“The Witch’s Diner” Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap And Review

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TVING’s “The Witch’s Diner” has wrapped up its run a couple of hours ago, airing its final episode [episode 8] earlier today.

Below, its a highlighted recap of “The Witch’s Diner” episode 8 alongside its ending explained.

Note: this will be a spoiler recap and review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

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“The Witch’s Diner” ending explained through a recap

Jung Jin confronts the witch Hee Ra. Hee Ra tells her the story of how she fell in love with her father, she was the happiest, he even proposed to her with flowers and a ring saying ‘let’s be together forever.’

However, one day, she follows behind him as he’s going to a house, she later sees a sign that has his name on it and another woman’s name and concludes he’s been married to another woman while lying to her.

She even meets his wife [Jin’s mother]. Hee Ra is in shock, she goes to her mother and wishes to take revenge, her mother tries to talk her out of it but she refuses, Hee Ra’s mother tells her she’ll become a witch like her if she makes a wish.

Hee Ra ends up wishing for the man’s child to become unhappy just like her and she also wished he’d be in pain. After wishing for that, Hee Ra became miserable and couldn’t forgive herself. Why?

Turns out, she was carrying his child meaning her wish will also be reflected on her child and she’ll have to see her daughter live a miserable life. She begs her mother for a solution to no avail.

Her mother tells her to abandon the child or it’ll become even more miserable with her.

After giving birth, Hee Ra gives her child to Jin’s mother. Why? It was her safest bet and the best choice she’s made. Jin says her family became miserable because of her, and her mother lived a difficult life, Hee Ra tells her it’s not her fault but hers.

Ultimately, Jin decides to take her own revenge, if Hee Ra had made the wish through eating the food, she would’ve died. Jin was unaware of that but insisted she takes her own revenge.

Jin cooks a dish, a cake, and coffee and makes a wish. Immediately, her ex-boyfriend’s wife falls ill. After making her wishes, the dark gloomy cloud that came inside her exits.

One month later

Gil-Yong takes the GED exam and wants to also take the CSAT, he wants to go to college.

He later meets up with his friend who used to get bullied. Their bully is quitting school after one of his group’s mates ends up exposing him to his agency and to the media. The bully was apparently scouted by an agency and had an idol future but he had to quit due to the bullying controversy, he left overseas.

Hee Ra and her supporter cook a delicious meal and invite Jin, her mother, and Gil-Yong. Gil-Yong also finds out he’s passed the GED.

Later, the two mothers have a chat, Hee Ra tells her she won’t apologize for what she’s done but will thank her for looking after her child. We find out that Jin’s mother wanted a child but couldn’t conceive, when Jin came to her, she was the happiest.

When Hee Ra tells her to make a wish, she says she’s already made her wish come true by giving her Jin.

Jin and Gil-Yong are sitting together and she tells him the wishes she’s made. Turns out she didn’t wish for anything but prayed, with the veil’s heart she cooked, she prayed he gets back the conscience he’s lost, the cake was a wish for his family’s happiness. Mixing the veil’s heart with coffee has a side effect, if he ever does something that makes him feel guilty, he’ll suffer unimaginable pain.

On another day

Hee Ra packs her bags and leaves Jin to take care of the house and the restaurant, she says she’ll take a break now but will return Jin is reluctant at first.

After she leaves, Jin smokes one of her mother’s cigarettes but chokes, it transfers her to her witch’s outfit. Gil-Yong decides to become a supporter after consulting Mr. Oh and assist Jin.

Mr. Oh tells him a supporter is someone who does everything to help the witches who exist to help the weak in this world.

The two work together to help bring people’s wishes to life.

The epilogue

It turns out that in the past, Hee Ra had met Gil-Yong’s mother who was dying at the time. She wished for her son’s happiness. Hee Ra obliges and says the price he’ll pay will be through hardships.

“The Witch’s Diner” episode 8 review

I ain’t goin lie, “The Witch’s Diner” ending was super cute. I had some complaints and doubts here and there, but most of them were answered in the finale in a nice way. This is probably one of the very few kdramas this year that wrapped up so nicely and tied all the loose ends together in its final episode.

The only part that I wished was addressed better is Gil-Yong’s age, he seems to have taken some time off from school prior to meeting Jin since its said he’s 20 but it’s not clear as to why he was that old, I would have loved it to be explained better so I could appreciate the chemistry between the two leads.

I plan on reviewing the drama in an article in the coming days, but for the finale of “The Witch’s Diner,” it was a cute happy ending. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I think it was the right way to end a very entertaining short drama.

I love the fact that its only 8 episodes and doesn’t stay beyond its intended run, this could’ve gone South easily. Song Ji hyo’s performance here was subtle but impressive. Its my favorite performance of her in recent memory.

I usually don’t like her drama choices but this one is nice.

TVING is on the right path, with competition from other OTT services such as Netflix, they have an uphill battle ahead of them. If they continue to do as well as they did with this one, they will surely rise.

“The Witch’s Diner” season 2?

A lot of fans who loved the drama are wishing for its return with another season. However, TVING has not issued a comment on the subject yet, added to that, nowhere did “The Witch’s Diner” promise a second season throughout its last episode.

As for my thoughts, I don’t think a second season is needed but I’ll surely check it out if it’s confirmed. The magic was with the plot-twist it had, it’s character all grew and learned which gives a proper conclusion to the drama.

so what about you guys? what did you think of “The Witch’s Diner” ending?

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I also like how they ended things, the story arc remains strong and I’am glad it’s not a dragging drama. Although it had a nice ending, I am still hoping for season 2, I love to see this ensemble again…

  2. Gil-Yong’s age is 20, In episode 5 in one scene the Support asked to have a drink with Gil-yong which he protested saying he is still a student, to which the Support said but you are 20 years old.

  3. Song ji hyo , nam ji hyun and chae Jung yeop all were the best cast of this drama they deserve next season .I wish gil-yong and jin together in next season. I love this drama ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much giving this drama tving

  4. Thank you for posting this! I immediately went to look for a review after watching it to see how other people thought of the episode, i’m glad this post exists 🙂 I loved how they wrapped up everything too

  5. Since he played sports they slipped and gave the Korean age. It would be unfair competition in high school sports to let that old of a student play. In Korean age students are 20 when close to graduating. (18 here)

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