“Twenty Five, Twenty One” Episode 15 Recap: Did Na Hee Do Win? And Did She Break Up With Baek Ye Jin?

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Twenty Five, Twenty One” Episode 15 has aired earlier today, here is a recap of the highlights from this episode.

Does Ko Yu Rim decide to compete with Russia’s team?

Yes. She meets up with Yi Jin who talks to her about breaking the story. She tells him to tell it as if she’s picked it solely because of money. Thats not the truth but she doesn’t want her parents to have to suffer anything and would rather the suffering be handled by her fully.

Did Ko Yu Rim leave for Russia?

Yes, she did. She left for Russia and competed in the Russian team. She learns to adapt and to speak too. She’s labeled a traitor by k-netizens for her decision.

She appears to be doing well and regularly chats with Hee Do in the beginning but eventually, she stops replying to her emails. She can no longer be truthful with her and Hee Do is sad about it but understands her.

Did Ko Yu Rim and Moon Ji-Woong continue dating or did they break up?

They continued dating. Moon Ji-Woong even visits Ko Yu Rim when she was in Russia.

Why did Baek Ye Jin quit the sport news team?

After breaking the story about Ko Yu Rim, he feels guilt that they’re congratulating him on that. He also talks to Hee Do’s mother to tell her he wants to be moved to any other team, he says he’s lost all objectivity when it comes to Hee Do and doesn’t trust he’ll be able to do a fair job if he had to do a report on her.

He moves to local newsroom control team and he becomes wayyy busier than he ever was.

At first, he makes time to meet Hee Do despite their busy overlapping schedules. However, it becomes more difficult as time goes by and he ends up always apologizing for missing their appointments and such.

What happens to Moon Ji-Woong and Ji Seung-Wan?

Moon Ji-Woong is posting photos of himself onto a social media site, one of the first, and you can say he became one of the first influencers. Ji Seung-Wan gets voted as the freshman department representative. Who won in the fencing finales in Madrid? The fight between Na Hee Do and Ko Yu Rim remains intense until the very end, they’re neck in neck throughout the majority of their competition time. Eventually, Na Hee Do ends up taking home the medal, she won. She hugs Ko Yu Rim and they both cry.

Note: Na Hee Do in the present day knows her daughter is reading her diaries and decides to let her do that. However, the last diaries she wrote after she won the competition were lost.

Why did Baek Ye Jin leave to New York?

Baek Ye Jin and Hee Do were celebrating their 600th day as a couple which fell on September 10, 2001. They plan a trip together but something shocking happens the next day and he’s forced to be sent to New York. September 11 attacks happens during that day and the world was forever changed after that. He goes to New York to cover the story and interview Koreans who escaped the building and on those who were either stuck still or missing.

He gets rejected from interviews at first but slowly finds people willing to talk to spread the news about their loved ones passing away or missing. He tells Hee Do he’ll back before the year ends but eventually, he doesn’t and remains there working.

He takes sedatives too as the situation caused him to have nightmares and he’s unable to sleep well. When he calls Hee Do and talks about his troubles, her comforting words no longer get to him the way they used to.

Did Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin breakup?

Its unclear from “Twenty Five, Twenty One” Episode 15 but Hee Do becomes unsure whether she has a boyfriend anymore. He only apologizes and misses their dates. Her mother asks her if thats the type of relationship she wants to be in or not. Unlike the year 2000, they rang the year 2002 alone in different places.

Hee Do’s mother tells her there has been an opening in New York’s branch of UBS and he applied to it. She anticipates he’ll apologize to her once again because he’s been doing that forever.

So this was the quick recap of “Twenty Five, Twenty One” Episode 15, have you seen this episode yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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