“Vagabond” Ending Explained- Will There Be A Second Season?

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“Vagabond” has aired its last episode today- episode 16- and it has left fans with more questions than answers.

“Vagabond” is a pre-produced drama that faced setbacks at the beginning because of pending issues in their deal with Netflix, it was originally supposed to air in May of 2019 but was pushed back to September, it also aired on Netflix.

As far as fans know, “Vagabond” cast and crew never discussed the possibility of a second season when promoting the drama ahead of its start. However, the ending of “Vagabond” left people with more questions than answers since it didn’t solve anything but rather raised more questions.

UPDATE: “Vagabond” Staff Responds To Fans’ Hopes Of A Second Season


Some fans are furious with the drama for wasting 16 episodes without giving a conclusion. Interestingly, we had already seen the ending of “Vagabond” during the first episode of the drama. Because the last scene of “Vagabond” shows Suzy’s character riding in a limousine headed somewhere, Lee Seung Gi’s character is on standby with another shooter waiting for the car to arrive so they could kill who’s inside it.



To the surprise of Dal Geon, he sees his lover Hae Ri when she steps out from the car to see what happened after their limousine tire was shot. Dal Geon is given the command to kill Hae Ri but he hesitates, he ends up shooting the other sniper at standby, he wipes his tears as he allows Hae Ri to get away in another car.

Throughout episode 16 there was no indication that the episode is the end of the series, it seemed to be a continuation rather than the wrap-up episode that’ll tie everything together making sure Edward is punished and Dal Geon getting his happy ending reuniting with Hae Ri.

During the last episode, Hae Ri is convinced Dal Geon is dead and plots her own scheme to get back at Edward Park teaming up with who used to be her enemy, Jessica. While Dal Geon teams up with who used to be the sniper hired to kill him, Lilly.

In a twisted unexplained turn of events, fans are left wondering what the purpose of the series is. Some are hopeful since “Vagabond” was a huge hit. The drama continuously performed well and received great ratings; some are convinced there could be plans for a second season. There hasn’t been any official response from the production team of this drama, yet.




Here are some of fans comments:

This ending must be a MEME !!! Like c’mon, if there’s no season 2, this drama is just my most ‘left hanging’ drama I’ve ever watched in my life !!!

I’m sure there is a season 2 cause if not this doesn’t make sense

Who has a WTF face right now with that Ending!

Honestly I don’t like the ending. Hope they will do a season 2 ( I’m pessimist about that ). There are so many questions unsolved.

first off all, wtf is this? is this the ending? i mean why they did it to us? is there any season 2 rumor? ahhhhhhhh i’m stressed

What a disappointment!!!!! Was this some kind of joke or what?

hahaha u take time to watch some korean tv show ,with nice start ,good actors ,decent plot ,u got excited for last episode and then u get this fcn shitty END ….WTF !!!!!!

What kind of ending is this? Feels like i’ve been cheated… are they making a second season?

This year we have many dramas that started out really good and exciting but the ending is like shit. What happened to all the good writers? What a waste of drama budget. Memories of Alhambra and Arthdal Chronicle have the same lousy is ending. Feel so cheated. I cant believe this is happening again.

This drama is certainly unfinished.It doesn’t make sense with the ending.So if there’s no season 2 well we ‘re screwed.

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Despite the open-ending which could be described as a disappointment for fans who had been wanting to see a happy ending for their leads, many fans praised the actors of this drama. Everyone worked hard and performed well. Stay tuned for updates on the possibility of season two.

Are you disappointed by the ending? Do you think there will be season two?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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    1. The lousy ending, that left hanging feeling, was like when I watched Memories of the Alhambra, really wish there will be season 2 but NO, there is not, no matter how much I wait, they just don’t want to give us more #bitter

        1. Definitely take it off your list .. these was far the suckiest ending I have seen.. I didnt even realize it was over until the credits started rolling – what a waste of my time !! I keep watching these Korean shows expecting the endings to get better to get that happy ending but keep getting disappointed.. i get it that life is not a happy ending all the time but that’s why a lot of us watch shows.. to escape reality and get our happy endings..
          so so disappointed ..after this I think I am finally done watching Korean dramas !! 90% of the time their endings are disappointing ..

