“The Sound Of Magic” Season 1 Ending Explained: Episode 6 Recap And Review

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Netflix’s newest series “The Sound Of Magic” is here and we’re here to recap its finale and explain its ending.

Note: the below review of the ending is a subjective review. Take it with a grain of salt

What is the real identity of Ri-Eul?

Turns out, Ri-Eul is not the magician’s real name. His real name is Min Hyuk. He’s 30 years old and a high school drop out. He comes from a wealthy family with respectable parents who often appear on TV. He also has two siblings who are doing extremely well.

Slowly, Min Hyuk began to crack under pressure. He kept trying so hard to please his parents do well on his studies, one day, he went to the rooftop and began to hallucinate a field filled with flowers was in front of him. So he ended up jumping.

Luckily, he was saved and was treated at the hospital and also received psychological treatment. He dropped out of school.

He gets accused of being the murderer because of the rumors and circumstances surrounding Seo Ha-Yoon’s death.

He’s taken into custody to be investigated for his alleged involvement in Seo Ha-Yoon’s murder. He ends up escaping after denying everything to police. He just vanishes.

Why did Ri Eul [Min Hyuk] disappear?

After his escape, both Yoon A Yi and Na Il Deung try to do something about it after finding out he’s escaped. They think he’s being framed. Na Il Deung ends up going back to school to get his backpack and look around elsewhere while Yoon A Yi goes back to the park.

Na Il Deung ends up hearing two students speak ill of the magician and of Yoon A Yi so he becomes mad and gets into a fight with them. He gets beaten badly.

There, she sees police is surrounding him while he’s about to do magic tricks. She goes up the stage and they sing a song together[?]. At the end of their performance, it begins to snow even inside the park. After he gives her his hat and he’s about to surrender, she turns around and asks him whether he believes in magic, then she lifts a black cloth and hides him under it. He ends up disappearing right before their eyes.

Ri Eul [Min Hyuk] disappears and never shows up after that.

Who murdered Seo Ha-Yoon? [Who was the murderer in “The Sound Of Magic”?]

Two months later, police get their hands on a CCTV footage of the murder of Seo Ha-Yoon taking place. Turns out the convenience store owner Kim Doo-Sik.

While they investigated Min Hyuk’s disappearance, they stumbled upon that video. They arrest Kim Doo-Sik. Turns out, he was the one who killed her. This was because he caught her stealing cash while working part-time, he threatened her but when she begged for him not to tell police, he foiled and began sexually harassing her. She caught all of that on her phone and began threatening him with it.

She asked him to pay her money, so, in March, they agreed to meet around the amusement park so he can hand her the money. There, he killed her and later disposed of her body. He also used the same knife he killed her with and sneaked into Min Hyuk’s place, he made him put his fingerprints on it and used that to lead police on in a different direction.

He also had a magician attire that he used to stage other crimes so it appears that Min Hyuk was the one behind all of those.

Yoon A Yi also comes to the police station to report him for sexual harassment.

What happens to Yoon A Yi?

Yoon A Yi carries on with her life just fine. A few years later, she’s now in college. She still drops messages to Min hyuk in that box hoping they reach him. Her father has also gotten a job in the countryside and together they’re doing their best to pay back the debt.

She’s living well and now does magic for kids.

What happened to Na Il Deung?

Na Il Deung decides to quit school. He suddenly drops out of it. He tells the teacher he finally knows that flowers don’t bloom on asphalt concrete but on a bumpy dirt road. He wants to do it the hard way.

Its unknown what he ended up doing with his life exactly but we can assume he’s also chosen to become a magician.

How does “The Sound Of Magic” end?

“The Sound Of Magic” then concludes with a musical number featuring all the characters from the entire drama. They all sing happily about making your own fantasy and believing in magic.

The end

“The Sound Of Magic” ending review

hmmm… what was that? I am so confused.

The full review is coming out later since I need a moment to gather my thoughts because I have no idea how to take this drama at all, but from what I can gather in words [so far], I didn’t like it very much but I don’t hate it either. It started out so much fun but then became something else, something I am still trying to understand.

“The Sound Of Magic” entire premise and message are very odd and all over the place. I just don’t get what the drama was…. Like…. I don’t understand what they meant by it. Is it that we should believe in magic? that you need to believe in yourself and chase after your dreams regardless of how impractical your job will be? I’d assume there are better ways to convey whatever the message the drama was aiming for.

My questions are the following: is he a mentally ill person who sees stuff that isn’t there? or is he someone who can do actual magic but others are too oblivious to see it? Does real magic exist? why does it exist? how is someone granted such powers?

I would have preferred it so much better if it had shown what it means to be mentally ill and unstable relating that to magic, not as an exit or an escape from his reality but as the by-product of what he’s been through. Adding that he was a good con man who tricked minors into believing things that weren’t there because he could do some tricks, as in he used their vulnerabilities to trick them.

One was longing to escape reality because of her poor circumstances and one wanted to escape the prison his parents set for him. Such an explanation would have made this drama so much more memorable and fun to view a second and third time so you could pick up on the clues you’ve missed.

But the creators end up not bothering to explain how he’s able to do impossible magic tricks while acknowledging at the same time that he likely has mental health issues and refused to grow up. He snapped because of the weight of expectations and ended up seeing things enough to commit suicide without even realizing it. The dude has no career and wanders from place to place, he’s clearly not sound of mind so I don’t understand what they were trying to do with this character…

Because unless there is a divine purpose behind why he approached two minors to teach them magic and spend so much time with them, it makes the entire drama feel odd and not in a good way.

