“Third Person Revenge” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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The Disney+ drama “Third Person Revenge” aka “Revenge Of Others” has wrapped up its run today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

How did Seok Jae-Bum lose his memory?

It turns out that Seok Jae-Bum has a personality disorder and there is another person inside him. That person is more violent. Seok Jae-Bum was being blackmailed by Gi O-Sung the entire time who tampered with his memories.

Gi O-Sung was the one who pushed him off the roof to kill him but he didn’t die and instead lost his memories which is why he doesn’t recall anything.

Was Park Won-Seok truly a bully?

No, he wasn’t, he only did as he’s told because he was being blackmailed by Gi O-Sung. Gi O-Sung had photographed him with his boyfriend sharing a kiss, he used that photo to blackmail him and have him do everything he wanted to, he didn’t even have to get his hands dirty.

Who killed Park Won-Seok?

In the literal sense, Seok Jae-Bum was the one who killed him. However, he was gaslight by Gi O-Sung to do this. So ultimately, the killer is Gi O-Sung who orchestrated this whole thing.

Was Seok Jae-Bum arrested?

Yes. Seok Jae-Bum disappears after realizing what had happened and after an altercation with Gi O-Sung. Soyeon finds him near the place she works and tells Chanmi who confronts him. After having a heated argument, he turns into his other persona and nearly kills her, but when he comes to his senses, he tries to shoot himself with the gun. Chanmi prevents that.

He’s eventually arrested by police.

Did Gi O-Sung kill Ji Sooheon?

No, but he tried. He finds out that his sister attempted to put a tracker on him so he summons him to the rooftop where they have a fight, he has a pocket knife and tries to stab him, they hurt each other and as they’re fighting Sooheon overpowers him and escapes being plunged to his death, instead, Gi O-Sung falls.

Did Gi O-Sung die?

Its unknown whether he died but, he fell from a rooftop fighting with Sooheon. He is severely injured at the least if not dead.

The entire school finds out how horrible Osung is and cover for Sooheon, they all collectively lie to police saying Osung jumped from the rooftop himself and there was no other person there.

Did Ji Sooheon die?

Not in the story. The drama doesn’t tell viewers whether he died, but he drops out of school to enjoy his time since he has a terminal illness and doesn’t have much time left anyways.

What happens to Ok Chanmi?

She graduates from high school and gets accepted into the marine corps. She is also happily dating Sooheon.

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    1. because seok jae beom had accidently watched a video of kuk ji hyeon and gi oh seong while sharing a kiss and that is why he became so angry and tried to kill seok jae beom,however,the twist is,that that video was recorded by gi oh seong himself and was a part of his plan.also he manipulated seok jae beom by planting lies in his head that park won seok pushed him off the building and lied to him.when he got to know about the truth ,as one day his memories came flooding back,he confronted him. in conclusion,he was gaslight by Gi O-Sung to do this.

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