“Vincenzo” Episode 18 Recap And Review- Not As Climatic As You’d Expect

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We’re inching closer to the end of “Vincenzo,” its been a fun ride for the most part, a bit stressful but still, lots of fun.

The hit tvN drama “Vincenzo” has aired its 18th episode today, I am here to recap the highlights of “Vincenzo” episode 18 and discuss my thoughts on it as well.

“Vincenzo” episode 18 recap


As you’d expect, Vincenzo wasn’t actually dead. When an Italian man comes close to check Vincenzo’s body to see if he’s dead, he puts a gun to his head and threatens them. He ends up taking everyone hostage and shooting the Interpol guys, he also warns the Korean police part that they should tell their supervisor the interpol didn’t have enough evidence on hand and that they couldn’t arrest him.


He also tells Han Seo to tell his boss to sit back and wait for his death. He almost sends him away but shoots him in the hand as a ‘preview.’

Turns out this was the story Han Seo told everyone as they visited him in the hospital. Ms. Choi and Joon Woo find out the chief prosecutor tried to get rid of Vincenzo. The trio is questioning Han Seo’s intentions and try to pressure him, you can tell he’s lying but he refuses to crack in front of them and claims Vincenzo was also against him.

Ms. Choi then warns the chief prosecutor that he’s put a gun to his head and that Vincenzo will come after him.

Now for how it really played out.

Vincenzo was made aware of this by Han Seo who ratted out the chief prosecutor. They arranged for the entire ordeal to happen on the ice ring and fitted Vincenzo with something that would gush blood if shot. Vincenzo asks Han Seo to get only one man closer to him and he’ll take care of it. What happened in the ring was that Vincenzo claims Paolo framed him, he hands in two things, a USB with the list of bribes Paolo gave to politicians and another USB for the Korean police officers, the USB contains information about the paper company of Babel.


How Han Seo was shot was actually because he asked for. He asked Vincenzo to shoot him in order to make it believable, he does at his request. [foreshadowing]

At the plaza.

Park Seok Du offers a one-way ticket ride in a balloon to Vincenzo in case he ever needs it. Vincenzo decides to keep it. [foreshadowing]

Meanwhile, the team has filed a lawsuit against the Babel group and claim damages. The team also initiates the second phase to strip Joon Woo’s support. They contacted the newer group that backed him up and play a recording of their conversation with him the other day when they were being bribed. They contact Joon Woo back and lash at him for attempting to blackmail them and cut ties with him.


Meanwhile, the temple guys go to beg for alms [foreshadowing]. The plaza people feel bad for them since business is not good.

Joon Woo is trying to figure out how Vincenzo did it and how he recorded it, he suspects his little brother. Vincenzo then calls the chief prosecutor and asks to see him, he tells him to come unless he wants to die.

At the club

Lawyer Hong joins Ms. Choi for drinks, they have some back and forth and she attempts to threaten her with recording of the two guys who killed many people under her command. Ms. Choi isn’t phased and says the evidence would never be admissible in court.

Meanwhile, Vincenzo meets the chief prosecutor who tries to act tough and then tells his men to come in as he’s being threatened. Vincenzo draws a gun and shoots his men, he caves in and does whatever Vincenzo tells him to do in order to stay alive.


At Joon Woo’s house

At night, he hears a voice, a bunch of men chase after him and attempt to kill him. He barely escapes.


Mr. Cho is also being chased by people, eventually, he is captured by the righthand man of the presidential candidate. He threatens him to find the hacker who worked on the safe so they could go inside and retrieve the file.

The next day, Joon Woo gets attacked again on his way out from his house, he narrowly escapes.

Due to this, Ms. Choi visits the chief prosecutor and asks him to press charges against Vincenzo. He says its not easily done and they should do something else, he advices her to ‘hide’ the CEO in a way that Vincenzo would never be able to get to him. He suggests they imprison him so it won’t be easy for Vincenzo to get to him.

Ms. Choi suggests this to Joon Woo who is apprehensive at first but he ends up agreeing to do it since he’ll be safe, she promises to get him out in a week or two.

The next day, Joon Woo is arrested while heading out of his office, he doesn’t resist arrest but wants to talk to his little brother. He asks him to push ahead with Babel Bio, Han Seo says he’s delayed it due to the ongoing issues, Joon Woo isn’t happy. Han Seo ends up taking off the mask in front of his brother and sort of show he isn’t as dumb as he thinks he is.


Joon Woo is greeted by the chief prosecutor and prosecutor Jang in the office. Turns out, prosecutor Jang is set to become an assistant chief which gives him more power. Joon Woo says he looks forward to it.

At night, Han Seo and Vincenzo meet up for drinks. They bond and it is SUPER CUTE. Vincenzo tells Han Seo he won’t kill him because it seems like he’s repenting.


