“The Veil” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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MBC’s blockbuster drama “The Veil” has come to an end, here is a recap of the highlights of the episode as well as its ending explained.

“The Veil” is 12 episodes long and it wrapped up its run earlier today. Here is what happened.

Does the bomb explode and kill everyone at the memorial?

No, it doesn’t. Turns out, Baek Mo Sa set it up as a trap for the big reveal. The bomb that goes off in the basement where Ye Ji is is the EMP bomb that disables electronics in the area where the agents are.

Baek Mo Sa did this to stop people from following him to the actual place where he’ll carry out his plan.

How did the team find out where Baek Mo Sa’s grand plan took place?

Th bomb targeted one of Korea’s biggest banks, Hanmin’s Bank. Nothing works and the services they offer are inaccessible. This gives Ye Ji the idea to search for the data center of the bank. She finds out they moved locations and the new one is in Paju. They go there.

Does Choi Sang-Kyun kill director Lee?

No, he doesn’t. He gets caught and stopped, he’s escorted to their center where he helps the team unlock doors that would get Ye Ji and Han Ji Hyuk the ability to enter the building.

What was Baek Mo Sa’s grand plan?

He planned on proving to the nation that they will again choose money over the innocent lives of people. He attacks the data center and says he has a bomb that will wipe the bank’s entire system clean, thus, causing massive issues to 25% of the population that has an account with them.

He threatens the NIS with 33 hostages and gives them two choices, either the bank entire system or the 33 people. They have three hours to choose before he kills the hostages.

Initially, they do exactly what he expected and choose to secure the bomb location to disable it, the government chooses the bank over the hostages.

With the help of the hacker, Ye Ji and Han Ji Hyuk get inside the building and locate the bomb which turns out to be a fake. Baek Mo Sa knew they would never choose the hostages.

But, later, director Do chooses the hostages and searches for them. They locate the hostages and Ye Ji plays music her father used to love listening to.

Baek Mo Sa struggles to remember his past memories and is agonizing over his true identity.

Did Baek Mo Sa die? How?

Yes, he dies with gun shot wounds.

He confronts Han Ji Hyuk on the rooftop and they have a talk about why Han Ji Hyuk never became evil. Baek Mo Sa has a controller that would do something when pressed.

Han Ji Hyuk tells him his daughter is in there too and if he presses the button, he will kill her too. He struggles and eventually collapses, Han Ji Hyuk shoots him before he presses it.

Baek Mo Sa tells him the button will actually stop the bomb from detonating. Han Ji Hyuk contemplates it and decides to trust Ye Ji’s talk about how her father is still there somewhere inside Baek Mo Sa.

He presses it and saves everyone.

Baek Mo Sa dies of his injuries surrounded by Ye Ji who cries by his side. He’s still conflicted and doesn’t know whether he’s her father or the man he’s killed back then.

When pressing the button, the sniper shoots Han Ji Hyuk but he’s not fatally shot.

He goes to the broadcasting room and tells the entire world about the Sangmuhoe.

What happens to Sangmuhoe? What is Sangmuhoe?

Han Ji Hyuk exposes their crimes and explains what he’s done. Sangmuhoe is an organization comprised of current and former agents of the NIS. They joined hands with dirty powers to manipulate the elections and instill fear in people’s minds.

He’s already sent out the list of the people of Sangmuhoe and the evidence to prove their crimes to media outlets, the key to open it is held by Chairman Shin Su-Yong who agrees to help them. He gives them the key and Han Ji Hyuk says it before collapsing on screen.

Does Han Ji Hyuk die? What happens to him?

No, he doesn’t. But he does serve time in jail for killing his teammates.

He returns five years later. He picks up a call from Ye Ji and later also picks up a call from who is believed to be the NIS asking him to return. He accepts it.

What happens to Ye Ji? Does she die?

No, she doesn’t. She’s doing better than ever and after 5 years she was promoted to a higher ranking within the organization.


The end.

What did you think of “The Veil” ending? did you like it or not?

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    1. As this drama was not meant to be one of romantic theme, so their relationship won’t be emphasised. But of course implicitly we know that Je Yi did carry a torch for her senior – I mean, come on – based on her sense of loyalty and all the things she had done for him, and even believing in him till the end. Would any person do the same to his or her senior unless the relationship is somewhat special.

      In any case, the special relationship between Ji Hyuk and Je Yi was also to contrast with that between Seo Soo Yeon and Chang Chun-Woo. While the special relationship between Ji Hyuk and Je Yi managed to sustain and overcome challenges due to trust, that between Soo Yeon and Chun Woo probably failed due to mistrust.

      We will know more in details in the Spin Off coming soon 🙂

  1. I wonder why Ji Hyuk needed to serve jail time for killing Kim Dong Wook while in China. He shot at Kim thinking that Kim was about to shoot at him, though in fact Kim was shooting at Chang Chun-Woo who was secretly walking to Ji Hyuk from behind. In that sense, Ji Hyuk was shooting Kim in act of self defence even if in reality Kim was not intending to harm Ji Hyuk.

  2. I am usually not a big action drama/film fan and I might have skipped this if not for the fact that I am such a big Namkoong Min fan. That said, I love the Veil. The story and plot line were very interesting and really kept my attention. I did hope to see romantic development between Ji Hyuk and Je Yi. I know this is one of those action thrillers that are meant not to have romance elements but c’mon, who wouldn’t have a crush on Namkoong Min?! lol.

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