          1. Soooo pissed. But if u r a romantic, Bride of Habaek is great. With a great ending. Again, Korean and great performances.

  1. Shame on you Netflix…..found yet another way to scam your viewers with a bonus of exploiting and abusing Korean drama production…..Netflix now brought to you by Edward Park

  2. I was disappointed. I didn’t wanted an open ending. Same with Gu Family Book, Hwayugi and others. For viewers and Fans always feels like betrayal and wasted time. It’s like being selled a product and it ended being a fraud. This Drama has been awesome, script, filmography, acting,stunts, localization and everything. People were expecting Seung Gi’s character finishing the bad guys and reunited with Haeri. The events were as the opening of the story, a real actual story that would solve all the dirt left in this previous 16 episodes. So if there is going to be special episodes 4 or 8 more to have what we want GOOD. IF we have a second season, GOOD. But if this is left like this is going to be the hugest disappointment of 2019 for many fans. And the fans and viewers are the ones that made ratings up so please do more episodes or season 2 cause our actors and we deserve it. Lee Seung Gi is the best ever and Suzy was very good too, don’t waste this awesome opportunity of them in a Drama.

  3. I’m 99% sure there will be a Season 2. Because if there isn’t, leaving the ending like this could only be committed by an evil worthy of… er… I almost let out a spoiler LOL

  4. I have never watched somethin excellet like this TV series and i’m 99.9% SURE THERE WILL BE A SEASON 2. So we should wait. But i’m not good at waiting. What to do?!

  5. I am very disappointed with the ending. Should there be a plan for Season? My truthful answer is yes. There are so many unanswered questions. Justice was not made on what’s going to happen to those people who were killed.
    Hae-Ri didn’t find out the truth about Geon. It is a total disappointment.

  6. This was one of the best Dramas I’ve watched until episode 16 left me angry and mad. Just like arthadal Chronicles. What kind of ending is this? I’ve waited till the end so that I dont get a conclusion?

    You need to get your shit sorted people. Give us a season 2. We will wait patiently!

  7. I come Home from store, ready for my happy ending of vagabondI get my soda and popcorn. So happy and bam I see the ending and I am like wtf is this, are they joking if they don’t make a s2 of vagabond and I gonna leave hate comments everywhere. Like bruhhh I need s2 or this kdrama will be no sense at all
    Thank u for me vagabond lover for now

  8. Unpopular opinion I guess, but I really liked the ending. This story was always going to end badly. Despite their best efforts, our heroes were never truly going to find justice for the loss (or believed loss) of their loved ones. People with good intentions never win against that huge political machine, that’s how life works sadly. Go Hae Ri and Cha Dal Geon both end up losing themselves chasing revenge they’ll never truly get. That’s what Cha Dal Geon realises when he sheds a tear at the end.
    A happy ending would have been satisfying, but wouldn’t have been truthful to the wider story that this show clearly was telling: The fight between the little people and the bulldozer of neoliberalism. The little people had some wins, such as the trial, the candle revolution (loved the nod and archive footage!), but in the end the powerful always wins. Dystopian AF but realistic. So don’t get too sad about our favourite couple not getting the happy ending they deserved, be grateful to have witnessed a show that asked and commented on the real questions in our world, and did it brilliantly. I hope there won’t be a second season, this story is neatly wrapped up as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I get what you are saying. But real life is too disappointing already for me to have it in my fiction as well. That is why I generally avoid non happy endings, no matter how good the artistry is on the wider commentary.