The next day, Vincenzo goes to visit Joon Woo in jail and he basically explains that he’s in prison because of him. The men who tried to kill him were his own men [from the plaza], and he was the one who pushed the chief prosecutor to suggest imprisoning him to Ms. Choi. He’s basically been played.

Vincenzo also explains that he’s called ‘a full cat,’ which basically means when a cat’s stomach is full he toys around with the rat and doesn’t eat him, which is exactly what he’s doing with Joon Woo right now. And this is the last time he’ll toy around with him before discarding him. He also shows him the original file of the paper company he’s established.


Chief prosecutor and prosecutor Jang are made aware of the situation. prosecutor Jang asks for his promotion to be delayed as he takes care of this issue. They agree to keep Joon Woo behind bars for longer since it won’t be easy to get him out now based on those new charges.

Later, Ms. Choi meets up with Joon Woo and apologizes for not having recognized this, she promises to get him out sooner than later. He also asks her to keep an eye on his younger brother.

At the airport, Luca arrives with bad news, he tells Vincenzo that two people have been killed by another family. Paolo has been indifferent and the intel police plan on catching him soon. Vincenzo must return to save the family.

Vincenzo is at a bind, he attempts to call Mr. Cho but he’s been arrested by the bad guys and he’s managed to find the identity of the hacker. The right-hand man of the presidential candidate makes a move to get her immediately.

Vincenzo packs his bags and says goodbye to everyone at the plaza, he says he’ll be back in a week or two and it won’t be long. Hong says goodbye to him at the airport.

At night

The hacker is captured by the bad guys, she’s told to work on the code and open the door or else she’ll die. She does it. When she opens it and they get in, they realize there is no gold and no file.


They’re enraged. In the meantime, the hacker kicks someone and runs for her life. She screams and asks for help. She sees Lawyer Hong and begs for her help. They ask Mr. Nam to call the police, Lawyer Hong tells them to back off but they lay fingers on her, and as they’re about to hit her. Vincenzo shows up and stops them.


So this is it for Vincenzo episode 18, what did you guys think of this week’s episodes? Did you like it?

“Vincenzo” episode 18 review


This episode has not been as climatic as I had expected it to be, which is odd and slightly worrisome, worrisome because I am afraid it won’t get a happy ending because its like the calm before the storm.

The highlight of the episode for me was Han Seo and Vincenzo bonding on two occasions. I am so happy he didn’t betray him but also very scared, scared the screenwriter might kill off his character, I am just so scared this will happen. I have a feeling it will, but I hope to God I am wrong.

So according to Korean news outlets, the PD and the screenwriter have been agonizing over the ending, which is understandable. When Vincenzo kills Joon Woo it’ll be a huge deal, he’s a well-known man and it won’t be easy to cover it up, he probably already has an escape plan in mind, I am guessing he’ll use the air balloon service by that other guy.

Even if we don’t get a happy ending, I am kinda going to be okay with it.

Because by the end of the day, Vincenzo sends the very wrong message to the audience, that it is okay to fight evil with evil, this could well encourage some to take matters into their own hands if the law fails, the issue with this approach is that everyone’s idea of ‘law and order’ differs and everyone’s idea of what ‘payback’ is also differs.

At its core, Vincenzo should be a cautionary tale, and by the end of the day, Vincenzo is a cold-blooded murderer, not only has he killed many Italian people but he also killed many Korean people and some on the spot with little to no remorse and worse, little to no repercussions. I know, I know, he’s fighting evil with evil, but if everyone does that, in real life we’re fucked. The screenwriter makes you view him as the lesser evil because he’s fighting someone who has no morals and someone who would kill those who shouldn’t be killed at the slightest inconvenience. In comparison to Joon Woo, it is true Vincenzo isn’t as evil, but it doesn’t mean Vincenzo should be labeled a ‘hero’ either. He is still a murderer and a very dangerous person if provoked.

The ideal ending would be for Vincenzo to also be punished and sentenced to jail, but I know well the audience is too attached to him to accept that idea even if its the logical ending, a happy ending would be with his escape from justice with little to no repercussions.

I know, Vincenzo is only a drama and its meant to be fun but we learn from dramas and TV shows, and whether we’d like to admit it or not, dramas and movies shape the way we think and view things. And while I personally would never take matters into my own hands, someone who is struggling and in a vulnerable mental state might see this and think its the right thing to do. I also know that’s not the drama creators intention but it’s something that’s worth being pointed out.

I like the drama a lot but even with that in mind, the logical part of me still can’t ignore the type of message this drama is trying to convey. I think the PD and the screenwriter were struggling over how to end it, with Vincenzo’s death or not. Logically speaking, Vincenzo has to pay for what he’s done, the question is ‘will he pay or not?’ He has a file that can ruin the people at top, he could easily use it to escape, but how?

Next week will be crazy.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I want Hanseok and Vincenzo to die at the end..because Vincenzo is a killer too after all and it’s unfair he has a happy ending but not Hanseok.

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