“Vincenzo” Episode 5 And 6 Review- The Villain Reveal Isn’t As Impactful As Expected

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“Vincenzo” episode 5 and 6 gives us a glimpse at the type of fighting that’ll soon erupt between Babel Pharmaceuticals and our unlikely hero. In the process, the grand villain reveal is here and he’s in full force and ready to crush, but it does not land as expected.

Today, I’ll discuss “Vincenzo” episode 5 and 6 and share my thoughts on what happened this week.

The humor part in the drama continues to bring about cute content, there were many of that in episode 5 and 6. I felt that for the most part, the jokes landed well. As time goes on, I think we’re all getting more used to the humor part in this drama, albeit a bit off, it is still fun.

The biggest takeaway from “Vincenzo” episode 6 is the villain Jang Joon Woo who ends up revealing himself to the law firm top employees. We get to see him be a psycho firsthand. But did it land well? In my opinion, it did not. Let me discuss my biggest issue with “Vincenzo” thus far.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

The villain and Taecyeon- a closer look


I said this before in my review of episode 3 and 4, Taecyeon does not strike me as the type of actor who’d do well in villain roles. I like that he’s trying new things, but his aura is far from being threatening. I just can’t for the life of me take the character seriously.

While Kwak Dong Yeon’s character has some ‘funny’ moments thrown at him, you still feel this lingering sense of tension by the way he looks at the characters surrounding him. You can’t let off your guard easily around him and even if he’s a puppet, there is this tense aura about him. The same can’t be said about Jang Joon Woo.

I think it also comes down to how comically he was portrayed in the first episodes, this makes the subsequent reveal not land as nearly as impactful as I think the drama creators would’ve liked.


The most absurd moment in “Vincenzo” thus far is the scene in which Jang Joon Woo basically gives a PTT about himself revealing that he’s the actual boss.

I cringed so hard during that scene and burst into laughter, not the way you’d think, I was laughing at just how absurd his character looks. If you’re an evil human being, don’t you want people to take you seriously? what’s up with the PTT and the weird dancing around? What self-respecting evil man would do this?


I’d say Jang Joon Woo is probably the character that I least like, while Taecyeon’s performance plays a point in here, even if he was 100% perfect, I still don’t like the way Jang Joon Woo is written. That’s not how you write a villain.

Personally, I found Choi Myung Hee to be far more convincing as a villain, she may be a zumba dancing machine who likes to stay healthy, but she can be pretty darn terrifying when its time for her to be. Even Vincenzo exhibits those traits, those moments of sheer insanity; he has certain looks where you can tell he’s not a good person. I don’t sense that at all with Jang Joon Woo.

The justification behind Jang Joon Woo’s appointment at the law firm and Babel group


Also, setting the performance of Jang Joon Woo aside, I am puzzled by why Jang Joon Woo chose a law firm to be a trainee at. The choice he’s made strikes me as odd because if he wants to learn the ropes and the business, wouldn’t it be better to be a trainee at his own father company? What type of information can he possibly attain working there? he can just ask for anything he wants and the law firm would probably comply, it’s not like they can hide anything even if they wanted.

Why become a trainee who gets disrespected all the time? I am hoping for a logical explanation soon.

It also strikes me as odd that they’d use a law firm to handle all of their dirty deeds. Instead of handling shit on their own, they default to Wusang Law Firm.

I am supposed to believe that Jang Joon Woo is ruthless, crazy and calculative. I see none of these qualities in his actions thus far. He seems like more of a brat than his younger brother. If he wants to lead and be in the know, wouldn’t it be better to tackle each issue at its core? in his company? Why go to the final stage where the damage that’s already done will be taken care of?

This is why I am also having a difficult time believing that Babel Group was able to grow and not be exposed considering just how reckless their entire approach is.

This is a huge point in my book, while some of you may not be bothered by it, it bothers me, it bothers me a lot if the villain is not up to the standards the drama attempts to convince me with.

This week’s episodes were long as usual, but nearly as memorable as last week’s. I had fun and a huge part of that circles back to Song Joong Ki’s captivating performance.

The beginning of romance  


As you guys probably already know, “Vincenzo” is going to be 20 episodes long. I don’t know if the format we’ve seen this week will continue to get repeated in the coming weeks. I am slightly getting worried but remain hopeful because Song Joong Ki chooses interesting projects. I just fear that “Vincenzo” will stagnant soon.

There were more moments in this week’s episodes hinting at the blooming romance between Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young. I was slightly taken aback by how that scene where he paused was there, but I am interested in seeing where it’ll go and if Hong Cha Young would be ok knowing of his past and just how many people he’s killed being part of the mafia. I’ve begun to notice that the screenwriter dumbs down Vincenzo when its suitable for the storyline.


I also found it odd that he told her about the gold, I was surprised because given his personality he isn’t the type of person who’d strike me as someone who’d say this out loud, EVER. Especially to her. That’s very odd.

Overall, this week’s episodes were fun but not nearly as memorable as the ones before.

So these are my thoughts on Vincenzo, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. I understand where you’re coming from about Taecyeon’s character. Something isn’t right about him being the big villain. I think it’s because I’ve always seen him as the hero or a good person in other dramas. I just don’t know what you mean when you say the writer “dumbs down” Vincenzo’s parts.

  2. The fact that the ratings of Vincenzo surpassed double digits is honestly a mystery to me. It seems that by mixing gangster/mafia series, comedy, parody, romance, legal drama and whatnot, the production is trying to please everyone. The same with Netflix – they are made to please everyone, and that is why they are all so-so. I always thought that Netflix dramas/series are better than Netflix movies because they target specific audience: there are dramas for those who like crimes or thrillers, there are dramas for those who want romance, there are legal, medical dramas and so on. I can’t take Vincenzo seriously, in my view they are wasting a good potential for a good mafia series – ok, I am not expecting a Suburra-style drama (currently on Netflix) from K-drama, but taking any genre seriously would only benefit Vincenzo. Unfortunately, this is not the case. What a waste of Song Joong Ki talent and charisma.

  3. sorry, addition – “The same with Netflix movies”, missed “movies” in the above :))
    btw – can we have an “edit” option once we posted ?))

  4. OMG you basically said everything I was thinking! I agree that sometimes they ‘dumb’ down Vincenzo’s character for the storyline. I just think that the evilness of this show needs to be elevated.

  5. I was already preferring the 16/12/10 epis format, so a 20 for Vincenzo struck me as a minus for the same reason you stated. Last 24 epi long drama I watched was Mr Sunshine, and that is now a classic. I do watch 80/100+ family dramas tho, but not too keen on them. I agree this week was not as exciting but that SJK is a winner, he trusts his instincts, knowledge and advice when selecting his next project. I trust. Also I don’t think we’ve been given the whole picture. I refuse to believe the Jung Woo char’s been totally fleshed out. So far he’s not exacting any power except thru intimidation. He needs to show the brain. I’m assuming the writer, prod company are setting us up for more surprises. Hopefully. If not, it’ll be quite a disappointment.

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