  9. Tbh I liked the ending?? Like it’s a big cliffhanger and it could definitely lead to a season 2 but if it doesn’t I like the idea that I can kind of decide for myself what happens

  10. 5minute to the end i was like are these people sure all the remaining action will fit into 5 mins like this and then the end came and its like “is this the end or the beginning???” #clueless and the exclamation sets in “omg its arthdal chronicle all over again”. I want to be hopeful but its a fact that the korean drama industry does not really run past one season so i am crushed and disappointed and i want a season2 badly with the same cast members obviously and hopely some cool new additions like joon gi or chang wook

  11. Wtf…. I hated this ending… who the heck thought it was a good idea to stop a series this way?! If I don’t get my 2nd season I will flip all the tables and there will be h*ll to pay. I NEED MY QUESTIONS ANSWERED!.. I’m so pissed.. ahhh… I guess there will be no sleep for me until I either get my answers or until I forget the whole series didn’t exist… But credz to the actors they did a phenomenal job with the acting! The director and those who write the script to the series, not so much….

  12. Is that the end???? There’s no justice if it has to end that way..Looking foward for Season 2. You owe a lot of viewers a closure to give credits to the casts, crew, etc for giving a very impressive show. One of the best kdrama I’ve seen.

  13. Ahhhhhhhhh yyyyyyy wtf stop doing this please tell us beforenhand for reals cus we wasting tym we could be using to do something better to watch this
    shit i am really mad dnt wanna write any hate comment abt nobody jst pouring out ma mind here there better be season 2 or i am officially never gonna watch kdramas profuced on Netflix

  14. i will never ever watch korean drama from netflix again. memories of al hambra, arthdal chronicles and then this.
    please korean production dont team up with netflix. they are ruining the k-drama

  15. Saw comment from actress who play character Oh Sang Mi hints about season 2

    Even the actress play as the president secretary post on her Instagram saying ” see you in vagabond season 2 “

  16. They need a season 2 cause the same plot on episode 1 was returned in the end . What is the use of making this show without sea son 2. He needs to go on more mission like ghost recon and then get the guy and meet his gf

  17. it’s like love alarm and it’s end up so very open ending that all the viewers didn’t know what happend to the ending and now vagabond ? hss give back my 16hrs of watching

  18. The ending sucked which is a disservice to the entire cast. Loved the cast. Did they not pay for a good final script? This is going to be a turn off for audiences because people will be reluctant to tune in for multiple episodes only to be disappointed.

  19. Damn , I was so disappointed with this drama!!! I have been waiting every week for the new episode, and can’t wait for the ending!!! I was so excited to see the last episode and WTF!!!! What kind shit would you do that to the viewers? All I can say is WTF!!! Netflix u suck!

  20. This show is a perfect blend of Korean and American drama. The wholesomeness and mind-bending plot twists, as well as lead character chemistry that nobody comes close to matching are the best things about Korean dramas. But American shows feature longer story development, with cliff-hangers between seasons that leave you in knots. I just know there will be a season 2 and maybe even 3. Proof? All of the lead actors have completed their military service.

  21. Damn , I was so disappointed with this drama!!! I have been waiting every week for the new episode, and can’t wait for the ending!!! I was so excited to see the last episode and WTF!!!! What kind of shit would you do that to the viewers? All I can say is WTF!!! Netflix u suck!

  22. Episode 1-16 tidak mengecewakan,drama ini sangat keren,hanya saja menurut saya drama ini tidak tuntas dan sangat di perlukan musim ke dua karna saya akan sangat menyukainya.KUMOHON!!!!

    1. I was going to watch Arthdal at some point, it is in my playlist. Or rather, it was in my playlist. I don’t care to watch it since so many comments mention it has an open ending too. Honestly I’m glad for the heads up. No need to invest the time watching if there is a frustrating ending.

  23. I am as furious as everyone else at the ending. But on further thought we can see that the moving parts of this show are now heading toward a happy resolution. The identity of Samael is known. The coming attack by his organization is known. The corrupt government officials are known. Cha and his girlfriend will be reunited. The intelligence service will be reformed. We know what will happen. That said, the producers could have made this series two episodes longer.

  24. The story was unsolved and hasn’t ended yet so I’m pretty sure that there will be a Vagabond season 2. Looking forward to that! Cheers to all the Vagabond team, cast and especially to my favorite Lee Seung Gi and Suzy! So proud of you both! Best action drama ever!!!

