“The Silent Sea” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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Here is a recap of the newest Netflix series “The Silent Sea” ending!

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What happens to Ryu Tae Seok?

After he messes with the purification system, he sets off the wrong thing and water begins to gush through the system ultimately making it into every corner of the research center. He comes into contact with the water, lunar water, he gets infected.

Eventually, he begins to hallucinate and remembers when he was sent to the research station but instead of trying to save people, he, among others, made sure they get trapped.

He gets into one last argument with the team as they’re about to escape, he says he’s sorry to Dr. Song and eventually, Gong Soo-Hyuk shoots him dead.

What happened at the Balhae station 5 years ago?

A system error occurred and a team from earth was sent. However, turns out the entire center was doing illegal experiments including human cloning and more. They kept trying to make a creature that can withstand the water, thus, they were all trapped and ended up dead by contracting the virus water as they were trapped, they weren’t saved and the management was more concerned about saving their reputation than revealing what were they doing in that research center.

Does Gong Soo-Hyuk die?

Yes, while shooting Ryu Tae Seok, he also gets shot himself in a fatal area and dies shortly after.

Does Dr. Song die?

No, she doesn’t. Despite coming into contact with the water, she vomits a bit but is okay after a while. The reason is, she was bitten by Luna and it appears Luna’s blood carries some antibodies, and her body managed to fight it so drinking the water didn’t kill her.

What do they decide to do with Luna?

Han Yoon-Jae teams up with Mr. Kim to decide to save Luna so she doesn’t get captured by the wrong people and imprisoned and experimented on for life. Mr. Kim promises to come up with something so they can make sure the lunar water is for everyone and not one country.

The rescue party entered the moon’s range and so did the Ryu Tae Seok’s side ship. Captain Han asks Mr. Kim to do something about that spacecraft so they can have time to escape.

Dr. Song suggests they take Luna to the international institute of space biology so its a neutral place where no one can claim Luna. However, Captain Han says this isn’t feasible.

Does Captain Han die?

Yes, he does. As they’re fleeing the water, he realizes that he can’t open the gate outside from this section so he has to go back to the previous section. He chooses to sacrifice himself and open the gate outside so they can escape before the water gets to them, they barely escape alive as the water gushes into the space, they get hit by an explosion but manage to survive while Captain Han dies from the impact/

Does Luna die?

No, she doesn’t. She removes her clothes and it turns out she can survive without oxygen, she sees Captain Han’s body as he’s dying, she gives him his daughter’s sticker. He passes away in tears.

Does anyone come to save the mission? Who survives the mission?

Yes, eventually, only Dr. Song and Dr. Hong make it out alive with Luna, they head to earth. It is to anyone’s guess what happens next and whether earth manages to survive or not.

Is “The Silent Sea” season 2 coming soon?

Netflix has not commented on whether “The Silent Sea” was made with a second season in mind. Some fans would like to see the story continue and find out whether earth is saved while others believe it doesn’t need a second season.

If Netflix issues a statement on “The Silent Sea” season 2, you can find it here.

“The Silent Sea” ending- review


Well… that was something…. “The Silent Sea” was honestly fun, will I say it was memorable? Highly unlikely, but its fun.

A lot of people are already putting this drama on a pedestal saying its the next “Squid Game” or whatnot, not every Netflix kdrama will be that and the likelihood of this happening is very slim. There likely won’t easily be any other “Squid Game” in the near future and I wish people would stop trying to say every upcoming Netflix series could be that.

I enjoyed “The Silent Sea” but I wouldn’t say I was very impressed or very disappointed either. Its somewhere in between, the drama is easy to binge and is exactly the type of drama you can watch this Christmas. It goes get sluggish here and there but there are points that aren’t explicitly explained in the drama and it feels intentional, but not the way I’d like it.

Everyone gave an amazing performance but the characters felt so damn dull and uninteresting. They’re like the basic of the basic characters and at times, it feels a bit difficult connecting to them or caring much about any of them. It could be intentional because of the nature of the drama but I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed by them.

I don’t think “The Silent Sea” needs a second season, but I bet if the drama gets enough attraction, a second season will be made but as far as I could tell from watching it, it doesn’t seem it was made with that in mind, which is always good news to me, I don’t like seasonal content.

I admire the idea but at many times while watching the drama I was reminded by Song Joong Ki’s movie “Space Sweepers,” there were more similarities than I expected.

Regardless, its nice to see kdramas have come this far in terms of production value. Thanks to everyone who worked hard on it.

Have you seen “The Silent Sea” finale? what did you think of the drama?

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  1. Captain han was not throw out by the water. If he was thrown out, there would be ice all around him!

    He was rescued by Luna and brought outside the station. Don’t forget luna is fast, strong and can swim in the water.. she already create a bond with him, that’s she disappeared toward the end because she manage to go through the air vent to the other side to save Captain Han.

    Captain Han didn’t die! There was nothing in the last scene that says he died. His suit just failed at the last moment before the ship arrive.

    U didn’t think deep enough!

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