“Vincenzo” Shocking Bitter-Sweet Ending Leaves Fans Wanting More- “Vincenzo” Episode 20 Recap And Review

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“Vincenzo” episode 20 has aired a couple of hours ago and if you use twitter then you’ve probably stumbled across the hashtag #Vincenzoep20 which has over 400k mentions as of this writing proving just how popular the series is overseas.

Fans are tweeting about the finale and the ending and everything that happened in-between.

Below is a highlighted recap of “Vincenzo” Episode 20 important scenes followed by my own personal thoughts on the 20th episode.

“Vincenzo” Episode 20 recap

We pick up right where we left off. Vincenzo tends to lawyer Hong who is shot and bleeding, Han Seo is down after getting kicked by his brother, but he sees that Joon Woo is shaken by the shot he aimed at Hong but he’s again firing the gun, Han Seo interferes and aims the gun at him, he asks him to stop and tells him he should’ve never been born. Joon Woo shoot Han Seo, its a fatal shot.

In the media, its reported that Joon Woo killed his brother and attempted to murder a lawyer.

Han Seo is dying, Vincenzo tries to do something and calls the police, Han Seo is proud to have and for the first time ever defended another human, he hands him his cell phone and asks his hyung is he’s proud of him, he says he’s proud of his dongsang, Han Seo dies.

Hong’s injuries aren’t severe, she is treated at the hospital but won’t be able to use her right hand for a while. She knows Vincenzo has got to get it done and leave ASAP, she asks him that before he leaves, he says goodbye.

Vincenzo then goes to give Mr. An the file and tells him he also has a copy, he also gives him Han Seo’s phone and asks him to hack into it, he then follows Joon Woo using that phone. After that he calls the chief prosecutor and tells him to set Ms. Choi free within three hours and he’ll spare his life, he agrees. He sends people to conduct a search warrant and is able to find evidence she’s faked it, she’s released.

Joon Woo gets a gun and lots of cash, he gives it to a bunch of thugs as well and gets in a van, Ms. Choi gets a phone call from Vincenzo and he plays the recording of the conversation he had with the chief prosecutor. He tells her today is her last day.

She goes to her office and is followed by Vincenzo’s right-hand man, she takes out the hidden phone and sees a message from Joon Woo, she calls him and lets him know the chief prosecutor betrayed them, he asks her to access his laptop to wire some money for himself and to her as well.

In front of a prosecution office, the chief prosecutor Han is greeted by reporters who have questions about his involvement in Babel. He is attacked by two men who fatally stab him in the neck and stomach, he dies immediately as he bleeds to death.

Ms. Choi heads to an apartment and Vincenzo follows her, he takes her hostage. He also tells her the money she’s wired will be put to a good use. They’ve been hacked by the hacker and the money was wired elsewhere.

Police begins to [FINALLY] notice something is up, they put a PBA on Vincenzo.

At a warehouse, Vincenzo has Ms. Choi strapped into a chair, he dowses her with gasoline and tells her she’ll die a painful death to the music of zumba. She ends up begging him to just shoot her and tells him he’s no different from her, he disagrees. He sets her on fire and she burns alive.

At night, a port

At a port, four of the plaza guys are following Joon Woo as well as Vincenzo who joins in asap. They interfere before he’s able to leave to Mexico. Mr. Lee is stabbed in critical areas. Vincenzo shows up and shoots Joon Woo twice in the legs knocking him out. Mr. Lee feels he’s dying and tells Vincenzo he wanted him to be the godfather of their daughter. Mr. Park has nursing experience so he tends to his wounds, they call the police over the injured man but some also show up to arrest Vincenzo.

A flashback

we find out how Joon Woo was being traced by Vincenzo well. Turns out, one day Han Seo had lunch with Vincenzo and told him about how his brother placed a tracker in his watch, so he took it out and placed a location tracker in all of his watches and installed an app to track this.

At another abandoned warehouse

Joon Woo is locked up, he’s bleeding and in pain, he’s strapped into a device, its something Vincenzo learned from the Russian mafia, its a screw that basically drills into his body [on auto mode], it will drill everywhere and then the next day, it’ll drill into his lungs killing him, he’ll feel the pain and only die the next day. He begs he shoots him but he refuses, he offers money and one of his limbs, but he still refuses.

At night

Vincenzo rushes to a remote location, he is handed a Korean passport and his right-hand men lured police into Busan. He has little time to leave before the police catch onto him.

Vincenzo couldn’t call lawyer Hong, but she shows up to hug him goodbye.

A month later

Lawyer Hong is recovered, she arrives at the countryside to a grapes and sees Vincenzo has a line in his name, she says she’ll try to make wine of these grapes.

1 year later

Babel and all of its subsidiaries go into receivership.

Lawyer Hong wraps up many cases including clearing Vincenzo’s mother name, the wife is arrested by her own son’s admissions, Lawyer hong was able to get that because she sent him some photos of Vincenzo.

Mr. An is now a director and his previous director tells him he’s re-hired Mr. Cho. Director An asks Mr. Cho to look into Vincenzo they’ve been trying to find him for one year to no avail.