  25. Just like Cha Dal Goan, to the producer, script writer and director of the series, I am going to find you and (fill in the blank) you for the ‘crime’ you did to us…

  26. Can someone go wake up the guy in the Netflix control room? He must have fallen asleep before rolling the 2nd hour of the finale… otherwise WTF???

  27. The ending is soo disappointing and terrible that i waited 2 months to get an open ending that may not be continued. If they cann’t make season 2 of vagabond due to busy schedule of the staff members and their tireness of filming for 11 month, they can easily make another ending that suites the fans all aother films.

    1. If vagabond will not have a season 2.. i will never watch netfix again.. especially k dramas produced by netflix.. Im tired of always waiting for season 2s that may or may not happen.. kingdom, arthdal, love alarm and now this…

      People love watching k dramas because we only have to watch a few episodes, and we get a complete packed story that we can finish in a day or two and we just have to wait for 2-3 months to finish.. not like with the Hollywood series that will take ten years or so to end..

      So please stop making us wait..

  28. when i finished (the last ep) i thought that there was another ep i even asked one of my friends that told me to watch it and she didnt know wtf is happening like ARE THEY GOING TO DATE OR NOT ;((((

  29. Of course there will be season 2, the question is when it will be released……. I trust they wouldn’t dissapoint me like princess agent did

  30. This can’t be i haven’t seen yet cha-dalgeon’s victory over samael ,go-haeri collabs with jessica the newly president how it works and intervene with unresolve case headed by NIS were definitely screwed up watching if they won’t release the S2. Ikik

  31. The whole theme of S1 is about getting revenge and it is done. To have S2, they have to come up with a different story line, new characters, and new twist and turns. they should not continue from S1 as the story, for me, is finish.

        1. I was hoping for a better ending that’s true but if there will be different artists will be better if there isn’t a season 2. I love the actual actors and their acting so I’ll not be satisfied with another season without them.

      1. I wasted my time watching with an open ended ending. I mean they should have ended it on the ep. 15 . I love the main actor and he is really good though this series has the weight but no purpose at all.

    1. revenge is done? ajajaj wtf…. the masterminds of the accident are FINE and more powerfull than ever, that is a revenge in ur dictionary? only the peons fall

  32. More than disappointed I’m mad af.. I mean WTF?? And I don’t want to be pessimistic but.. seconds season?? Even if they do it we will see it in like 2021.. just see this one.. it supposed to start in the beginning of the year and we are already finishing the year.. come on.. and the waiting for the episodes was a pain in the ass.. at least for me.. 2 weeks in a row just 1 ep.. and then 1 week without episodes.. I hope there is second season but this is so annoying.. anyhow everything in the drama was really good.. the actors amazing all of them and the storyline amazing.. but yeah the ending was worse that the one in family book because we already knew it wasnt going to happen, a second season.. well we’ll see in the future..

  33. So sad it ends like this. Go Hae-ri should be together with Dal Geon at the end. She didn’t know Dal Geon still alive. So much heartbreaking for her. Hope there will be a season 2, pleaseee????

  34. Of course we expect season 2. Season 1 did not end it’s just hanging. We need justice for the bereaved family, cha dal geon , hae ri and NIS staff who worked so hard to make sure justice prevails. The ending is not fair at all.

  35. A second season is a must. The 16th episode is unfinished. It was a great drama and I was very exited about the ending. They must do ans season2!!!
    I love watching kdrama for their beautiful ending and because there is just one season. I think since Netlflix produce or coproduce (I’m not sure) Kdrama, the last episodes of the drama became infknished or with a wierd ending ! Same for Memories of Alhambra !!

    We are waiting for the season twwooooooo !!


  36. They should have just made it twenty episodes and concluded their story in one go. It’s not fair to the viewers to have open endings after they invested hours of their lives watching a drama. Nine out if ten dramas never get sequels or season twos. Don’t count on it.

