tvN’s “Family” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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The tvN kdrama “Family” wrapped up its run and aired its finale earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

The episode begins with Cheon-Ryeon lying in her bed, she gets attacked by a guy and she overpowers him and kills him instantly. She calls the assistant and she tells her Do-Hoon asked her to decipher a code that leads to a location. She calls both Do-Hoon and Yura but no one responds.

Yura is standing in crossfire with bad guys firing at them, Do-Hoon ends up joining the fight and eventually, after many men die, they manage to overpower the bad guys.

Cheon-Ryeon gets a call from Jo Tae-Gu who tells her he’s handing over Mo Tae-Il, she asks him if he’ll regret it, she also adds he’ll pay for what he’s done too. They part ways. She ends up capturing Mo Tae-Il and driving back for questioning.

She questions him at a special place but he refuses to budge, he says he’s not here to beg, she almost shoots him but then says she will bring him to justice for what he’s done especially to those kids.

The next morning, Do-Hoon prepares Yura a breakfast and then heads to the location of the shoot out last night, he argues with Cheon-Ryeon who tells him not to worry after all the men they lost last night due to the shootings.

As Yura takes Min-Seo to her school, Jo Tae-Gu shows up, he hugs the kid. They end up discussing the situation. He says he’s leaving and Yura will not have to worry anymore. He says he’ll finish what he started. Minseo shows up again and forces them to shake hands and apologize, Jo Tae-Gu ends up doing so. It’s a bit awkward but they part ways then.

As Lee Mi-Rim and Kwon Ji-Hoon are eating by a convenience store, she begins to have pains, she’s about to deliver the baby.

Trouble brews again as Cheon-Ryeon calls to ask about Mo Tae-Il but gets no answer, then, someone comes to the room he was in and shoots him dead.

Warrior meets up with a higher figure in a secluded location, he tells him with each time the management changes, they have to adapt and since he is now exposed, a new man named ‘darkness’ is stepping in to cover for him. He tells him to leave the country, he won’t forget his contributions but he must be quiet for now.

Meanwhile, Do Hoon finds out where Director Lee is headed, he wants to eliminate him. The director talks to another higher figure on the phone, he’s asked to leave for Thailand, he should stay put and his contributions will be recognized one day.

Cheon-Ryeon finds out about Mo Tae-Il’s death and is handed a duty proxy request, she signs it eventually. She gets a call from Do Hoon who is angry that director lee has left, he tells her what will she do, she says its up to an even higher figure she doesn’t know about.

At the hospital, Yura comes to the rescue as J i-Hoon chickens out and nearly flees the place. She ends up convincing him to stay.

While Do Hoon thinks over what just happened with Director Lee, he’s sent pictures of his family, a man knocks on his car and he then talks to the same man who talked to director Lee. The mysterious man tells him to go back, he won’t hurt his family but this is a warning.

Mi-Rim gives birth to a healthy baby girl and Do Hoon returns to the hospital. When he’s asked what happened, he lies and says everything has been handled properly. He then says he wants to quit and asks if Yura can take care of him, she says yes.

100 days later

It’s the baby girl 100th birthday, everyone is ready to celebrate. Do Hoon opened his personal café.

In Thailand, Jo Tae-Gu is on the move and still talks to Cheon-Ryeon. He’s up to something.

Cheon-Ryeon goes to see Do Hoon in his café. She hands him a registration letter and tells him the director is on the move again in Thailand.

The family has the 100th day celebration and the grandpa gives Yura and Do Hoon tickets to go pay respect to her parents.

In Thailand

Yura and Do Hoon almost cross paths with Jo Tae-Gu while they’re there to pay respect to the dead, he’s also there to pay respect to the child he misses. As he exits the place, he’s stabbed by a woman who was jogging. He dies.

At night, Yura and Do Hoon are having fun when suddenly they get a call and find out that Mi-Rim decides to leave Ji Hoon. They panic and try to figure out whats going on.  

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