TVING’s “Monstrous” Ending Explained: Episode 6 Recap And Review + Is Season Two Coming Soon?

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TVING’s newest release “Monstrous” dropped last night and here is its ending explained.

“Monstrous” episode 6 recap

Do Kyung’s mother Han Seok Hee looks into the statue as she was in the car. She ends up getting off and looking for her son leaving Ki Hoon behind to complete the mission.

She notices her son isn’t normal and he proceeds to try and kill her. Meanwhile, Ki Hoon is using the paper he wet with water to seal off the statue’s eyes. When he completes it while the monks are on speakerphone, Do Kyung goes back to normal.

During Do Kyung’s fight with his mother, he hesitates after he sees her hands scar, we flashback to when Yong Joo and Do Kyung attempted to escape from police, when Do Kyung was about to get caught, Yong Joo steps in and cuts his mom. When Do Kyung screams ‘mom,’ Yong Joo runs away.

After Ki Hoon completes the ritual, he goes to Soo Jin who is unconscious. He cries as he recites, ‘if one doesn’t see the heart, it cannot exist.’

However, the fire censors go off and it begins to rain, the paper Ki Hoon stuck on the statue begins to wear off and Do Kyung and his mother go back to fighting.

Ki Hoon senses that and goes to see that the statue’s eyes are uncovered and he begins to ‘turn.’ He begins to have flashbacks of what happened after they lost their daughter and imagines Soo Jin tormenting him.

Soo Jin wakes up and hears the monk speak on the phone, he tells her to keep her eyes closed and use something to cover up her eyes before covering the statue’s eyes. After she finishes covering the eyes, Ki Hoon wakes up but he’s not back to normal.

He goes to the car and begins strangling her while she fights back. She keeps trying to bring him back and while they fight in the car, the doll of their daughter drops to the statue, meanwhile, the ropes holding the statue finally break and it sinks along with the car.

Thankfully, Ki Hoon and Soo Jin narrowly escape before it happens. After it ends, they embrace each other while crying. When the statue fell to the ground, it shatters and the doll that belonged to their daughter disappears.

Do Kyung wakes up and hugs him mom who is in pain after their fight.

After the incident is over.

One of the monks says they’ve moved pieces of the statue to the lab and held a consolation ceremony for it to enter nirvana. The monk also says Ki Hoon and Soo Jin are in tibet now on research, they also upload what they do to their YouTube channel, they visit places where monstrous incidents occur.

A year later

The couple are driving in the desert. They stop at an abandoned greenhouse. They go inside and at the end of it, find what appears to be the remains of a body. The body doesn’t look normal, specifically the head. Ki Hoon asks, ‘whats this?’ Soo Jin looks at him worried, it appears she knows the answer but she doesn’t say what it is.

The end.

“Monstrous” season two- is it happening?

“Monstrous” ends with a cliffhanger despite resolving its main conflict. The way the final episode ended hints at the fact that there is more to come.

TVING has not publicly commented on whether the drama will be renewed for season two but the general rule of thumb is, it will likely get renewed if enough viewers show interest in the drama and it gains attention.

If “Monstrous” season two is ever confirmed, we’ll post about it here.

“Monstrous” episode 6 review

Well…. That was nice. Its a nice mini-drama.

On first watch, I’d say I enjoyed “Monstrous” a lot. I think its a nice drama for those who love horror/thriller type of kdramas. Its short and gets straight to the point.

But when I pause to think about the drama, I have other thoughts, not necessarily negative thoughts, but thoughts about why it was made like that.

“Monstrous” feels like a 2-hour movie split into 6 parts. Each episode is relatively short and if you know who wrote it, then you understand why.

“Monstrous” is written by two people, one of which is Yeon Sang-Ho who directed “Train To Busan,” the other one, Ryoo Yong-Jae is pinning the upcoming Netflix drama “Money Heist” and wrote several kdramas including “Liar Game” and “Psychopath Diaries.”

“Monstrous” feels like it should’ve been a movie but at the same time I don’t mind the fact that it was a drama, it was still fun and had no filler scenes which I also like.

I think I would have given a different opinion had it been a movie. As a movie, it doesn’t feel that impressive if you pause to think about it.

“Monstrous” is safe and straight to the point. I feel like if they had more time or more leverage, they would have been able to slightly complicate it enough for it to make an everlasting impact. It lacks that ‘IT’ factor to make it stand out enough. You can feel it while you watch the drama, something is missing which might explain why this was made into a drama and not a movie.

Its not that I’ve forgotten about it already, but in the grand scheme of things, its not that memorable either. It falls somewhere in between but I think audiences and fans will like it. You can eat your favorite snack [if you can stomach the blood] and watch this.

I’d say for people who LOVE horror-thriller kdramas, they will like this but if you really have high expectations, I don’t think this drama will live up to it. And by high expectations, I mean if you had expected better writing, because the performances are amazing considering the limited screentime each character received.

I don’t know if a season two is necessary but if they do greenlight it, I’ll be here to watch.

The thing is, 2022 has been so boring thus far and “Monstrous” is definitely among the better kdramas of this lackluster year thus far. It stands out when you look at other kdramas airing right now. So if this year remains this unimpressive, this will likely make my best of 2022 kdramas list.

So far, I am loving the type of content TVING has been putting out. Keep em’ coming.

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