  37. Vagabond seems to run out of ideas & the sequel side tracks , so much so fans are left guessing who’s the good guys , who’s the bad guys ! ” Action pack but with tangle up stories “

  38. Before I comment, I just want to say, I loved Vagabond!!! And to ALL of the actors film etc…..Job well done…..love Suzy Bae acting her crying scene made me cry!! She rocks!!! Lee Seung Gi Love his acting as well, but I expected great acting after watching Korean Odyssey. (Totally Man-Crushing!!!! Did anyone see the shower scene?? man crushing on Lee Seung Gi the CUTIE!! leaving that comment here because he will never see this……didn’t have the guts to put it in his Instagram page…. But anywho….my comment from someone else who left this earlier “Who has a WTF Face right now with that ending…..there has got to be a Vagabond 2…..

  39. I always see k-dramas and they end very good, only see two or three in my seven years of k-dramas fan with a bad end and this is one of them, the couple of actors of this k-drama (Lee Seung Gi and Suzy) are the same of Gu Family Book and that k-drama have a open end too, same actors, same bad end, and that actors are very good, very very good acting but the end of that k-dramas…

  40. This was a real dumbass ending. Athough I would like a happy ending it need not be so, but there should be closure on some parts of the drama. If only one aspect of the drama leaves you to speculate, ok. But nothing ended, who crash the plane was it really Edward or is there another twist? Did the impeached President go to jail? How is it they did not freeze his assets? Was Hong confirmed as President? Dal Geon killed his new sniper partner and did not complete the job is he going to be hunted down? Etc, etc, etc No ending to anything. If this is the trend in how they intend to end there dramas (my kingdom, memories of the alhambra) I am not even interested in a second season. DUMBASS NON-ENDING

  41. Vagabond is the best korean action series i have ever watched. Ep 16 is not a finale im sure of it. Even it is a 100 ep like “probinsyano”, i will still wait for the next ep and going to watch it.

  42. Qué pasó la serie no debe terminar donde comienza en el primer episodio, falta mucho para que la serie termine como debe ser. Debe haber una segunda temporada o continuar con mas episodios

  43. I’m very excited waiting to watch episode 15 and 16 thought it will be a gd ending..but until the end I was like WHAT…!!! It cant be, hopefully there will be a continuous episodes ahead or season 2 ..other wise I’m so disappointed.

  44. Why the ending like that like memories of alhambra they not meet again… I hope season 2 is coming… How about what happen to revenge to Samuel.. The president etc.. Or because the case is close

  45. Oh my…. I’ve waited so many days just to clarify things on the ending episode of this drama and I’m getting this… I mean, seriously? Come on… I’m really hoping for a season 2…

  46. Bei soviel offenen Enden muss es eine zweite Staffel geben.
    Sollte Netflix keine 2 Staffel drehen, war Vagabond mein letztes Kdrama auf Netflix.
    Ich liebe diese Dramen, aber nicht mit soviel offnen Enden.

  47. There had better be a season 2, if not, I’ll definitely be writing my own. No offence to the actors they were awesome. This is too good to end there, it’s unfinished…… I felt so deflated by the ending, wanted justice done and a happy ending. I’m sure everyone watching felt the same……….

  48. If there is a season 2 then the ending makes sense….if not then it will be really disappointing. We need to know what happens next. Dal Geon needs to be able to let her know he is alive and we need to see what happens next with pretty much everything. How does it all end? It isn’t finished!!!!!

  49. How can that be even possible, ending!!! Are you kidding me. We are going to wait patiently for the continuation……….plssssss hear our voice

  50. Vagabond with an open ending should continue subsequent seasons until a happy ending when Lilly and Edward are killed. Please reconsider the production of Vagabond Season 2 to continue. Otherwise, the fan would be devastated and grieve deeply. Netflix, please listen to the fan voice and make a deal with the producers of Vagabond for the second season.

