“The Worst Of Evil” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap And Review

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Disney+ has released the 3 final episodes of “The Worst Of Evil” a couple of hours ago, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“The Worst Of Evil” episode 12 recap

Seo Jong-Ryul has a confrontation with Jun-Mo and wants to shoot Seok Do-Hyung. Jun Mo denies knowing who he is, so Seo Jong-Ryul shoots him dead. Jun-Mo panics, and loses his temper, he tackles the man and police show up and arrest him.

They call for an ambulance and he’s taken to the hospital. Before he leaves, he mutters to Jun Mo, ‘you’re a cop, don’t forget that.’

Gi-Cheul confronts his gang who has turned on him, he says he’s built it all but the men say they’ve also helped him build this. Police officer Hwang Min-Goo shows up and arrests Gi-Cheul on the spot. It turns out, the police officer was bribed with meth, Choi Jung-Bae and Hong Hee-Sung sought him out and convinced him to take out Gi-Cheul.

Gi-Cheul is arrested, and Eui-Jeong shows up and sees him being taken away in handcuffs. Jun-Mo is alerted of this, so he rushes to the scene and wrecks the car. He takes out Gi-Cheul and saves him.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Cho lies to Jun-Mo telling him Seok Do-Hyung has survived when in fact, he passed away during surgery. They are now so close, they need to locate where the other drug lords are with their joint investigation so they can close the case.

Gi-Cheul and Jun-Mo have a drink together and discuss whether they wanted to live a normal life. Gi-Cheul says he did all of this so he could have a normal life.

Police officer Hwang Min-Goo is recovering in the hospital, when they try to put an arrest warrant out for Seung Ho, they can’t find his name. he then tells his partner to search for his name a little more.

Lee Hae-Ryeon’s righthand man meets with Choi Jung-Bae and Hong Hee-Sung and he’s convinced they should do business together.

Seok Do-Hyung’s funeral is held without much attendance and Jun-Mo is still oblivious.

Police officer Hwang Min-Goo then meets up with both Choi Jung-Bae and Hong Hee-Sung and they suggest he tags the women so he can locate both men.

Choi Jung-Bae and Hong Hee-Sung then meet up with Lee Hae-Ryeon who tests the drugs they give her. She gives them the address to hand in the drugs to Japan. When her righthand man asks her why she trusts them, its revealed she does not. She in fact colluded with Jun Mo.

Police officer Hwang Min-Goo’s partner figures out who Seung Ho is. Thus, both go to Lee Hae-Ryeon to tell her. Hwang Min-Goo ends up having a conversation with her, she’s utterly shocked to learn he’s married and a cop.

She leaves the room and calls him asking him if he was sincere when he was being nice to her. He pauses, she can see the picture.

She goes out of the room, and then stabs Police officer Hwang Min-Goo to death. Her righthand man shows up and tells her to run away, he says if father learns of this, she won’t be safe. She runs away while he distracts the other policeman.

The night comes and the drugs are handed as agreed. Police from the three countries see this. Eventually, Jun Mo and Gi-Cheul are also there. Jun Mo finally drops the act and handcuffs him, he tells him to stop this. He goes out to confront the men alone leaving Gi-Cheul in the car but with the keys to unlock the handcuffs and the car key also in place.

The men are all arrested by police. Police from China and Japan also arrest the masterminds there.

Gi-Cheul runs away utterly shocked at what happened after all of his boys are arrested.

The couple visit Seok Do-Hyung’s resting place. Then they go back home together. there, they find Gi-Cheul waiting looking at a picture of the couple. He’s holding a gun and he threatens to shoot. Jun Mo also draws his gun.

Gi-Cheul asks if they had been genuine towards him at all. Eui-Jeong says she wanted to stop him from committing more crimes. He then tells them both they must pay for what they’d done and should never be happy. He aims the gun at himself, but Jun Mo shoots him in the heart killing him instantly.

Some time later

At a private ceremony that’s supposed to honor the parties involvement in solving the drug crime, no one shows up. Eui-Jeong and Jun-Mo get honored and promoted. The couple leave separately.


Jun-Mo goes to Gi-Cheul’s grave, he lights a cigarette and then hands him his wedding ring and the cigarette he lit. He’s lost everything. He then leaves.

The final montage shows the two men smoking and strolling the streets of Gangnam.


“The Worst Of Evil” ending explained- FAQ

“The Worst Of Evil” ending- thoughts

Well…. Uhm…. This was surprisingly, compared to the rest of the drama, very anticlimactic.