The little girl is born, and its discovered that Mr. Lee didn’t die of his injuries because he was properly treated by Mr. Park.

At lawyer Hong’s office

She’s handed another postal card with an island by Vincenzo, she’s also handed in an invitation to attend a celebration of Korea’s and Italy diplomatic relations.

She attends the party and is surprised by none other than Vincenzo. They talk about how much they’ve missed each other and he explains he was able to sneak in using the Italian delegation and for only one day, he must leave soon.

He talks to her about buying his island and naming it Pagliuzza meaning straws.

It is also belatedly revealed that they hid the gold inside a room underground in Hong’s house area. And everyone has gotten a share.

Atop the stairs, they kiss at last and they part way.

In voiceover, Vincenzo says he’s still an evil person and someone who punishes those who do worse evil, he doesn’t believe in justice.

The end

Have you seen Vincenzo episode 20? what did you think of Vincenzo’s ending?

“Vincenzo” season 2?

“Vincenzo” has ended on a high but the last scene of “Vincenzo” episode 20 left not only an impression on fans but also hope, hope for a second season. The last words spoken by Vincenzo himself says he still has something to do and it appears he’s on his way to root more evil, this led fans to wonder whether “Vincenzo” season 2 might be in the works.

For the record, tvN has not publicly issued a response to fans questions nor did they ever allude to the possibility of a second season, if tvN gives a different statement, you can find it here.

I don’t know if I’d watch a second season personally especially since I’ve found the drama unnecessarily long to begin with, but it’d be interesting if they make a second season.

While I understand so many fans have grown attached to it, I think the story is complete, he’s done what he’s come to do, uprooted an evil empire on his way and handed in a file that exposes corruption, they can’t get more grander than this.

“Vincenzo” ending review- bittersweet

A lot of us had been anticipating it and while we saw it coming, it still hurt like hell. Han Seo’s death is just so heartbreaking, I couldn’t help but cry during his last scenes. A lot of users on twitter were talking about how much they loved the character and rooted for him.

Kwan Dong Yeon is so darn TALENTED. I could talk about his acting in this drama for hours, I love he’s getting more attention and I hope this enables him to fly higher.

And while I didn’t expect Vincenzo to face punishment his last words really irked me. He talked to the monk some of the final scenes of the drama and said he’ll go back to being filled with regret and guilt but he then takes the position of the mafia boss and continues to talk about how evil he is and continues to do evil shit.

I’ve seen countless kdramas, I’ve been watching for a decade but I gotta say, for a drama that does a mix between comedy and serious, Vincenzo’s death scenes are some of the most brutal I’ve ever seen in a kdrama.

They’re befitting of the evil characters, but just like Ms. Choi said, Vincenzo is no different than her, just because he kills for ‘good’ or ‘to root’ evil doesn’t mean its okay, and he still relishes in torturing his enemies. Granted, his mother died in their hands but I just can’t shake how cruel and evil he is. The worst part in all of this is how well aware he’s evil and how he doesn’t even attempt to correct that, if you’re feeling guilt, don’t you think you should stop?

In his final statement, he contradicts himself, he literally says ‘even villain wants to live in a peaceful world,’ I mean dude.. what? How? And on what grounds? I laughed hard at that scene and it lost all the seriousness it was aiming for.

Vincenzo is an interesting character, I don’t like him [the character] but I do find him interesting. Song Joong Ki’s performance truly deserves all the praise, and I am sure he’ll win so many awards for this drama. I’ve enjoyed him so so much. This is easily my favorite performance of him in recent memory. He pulls it off and despite his ruthlessness, so many fans not only fell for his charms but excused his crimes, now that’s not easy to do especially since the drama is so on the nose and obvious in saying he’s evil and not a good human.

I will talk more about my thoughts through my review of the drama, it’s scheduled to come out in the coming days, so keep an eye on the blog.

By Jass K.

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  1. Hello Authors!
    While reading your very in depth and well written article your last few paragraphs interested me. When you said it irked you that Vincenzo felt guilty and regret but still did evil things I found your reasonings kind of superficial towards his character. Now I mean no harm, this is simply my interpretation if his character. I think that Vincenzo is an extremely conflicted character. However, when he says he feels guilty and full of regret I don’t think its regret towards his action. I think he feels guilty how much he liked doing those evil things. The worst part is that he can never lose, even when things go south for him his anger drives him, and if things go the right way for him he becomes even more ruthless. Also, throughout the series we see him try to be a person who compromises with the gold-hearted people around him. But we also see how other people realize that the only way he can do good is to be evil. He is the epitome of an evil-leaning vigilante. Which is why he’s such a confusing character, because we can keep finding sides to him. He doesn’t care for justice but cant let people suffer from injustice. He makes his own justice, revenge, and peace. Adding to the fact that one of his motivations is that he wishes he could be a good person makes him loyal to those who are actually good people- or at least good to him. North and north pull apart and south and north pull together. But thats simply my interpretation!!
    Keep up your blog! Its very interesting 😀

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