“The Sound Of Magic” feels like it almost went there but ended up backtracking for whatever reason. Added to that, in the final episode, when they’re about to arrest him, they burst into a musical number in the middle… it was misplaced and took me out of the entire experience and suspense.

So these are my thoughts on Of Magic”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Why are you taking the drama so serious? It isn’t the only drama with endings like this, there are worse drama endings than this. CHILL 🙂

  2. I agree totally with your review. I have just finished the last episode after binge watching the series and I have absolutely no idea what I have just watched. The first episode was really good and promising but went downhill in a strange direction. I do like fantasy I am just not sure if this was a fantasy or the story was about the influence on minors by a skilled magician who is also mentally ill. I found the last two episodes especially bizarre. I think I will have to watch tonight’s Tomorrow Kdrama episode, a series that always has a clear focus and narrative just to get my mind straight.

  3. I have just finished binge watching the full 6 episodes.
    I just loved it! You must not think too much ! Just enjoy the Magic ! I wish there will be a season 2.

  4. I Absolutely Loved this The Sound of Magic… I had been feeling down the past couple of years but after watching Annara Sumanara I felt this warm feeling inside… I don’t feel depressed, resentment or upset about my real life situations anymore. Thank you to Ji Chang-wook and his incredible acting skills as a Magician ✨ to help me feel better and warm from inside ❤️

    1. Woooww..This drama helped someone.That’s K drama.It’s not just watching.There are things which we can add to our lives from these dramas.

  5. “Low and Order” …..
    That’s the series called I think that deal with murder cases, abused women and children etc and it’s pretty realistic!!!
    Let us watch about flying horses and snowfalls in the middle of Summer because that’s called FANTASY and that is a category in entertainment industry many people prefer like “Wizard of Oz ” and “Alice in Wonderland” and many more…
    Logic is burden

  6. po co tak wymyślasz, to jest dla odprężenia i posłuchania, nie każda drama musi być edukacyjna. Dla mnie to rozrywka z kilkoma dobrymi myślami

  7. The whole message of the show is that uncertainty isn’t something to be afraid of. Ah-yi wants to skip the uncertain time of her life to reach a time where she is a stable adult. Il-deung is stuck in between a safe path in life or an unstable one which would give him happiness. The Magician himself lives an extremely uncertain life, with him being jobless and homeless, not knowing how he will survive the next day. I believe there is power in not telling the viewer the reasoning behind many things as it leaves a sense of uncertainty which we are forced to deal with and accept, much like the characters of the show. Life isn’t always certain and the Magician teaches the kids and us that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with not knowing the answer to something. It seems like you missed the premise of the show, but I guess that’s your interpretation.

  8. I don’t know what’s wrong w people in the comments saying it was fun to watch. What’s so fun about it? I just finished binge watching the series and I’m so confused rn. What was the purpose of the drama? What exactly did the drama wanted to show us? Believe in magic? Escaping reality with some tricks? The first ep had a promising start but then the drama felt very odd. I have so many questions in my mind rn. I wonder what was the relationship between the magician and Yoon ah yi because that one thing made me confused like if it was love, It was so uncomfortable to watch a teen fall in love w a man in his 30’s and if it’s sth a grown up trying to help a teen w mentality it’d be good but it felt odd lol

  9. I liked the entire drama. I definitely recommend this to those who don’t follow the set map of how the narration of the story should be in their minds.
    This drama was different from the very start. The intro itself threw me off guard since the students began dancing for some reason. I realised that time, it’s not a normal drama that follows logical or realistic rules of this world to narrate a story.
    So, I just changed my glasses of perception. The theme is magic and Ri-eul is a mysterious character. The drama treats him like that to the end so it’s kind of illogical to expect him to have realistic purpose or reasons behind his actions.

    I do not know how many interpret this drama or realise this is the intended message but from what I see this drama is not about “is it mental illness?” or “Let’s escape reality with magic.” Magic here brought hope to people. It also indicates fun and carefree attitude. In a literal sense, it’s not realistic when the message is carried to real world and applied to your future career. However, in a symbolic way, it is something every human being strives for and is one of those basic emotional state that makes any human happy and satisfied at heart. This gives human a purpose to live a life that’s meaningless and worthless (when you realise you’re just a speck of dust on a ball of rock in universe). The problems two high schoolers deal with is uncertainty and fear of the future. Their misbelief/solution is to put yourself to unbearable and unrealistic standards, believing money is all you need and loosing your morality, hopes and peace of mind over it and running in a rat race because that’s how their dreams will be realised. But is it what it was for Yoon A Yi and Na Il Deung? I don’t think they wanted it. Magic came in and simply made them look at their lives differently. Yoon A Yi wanted to earn money and knew magic tricks is not enough to face the real world so she went to college. But, as Ri-eul said is it necessary to abandon what makes you happy? Why not do both? So, Yoon A Yi is doing both. In case of Na Il Deung, that boy definitely needs some good time to learn about himself first. I believe that’s why he chose magic because it’s the first thing he liked.
    Ri-eul backstory also explains why he acts the way he is and why he would help them. Maybe that’s why he asks this first “Do you believe in magic?” because not everyone believes in magic (i.e. want to be in touch with their own inner child and happiness) and he can’t force someone to learn magic or simply go and help people (I remember it took him quite a time before he invited Na Il Deung to learn magic).
    While I pondered hard over the possibility of Ri-eul as an illusion or a daydream but he seems to be an actual magician who disappeared once his work is done given everyone were able to see them and the culprit actually got caught because of one magical moment.

    So that’s my take on this entire series and drama.

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