follows Si Eun’s journey in Eunjang High school not the setting for the majority of the drama adaptation.

This means “Weak Hero Class 1” Season 1 was done as a set up to the actual story that is seen in the webtoon. According to the fans, while some details of the backstory of Si Eun have been referenced in the original webtoon, the drama adaptation elaborates on it in great details showing his transformation and what led up to him becoming like that.

Will “Weak Hero Class 1” return with season 2?

Due to the ending of “Weak Hero Class 1,” many speculate the Wavve, the broadcaster of the drama, is gearing up for season 2.

Some fans allege they have seen flyers for “Weak Hero Class 1” season 2 casting back in the summer of 2022 for some of the famous characters in the webtoon, however, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the possibility of season two from Wavve yet.

So what did you guys think of Weak Hero Class 1 ending?

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  1. One of the best teenage action drama so far. Lead Actors are superb and even soundtrack is good. I really wish a season 2 and much longer episodes (prob 16 is good). Also would like to see Soo Ho recovers and enrolled at the same school as Si Heun. If Soo Ho is vegetable already, I would wish that Jeon Seok Dae come out of Prison and be Si Heun’s friend and protector.

  2. I absolutely hated the ending. Heartbreaking and Suho being in a coma. I just wonder if the webtoon has any information about whether Suho comes out of the coma. I think most of the fans would like to see him come out of the coma and be well again and join Sieun.

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