TVING’s “Island” Part 1 Ending Explained- Episode 6 Recap

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TVING’s “Island” Part 1 has come to an end! Here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

TVING’s “Island” episode 6 recap

The episode starts with a flashback of Johan and his brother Chan Hee being brought in by a foreign family. The family’s child is sick so they end up taking out their kidneys, one by one and then leaving them for dead.

In the present time, Johan goes to see his brother on a ship and finds out about his living condition. He invites him over to where they’re staying. Johan is very emotional and also super excited to be reunited with his brother.

Meanwhile, Van meets up his own brother Gungtan, he wants to fight him but Gungtan provokes him instead.

He brings up Wonjeong and tells Van this is why he killed her eventually, they were both betrayed and used. He asks him when will he kill her this time around, Van wants to fight but Gungtan retorts with, ‘do you still think Wonjeong didn’t know? Is this why you’re protecting her like a fool?’ this makes Van freeze in his place.

At home, Johan invited his brother in, Mi Ho comes back and says hi. We see a flashback of Gungtan encouraging Chan Hee to kill Wonjeong so he could finally be free and feel no pain.

He then sneaks into her room and her bathroom, he tries to attack her but Van interferes. Johan wakes up due to the sound and then stops Van from killing his brother, his brother escapes. Johan knows now his brother is a lust demon but he’s having trouble accepting it.

During his chase behind Chan Hee, Gungtan comes up and easily overpowers and strips Van from his weapon, he then points out he’s gotten weak and the more he says around Miho the weaker he’ll become.

He gives him a warning, either join his hands or die.

Van goes back to the place of rocks, he’s gravely injured. He stays there for a while until Miho comes in crying asking for help. She wants to understand whats going on.

He explains to her she’s Wonjeong reincarnate but mustn’t be awakened, and explains that this is why demons are after her. He tells her its her fate and there is also ‘unfinished work’ from her past life. She’s now determined to wrap it up and asks him to stay by her side, he tells her he has a ‘promise’ he must fulfill but doesn’t elaborate on what that is.

Not satisfied with the answers given, she goes to see the grandma who explains that Wonjeong is someone who fixes everything. She explains the evil spirits were captured and put inside tamra. Now, the barrier stone is broken and the demons are escaping as a result. She asks how she can establish the barrier and be awakened, but the grandma tells her no one can do it but her. She tells her when a light shines from within her and embraces the tamra, she’ll become Wonjeong.

At the docks, Johan goes back to his brother. Chan Hee asks him to kill him, but Johan refuses and tries to perform exorcism that fails, he’s unable to free his brother.

At Van’s place, the grandma shows up to tell him the karma’s circle is difficult to break but it seems it might happen and that Wonjeong wants to help out. Johan shows up and asks Van to tell him how to become like him, so he can fix his brother.

Because he got rejected he goes to Miho and begs for her help, he gets on his knees too. She agrees to try to do that. They go together to that place, she puts her hand into his hand but he turns into a demon and as he’s about to attack her, Johan takes a hit for her, he’s hurt. Van shows up and they fight. Eventually, Chan Hee overpowers Van momentarily and goes to kill Miho but Johan delivers the final blow to his brother killing him.

He dies. Johan is heartbroken.

What did you think of “Island” part 1 ending? Did you like it or not?

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