  51. This is bullshit mehn…how could they do this to us
    Have being watching this film bcuz I feel like it’s gonna be fun seeing all of them being punished
    They just wasted our time watching this shit all along…the producer of this film must be pure evil for ending it like this

  52. im not from korea and can not understand their language. But the thing is i watched this series because the actors/actresses did a great job and the story was really good. But to end it this way? This is nuts. If its gonna end with episode 16, then this is pointless at all. I started loving korean drama because of “vagabond”. But please DO NOT DO THIS. I will wait for season 2. I bet you all do.

    1. Echt jetzt als hätte ich es geahnt habe ich erst angefangen zu schauen als episode 16 fertig war und habe nur episode 1-3 geschaut um zu sehen ob es gut ist und da ich es bejaht habe musste ich den Schluss anschaue … ich fühl mich veräppelt und betrogen diese neue scheisse mit cliffhänger und man ist nur frustriert ob der Zeit die man geschaut hat werde es sein lassen und nur weiter schauen wenn es eine 2 Staffel gibt … genau auf Netflix ist auch eine andere Romanze mit scheiss Ende und man wolle sehen ob es beim Publikum ankomme um ev. eine 2 Staffel zu machen so werden die Kunden vergrault

  53. Would not have started watching if I’d known it would end (not end) so badly!! I’m a huge fan of Korean drama but this has left me really disappointed!! Please give us a season 2 to give the guy justice for all he’s been through!!!

  54. Very disappointed and feel like I wasted my time. This sucks for an ending. Please have at least another Season and give some closure. This was a great story line but sucky ending

  55. Of course there is closure to the drama. Go back n rewatch n listen to what Edward is saying n resonating the eventuality of unofrtunate events lesding to innocent deaths. Even if Edward is punished, nothing changes for better in the future. Jessica is consiously cleared. She moved on to her nxt lobbyist project n thats her priority regardless of potential hurt to others involved. Read the news. Its happening around us. Govts n big corps in cahoot to justify power n financial gain thru corruptions. HR team was disbanded. The truth cannot b told. In reality planes crashed n disappeared in thin air. Hired killers like Lilly do their jobs n moved on. Those that get in the way of politics or big corrupt r locked up or murdered. HR knew she is in no position to seek justice on her own. Henceforth she too move on to b a lobbyist when she lost her job. DH has finally jystify his revenge for his nephew death by killing Jerome. No longer a stuntman he is now a mercenery fighter or a political terrorist an elte profession suitably qualified. This is not a fairy tale drama where the princess kiss the frog turning it into a prince. Like u n conditioned to view all dramas where goodness prevail in endings, I was initially disppointed too. But upon reflection vagabond is a story told to reflect why universe can b so unjustifiable in many ways that only those in higher power n wealth can manipulate us.

  56. So here I am waiting for the ending, not thinking that episode was the last episode LOL. All along I just thought there was a delay in releasing the final episode

  57. Even if there would be a season 2 this episode must’ve had an ending. Nothing have happened. Normally season2 is a new story. Not leaving you without answer. I won’t forgive the cast for wasting my time. I really enjoyed the series but the ending said that I was wrong

  58. Netflix is ruining K-Dramas! We want proper stories, not more seasons so that you can make more money. First it was Members of Alhambra, now Vagabond. Just keep your western soap/tv series pattern to yourself America. Don’t bring it too other formats. The whole reason I moved to Korean dramas was because of the format being made of many episodes but ended. No unnecessary dragging on of stories year after year. But not as short as a movie. It was perfect. Stop messing with it!!!

  59. It’s Netflix for you. No Netflix produced drama is good. Love alarm ending is crap, memories is crap this is crap. Netflix produced kdrama is so shite.

  60. This is such a dissapointment really.. I was like wait what???? Is this the ending???!!!!! 99% unfinished story c’mon netflix!! You can do better than this. Don’t waste such good actors, it doesnt come by so often you know! They are all busy with their commitments and maybe no chance of getting back to work again together I like the old kdramas whether happy or sad ending atleast with closure!!

