“Vincenzo” Episode 17 Recap- Is Vincenzo Dead?

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“Vincenzo” is back and you know what that means, more shocking twists and revenge plots and this week is probably one of the highlights of the drama.

“Vincenzo” has taken a two-week break in order to perfect the drama. Later reports stated that the reason was actually because the PD and the screenwriter were struggling over the ending of the drama.

Since we have evil and lesser evil going up against each other, it will likely not end well and while we’re still 2 episodes away from the finale, we already have a possibly dead man on our screen and it happens to be “Vincenzo” himself.

Below is a recap of “Vincenzo” episode 17 highlighted moments, it is not a detailed recap

“Vincenzo” episode 17 recap

It starts where we left off two weeks ago with Vincenzo pointing the gun at the evil dudes. However, the situation deescalates and Vincenzo has a talk with them explaining why he hasn’t killed them yet, he says killing his mother was simply foolish and that he won’t kill them now because that would be too easy, he’ll make them suffer.

Vincenzo then warns they shouldn’t try to pin this on him and clean it up themselves, he then shoots a gun at Joon Woo’s ear making him bleed.

Vincenzo then holds a funeral for his mother attended by the plaza residents. He is utterly heartbroken over the loss of his mother. He also comes to find out she’s known he was her son and has knitted a scarf for him and asked Lawyer Hong to give it to him once she’s passed away. He reads her letter and is utterly devastated.

Meanwhile, Joon Woo is hospitalized but he’s furious, he asks lawyer Choi to kill him and says it doesn’t matter how much he has to pay for it to get done, she says she’ll make him pay for it and will kill him for sure.

Meanwhile, the plaza residents all close down their shops and tell Vincenzo they’re at his disposal and they want to fight alongside him.

Vincenzo leaves and is seen at a hotel room, he calls Joon Woo to let him know he’ll play a chess game with him and he’ll make sure to make him suffer.

The plaza residents all dress up in suits and leave the place, they’re ready to infiltrate the Babel group next exclusive meeting where some of the higher-ups of various sectors of society gather to auction who gets the top spot at the babel tower, everyone offers something in exchange for a good apartment at the tower.

However, they’re soon interrupted by the man who has been helping out Vincenzo do the dirty work, they’re the same people who killed Hong’s father. He walks in and shows a bomb strapped to his chest. He warns the people if they don’t kneel and swear they won’t allow the tower project to go on, they will all die.

The people are scared at first but they don’t buy it completely. However, he says a bomb will go off from the cake as a warning. The bomb goes off, but from his chest, he dies on the spot.

After the rich people see that, they immediately scramble to beg and swear they won’t allow the project to go on. The team gets their confessions on tape and they’re set free. Vincenzo gets what he wants without having to move many chess pieces, lawyer Hong says she’ll be on the move for the second party that will be bigger and grander.

As you’d expect Joon Woo is furious.

CEO Han from Wusang firm begins to move differently after seeing how its going on. He wants to meet the presidential candidate Park Seung Jun to talk to him about the file.

The other guy who also did the dirty work for Vincenzo runs over to lawyer Choi asking her for mercy. She ends beating him to death and burying him.

Jang Han Seo meets up with Vincenzo on the ice ring, turns out he’s the one who tipped them off regarding this meeting. Vincenzo tells him there might be a shift in the power dynamics at Babel, he tells him when this happens, he should let him know.

On another day, the plaza residents meet up, Vincenzo tells them to be resilient and not back down when they do the next mission. They go in teams and meet up with the people who attended that babel tower meeting, they pressure them to back down from supporting it.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a shift in Joon Woo’s attitude towards Jang Han Seo, he not only hugs him but also agrees to hand him over Babel Bio and depending on how well he does with hit, he might hand him bigger parts of Babel.

Meanwhile, CEO Han from Wusang firm meets Park Seung Jun, they know each other from back in the day. He tells him about the file and plaza.

After they finish analyzing the file, the keyword that came up the most is ‘real estate,’ in regards to an institution called IUDC, they develop and provide real-estate for building new cities. Turns out, Park Seung Jun bought so many land around the plaza, meaning he and Babel are in on it together.

