“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” Ending Explained- Episode 18 Recap

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Here is a recap of the series finale of “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” and an explanation of how it ended.

The episode begins with Yu ha being tortured by the king. However, that doesn’t continue as Kang San interferes and begins shooting arrows. The guards estimate that the king is in danger so they rush him to safety, he tries to stay there and slay Yu Ha but he cannot.

As the king is escaping he comes face to face with Kang San who warns him he’s about to get deposed. The king is angry and wants to handle him but he escapes with some guards while some others remain to fight him.

Yu Sul and the rest who were being tortured are brought to safety while Dan-O arrives at the palace, she’s almost caught but she manages to avoid the guards.

Kang San then comes face to face with Chief Royal Guard Kim Hwan and explains to him he’s the real Lee Seol, but regardless of that fact, the guard refuses to cave in and says his job is to defend the king. Chief Royal Guard Kim has Kang San on a choke and is about to slay him

As she’s running with her arrows, Dan-O sees that and shoots at him. Then, Kang San fights the men chasing her. Chief Royal Guard Kim is badly hurt but manages to go far enough to alert the king of who Lee Seol really is, he dies.

The king gets angry and vows to kill him.

At night, Dan-O arrives at the gates and asks they be opened, she gives the guard a decree that says the rightful grandson shall inherit the throne and the other king will be deposed. The man is skeptical at first but opens it and the guards rush inside.

The king tells the guards to find Kang San and tell him he’s waiting for him there.

Meanwhile, Shi-Yeol runs into his master, he beats him in a sword fight and takes away his sword, he then asks him to let go of the horrible fate he’s been given. He goes away.

At the torture place, the king awaits Kang San who shows its him, he’s Lee Seol. They fight and Kang San beats him, he ends up pointing the sword at the king but does not kill him, however, the king takes the sword and stabs himself with it, he mutters, ‘you are just like me, you slew your uncle to get the throne.’ The king dies.

After that ended

The Queen Dowager meets Yu ha and tells him he should be the king. He’s hesitant but everyone including San agree. They end up having a private conversation and San says he knows he’ll be the best fit to lead the nation. He’s convinced.

Dan O returns to her place and is welcomed back. Shi-Yeol talks to the kids and tells them to survive and that the system they were under is now over. He leaves away carrying the burden of the harsh life he’s lived. He goes to see Hong-Joo before he leaves and she tells him to live, live so she can loathe him, he needs to stay alive for her to continue hating him. She cries once he leaves.

Yu Ha ascends to the throne with San by his side.

2 years later

The guesthouse is as busy as ever and there is no opening. Yuk Ho is appointed a compiler at the office of the royal decrees. When he goes back to the guesthouse, he’s celebrated and they all have lunch. They mention Shi Yeol who has not been seen for sometime.

Later when Dan O and Hong Joo talk aside, she’s asked if she misses Shi Yeo, she says she’s forgiven him but can’t forgive herself for doing so. She cries.

Ban-Ya meets with San and thanks him for helping her restore her identity. She looks happier now.

San and Dan O visit the king and explain they’re leaving, Yu Ha says if its because of him, he should not. But San insists. San says he cannot stay for his sake. He’s the king he’s wished for and he should continue to rule. Dan then talks to Yu Ha alone and pays him back what she owes. He hugs her goodbye.

At the guesthouse, Hong Joo is working but she sees some treats Shi Yeol used to give her, she then overhears a man singing a song he used to sing. She asks him where he had seen that man, he pointed to the dock.

She goes there and sees him. She asks him to stay, she asks him does he still love her, he says yes. They go back to the guesthouse together. They’re welcomed by everyone.

Later, Shi Yeol talks to San, he thanks him for abolishing the law that used to create watchmen to protect the king, he says it must be abolished.

Later, the Queen Dowager tells the king he needs to find a queen, but he lets on he has a woman in his heart.

Shi Yeol and Hong Joo get engaged and later, Yook Yook-Ho asks for Najoo-daek’s hand in marriage, she cries happy tears. They later get married and the king even drops by for a minute to see it.  

After the ceremony is done, Dan O and San want to leave, Shi Yeol and Hong Joo wave them goodbye and Shi Yeol asks he addresses him appropriately since he’s now his brother in-law. They hugged goodbye and leave.

Dan O and San are walking on a flower field, she asks him if he’s ever regretted walking away from that, he says not and he’s happy she’s always been there for him. They share a kiss.

The end.

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