“Twinkling Watermelon” Ending Explained- Did Eun-Gyeol And Eun Yu Go Back?

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“Twinkling Watermelon” wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Twinkling Watermelon” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with an angry Yoon Joo-Yeob fearing losing everything to Eun-Gyeol. He’s leaving the club, and he’s driving, he sees Eun-Gyeol so he speeds towards him. in that moment, Yi-Chan pushes him away and gets hit badly.

Yi-Chan is on the ground and Eun-Gyeol is crying his eyes out. They rushed him to the hospital. Eun Yu sees this and sees the car, she memorizes the number and runs towards both of them.

Choi Hyun picks up the cassette from the street and goes back to his place. Eun Yu follows him and says they couldn’t prevent the past no matter what they tried. She says it might be better he burns the cassette. He then asks her if she came back to ask him something, she says ‘why did you abandon me?’ he says he saw she had a good family and grew up nicely so he didn’t want to interfere, she tells him if she comes again and ever asks him this, he should say he’s never abandoned her. He cries hearing this.

She leaves the place and while Eun-Gyeol is in the hospital, both of them get calls from Master telling them tomorrow is the last chance to leave. Eun-Gyeol refuses to go.

Eun-Gyeol goes back to Yi-Chan’s bed and cries asking him to wake up. The next day, when he wakes up, Yi-Chan realizes he cannot hear anymore. Grandma shows up and cries finding out that he cannot hear too. Both of them cry in each other’s arms.

Eun Yu arrives at the hospital and tries to stop Eun-Gyeol from going to the police station as he wants to kill whoever did this to his father. She says they found him.

When he goes to the police station, he grabs him by the collar and threatens to kill him. Yoon Joo-Yeob argues he accidentally hit him and didn’t mean it. He wants his lawyer.

Eun-Gyeol and Eun Yu have a talk outside, she convinces him its time to go back saying he helped save her and shouldn’t feel bad about going back to the past.


Meanwhile, Chung-A agreed to go overseas with her father on a trip. She’s excited and sends Yi-Chan a fax. However, her father has no plans of letting her go back and is looking for colleges there for her.

He says he will cover Yi-Chan’s hospital bills and tuition. He also says he’s not cooperating with lawyers to help out Yoon Joo-Yeob. Later that day, Im Ji-Mi is being investigated for tax evasion.

At night, Eun Yu packs her things and looks back on happy memories. Then, her mother shows up and is terrified seeing someone who looks a lot like her. She tells her to tell her adoptive parents she cannot replace Han Na and to look for her dad again and ask him why he abandoned her. She asks her mother to live her life as she cannot do that for her. The mother runs away screaming.

Eun-Gyeol goes to see Choi Hyun and talks about having deaf parents and a deaf brother. He says someone taught him to flip a coin if he cannot make a difficult choice.

He says goodbye and Choi Hyun gives him the cassette. he thanks him and tells him next time give the little boy you see crying outside milk instead of coco as he likes it more.

Outside, Eun-Gyeol listens to the tape his father made for him which contains a message thanking him for what he’s done for him and how he felt he was like a dad to him. he cries hearing it.

Back at the hospital, Yi-Chan asks if he can go to college or such after what happened to him. they hug and both cry as Yi-Chan says he cannot hear him. he tells him to come back and see him again when he doesn’t have that look on his face.

9 p.m. came and he goes to that café, he gets back his instrument and as he’s leaving, he sees the grandpa who helped him out as a child, he’s shocked the master is that same grandpa.

In 2023

Eun-Gyeol wakes up and immediately goes looking for Eun Yu. He finds her home but she’s not there. When he woke up, it was in Chairman Yoon’s place and his family is now rich.

He then gets a call from his band, he then slowly finds out he’s popular as two high schoolers chase him asking for his hair. He gets picked by the band he had formed in 2023 who all yell at him for being late.

He discovers he’s the grandson of Jinsung family and he’s set to perform at an event too. He was supposed to get permission from his parents to go tour with his band.

He sees his brother first and immediately tells him he never saw him as a burden. The brother tells him to wear a suit.

His mother shows up, he’s now dressed to the nine and is happy, she’s now a chairwoman who took over her father’s work and he gives her a hug when he sees her. He also sees his band Watermelon Sugar at the event. They still maintain a close friendship and met up with Chung A.

At the event, his father speaks about how his dreams shattered after losing his hearing due to an accident. He plays the guitar for the crowd too.


As Eun-Gyeol leaves to prepare to perform, he sees young Yi-Chan smiling in front of him. he then hugs his father and leaves behind the cassette he’s made for him. he picks it up and connects the dots.

As he performs and they end the song, he sees Eun Yu, he runs after her and catches her. She says she was throwing a bait. They kiss.

Turns out, she left that day and went back to the present. She also recognized that the master is her grandpa and gave him a hug. She leaves out the door.

The end.

“Twinkling Watermelon” Ending Explained- FAQ

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  1. It’s a good show I cried bucket loads of tears one of the best show of 2023 however,
    Honestly I have so many questions for the ending, what happened to her mom. Did she have a good life , is everything sorted . How come it showers yichan studies in USA when he didn’t have enough funds . How did Ching Ah and Yo Chan met again ? Why did yichan didn’t leave his friends this time . When yichan found the cassette did he remembered everything that happened in the past.
    The ending for me was not explained properly they just finished it in hush hush

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