As Park Seung Jun finds out about the file and the gold, CEO Han from Wusang vows to be his sword.

Vincenzo then goes to meet with the monks at the temple and after a discussion, he walks out happy. He tells them to evacuate and it appears they’ve agreed on the course of action to take.

During the night, Joon Woo meets up with more powerful people including the director of the International Security Intelligence Agency He wants to convince them to go ahead with the tower even though the entire idea is being re-examined. He bribes them.

Turns out he’s infiltrated the International Security Intelligence Agency director has known about the file but is under the impression that its under the plaza, he agrees to cooperate until he gets his hand on the file and he spies on Joon Woo.

It also turns out that he’s told presidential candidate Park Seung Jun right-hand man that they shouldn’t go after Vincenzo as he’s an international security threat too.

Thus, after Joon Woo wraps up his meeting with the other heads about going ahead with the tower project, they meet up with presidential candidate Park Seung Jun right-hand man who tells them to leave Vincenzo alone.

He also tells them CEO Han from Wusang will become the chief prosecutor of Namdongbu prosecution service and Ms. Choi will become the CEO of Wusang. He finishes off his commands by telling Joon Woo to step down and to make his younger brother run the business again.

Turns out, both Han Seo and CEO Han from Wusang were planning this. During a celebration party they had together, CEO Han tells Han Seo the Interpol is coming to arrest Vincenzo within 24 hours. CEO Han had called Vincenzo family and set up a trap and asked him to find a crime they can pin on him and he reported it to the interpol.

The next day when CEO Han gets his new appointment, Vincenzo and the guys find out and they’re a bit upset Han Seo didn’t report this to them. Han Seo then calls Vincenzo and says he has something urgent to report to him, he agrees to meet him at the ice ring.

When they meet, Han Seo starts to go on and on about what he’s expected and such, Vincenzo can tell he’s being betrayed, they both draw the gun at each other, the interpol also arrives and ask Vincenzo to surrender.

Han Seo freaks out and says his gun is empty, and he was only doing it to scare him, Vincenzo says he won’t draw away his gun and asks him to shoot first, but someone else shoots him in the heart, Vincenzo looks at Han Seo who appears to have shot him, Han seo is trembling in fear and seems to be in shock. Vincenzo falls to the ground. The blood starts to come out of his chest, he cries at the end.

“Vincenzo” episode 18 preview and clues

tvN has also released a Vincenzo episode 18 preview, however, in the preview, it doesn’t show his face anywhere which is already a bad sign and it signals that lawyer Hong will be the final person to bring down Babel as she moves ahead with shredding them to pieces, Joon Woo also appears to have been arrested and placed in Jail.

Check out Vincenzo episode 18 trailer below

But this begs the question, did the screenwriter just dare kill off the main character Vincenzo? Is Vincenzo dead?

Is Vincenzo dead?

Honestly, I highly doubt that’s the case, at least not yet.

That tear was for dramatic effect, it could be that Han Seo told Vincenzo about the Interpol plan, this is likely the only way he’ll get out of this unscathed.

Also, I highly doubt it was Han Seo who shot Vincenzo, the angle doesn’t make sense, it appears that his gun has been shot but the angel and precision isn’t done by someone as cowardly as Han Seo.

I suspect it was Joon Woo disguised as the Interpol who shot Vincenzo from afar and he’ll get arrested for that among other things.

Its a theory for now, but a very plausible one. The true shock would be if they actually killed off Vincenzo for good, which is highly unlikely but a very nice cliffhanger.

I really Han Seo and I hope to god he doesn’t betray or back-stab Vincenzo, they had such cute bromance going on and I love to see them together. It’d be a shame if he betrays them because I know Vincenzo will kill him if he does.

I will reserve my thoughts to Vincenzo episode 18 recap which I’ll write tomorrow when the episode airs. For now, I am having fun watching this drama. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

so what do you think of Vincenzo episode 17?

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