  61. First time I talked my brother into watching a KDrama thinking he would like since lots of action and he now wonders why we watch KDramas!!!!!! I know he’ll never do it again….we thought esp 16 was a new arc to the series but no that was it….

  62. This definitely should have season 2 or else will never watch k-drama again in my life. People are right! Koreans are the best at starting a drama but the worst in wrapping it up! Lame!

  63. Did I just wasted 16 hours to get to this crappy ending?! I really don’t care for season 2, as I don’t think I will have the patience watch another shitty ending.

  64. I think we need to ask Netflix. This movie has 32 episodes and had been already shown i guess in Korean. They have issue with Netflix. Netflix please do something about this.

  65. Is there a season 2. Its disappointed me i though edward will suffer and the two couple will be happy…..


    I really like this drama♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  66. Oh man, I loved this series but god that ending just F**ked with my emotions.
    The drivers talking about Hae Ri gonna seduce a guy and then Dal Geon seeing her and deciding to kill his backup to protect her. OMG, I hope she doesnt get in bed with that guy and something else gets worked out and Hae Ri and Dal Geon eventually get revenge on Samael and have their happy ending. I dont know if my emotions could take anything different! lol

  67. theres should be season 2..i watched for 16 hours + ..but the ending is short im so disappointed… there is no happy ending.
    im so sad because of go hae ri…she doesnt know that dal geon is alive…whats the point of creating a story that have a no specific ending plot…if they create season 2 that will be good very good.. but if not..the production..the director and writer must stop to create any drama anymore..because they can compressed the story within the 16 episodes..then why they do that ..the story had no proper ending..that is making no sense…

  68. *then why they dont do that? they can put the proper ending in ep 16..but they left hanging all of there viewers..with the tongue out

  69. Yep. It had such a good plot and a good acting in some of the scenes in each episodes but why does it have to end this way? This just leaves me very confused and disappointed with it like common this isn’t how I see good Korean shows. This shouldn’t conclude to just be a waste of good plot and good plans for acting to only end up like this like I need more episodes for a good end which I wish they really will plan for Season 2.

  70. I agree too. It’s disappointing if they are not giving the ending required. Obviously not everything has a good ending but at least a decent one. They did the same with memories of the Alhambra.

  71. Great dreams series ever! Each episode had me biting me fingernails. The last episode, arghhh!! Where is season 2? I will be deeply disappointed if they don’t make season 2. Awesome acting, awesome storyline. Give me more.

  72. Deludente anche come é stato trattato il funerale – la morte del protagonista…solo un pianto davanti alla tomba da parte di lei. Ma come … dopo tutto quello che ha passato?
    la parte psicologica di questa grave perdita é stata compressa in pochi minuti .
    Ora poi sono diventati entrambi delle brutte persone, losche (lobbista) e che uccidono tutti anche se non necessario (lui). Si potrà mai recuperare la parta buona ed ingenua dei due protagonisti?

  73. I am so disappointed with the ending. Why did the writers do this? The actors were sensational. Please, there needs to be a second season. There are too many unanswered questions to the end.

  74. I have to say that Kdrama has a knack of never rounding up there stories. i also feel that I wasted my time watching 16 episodes of absolutely nothing. I love Lee Seungi but all of the dramas that I have watched him in ie: Korean Odyssey, The Gu Family Book and now Vagabond ended abruptly.

    Vagabond was by far the worst. the build up to the finale was great but nothing happened. the producers and the writers messed up, because this could have been great. i will never recommend this to anyone.

  75. This is seriously not fair what kind of ending is this so far Korean series have always been my best but now am so disappointed. There has to season 2 for vagabond pls the ending is so lousy

  76. What the fuck is this, this is totally rubbish, Korean has been doing rubbish with movies, I’ve been waiting for season 2 since 2019 and it’s neither confirm nor cancelled, Netflix is also doing rubbish why will you allow movies without good ending I think there is SAMAEL in Netflix also cause wtf, Shannara Chronicles got cancelled, Arthdal Chronicles didn’t have a date it will be released wtf the is wrong

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