I mean, the series has been very very intense, probably one of the most intense kdramas I’ve seen in a while that isn’t a makjang.

I knew the ending was not going to be great. But I would have loved it if the ‘reveal’ of their identities happened differently or was done better. You write everything so intensely and then this is how you do the final showdown?

I think Jun Mo has somewhat of admiration for Gi-Cheul mixed with jealousy. He didn’t have to shoot him, he could’ve let him shoot himself, why add another body to your count? He could’ve shot his hands, anywhere else, what was that?

I think I would’ve preferred if the ending and confrontation happened all at once in the harbor, I think adding Eui-Jeong there to also capture him would have been a nice touch.

Because its odd he let him live and set him free. He wanted him to pay for his crimes and never once stirred away and then he just lets him go like that? Especially like that? No resistance?

And whats funny is how Gi-Cheul acts all betrayed and sh*t when the dude killed a dozen, distributed drugs in Korea, Japan and China that ruined and probably killed over hundreds of people and ruined thousands of lives, and he’s here talking about how he’s betrayed, and they should pay for what they’ve done.

I mean… that’s rich coming from you pal.

Seriously, Ha Joons charisma made this unbearable character likeable. He’s such a solid actor. I loved him here.

Overall, I’d call this Wookie’s best kdrama in a while. It was not an easy watch but if you can handle such types of dramas, its definitely worth the watch.

Did you like “The Worst Of Evil” ending or not?

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  1. Loved the article and your views were on point. It is sad because i was rooting for the both couples. At least Gi-Cheul’s. His life was a rollercoaster tbh and seeing as he was ready to give it up and even no one was sorry for ruining that. Also he was about to shoot himself so why not shoot the hand, why did u have to shoot the chest? And the heart specifically.? It would have been so better if Eui-Jeong would have come for his rescue when he was trapped, seeing as she had feelings for him. I think the last scene also showed that Eui-Jeong’s marriage is over. Anyways! I loved the chemistry Eui-Jeong and Gi-Cheul had. Love the actors and their performances.

  2. Why does Jun Mo shoot before Gi-Cheul does?

    Most importantly – Jun Mo does this to spare Eui-Jeong. In his bitterness and despair, Gi-Cheul threatens to remain as a tormenting memory for Jun Mo and Eui-Jeong. In that last moment, Jun Mo perceives that the only remaining “good” outcome is to take the blame for the betrayal entirely on himself. We infer that Eui-Jeong is able mourn and let go of Gi-Cheul peacefully as she has left the necklace at his gravesite.

    Secondly – Jun Mo resolves Gi-Cheul’s dilemma. Gi-Cheul has now decided to escape the gang and live a normal life. But Jun Mo explains there has to be a consequence for his sins, a price to satisfy justice. At the train-crossing, Gi-Cheul realises the price is too high: he has lost his dream, his crew, and his hyung (Seungho). In desperation, he places his hope in a future with Eui-Jeong on the run, but when that falls flat, he no longer has the courage to go on. Now he wants to die, even with the shame of suicide. But before he can do so, Jun Mo grants Gi-Cheul one last favour: an “honourable” death: a gangter in defiance, shot by a cop.

  3. Totally agree with you, show was so intense the whole time and you’d expect same intensity at the end. Also, they way they revealed his identity could’ve been better. Still one of the best Kdramas for me tho.

  4. I think jun mo got his reveng fir killing his friend. He didn’t know he was dead. He shot ki chuk right at the same place where his friend was shot.

  5. Astonishing performances from the lead actors.
    Ji Chang Wook always delivers and we were mesmerized by his performance.
    The script writers could have created a better ending however because this felt just wrong but, on the other hand, it would have been impossible to create a ‘ happy ‘ ending. The core of the story always was the relationship between the main characters and that is what provided the ‘ heart’.
    We went through the whole gamut from being on the edge of our seats to scared and devastated.
    Incredible powerful acting from people who are literally at the top of their game and which deserves recognition.

  6. In the earlier episode when Gi Cheul bumped into the couple at the eatery, I feel that this is a mistake by the director. It made GiCheul too unrealistic to be a cautious gang leader who avoids any form of police detection of his syndicate work yet he is overwhelmed by a childhood love bird that he had missed out on. Despite his close aides confiding their suspicion of both individuals, he continue to trust them and allow them in deepening their knowledge of the syndicate work.

    This is not a gang leader who is street smart enough…

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