The Identity Of Lee Sang Yoon’s Mistress In “VIP” Revealed

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It took nine long episodes for the writer to finally tell us the identity of Of Lee Sang Yoon’s character mistress in “VIP.”

A lot of details remain murky at best. How far they actually took it (in terms of skinship and all) is still unknown but at least, we finally know her identity.

Note: this is a discussion about my thoughts on “VIP” episode 9, fair warning there are huge spoilers ahead so don’t read if you haven’t’ watched it yet.

The writer of “VIP” had masterfully played this out, for the majority of the drama run time my focus was on the character Song Mi Na; I legitimately thought that she was the one he’s cheating with on his wife. When episode 8 finally aired I started to wonder, when one fan commented on the possibility of On Yu Ri being Ha Jae Woong’s daughter and it finally made sense.

It didn’t make sense for Yu Ri to get a job because she’s the mistress of the director and the way she was treated is very different from the way the director would probably treat a mistress, why would anyone want to bring such a threat into the company? It finally made sense.

In episode 9, it turns out that indeed, Yu Ri is his child from a woman he dated in college. The shocking revelation doesn’t end there because it turns out her father’s right-hand man is actually romancing her, an interesting plot twist indeed.

For a long time, I thought that Sung Joon was mainly covering his boss’s affair with Yu Ri and had been trying to bury it on multiple occasions, I thought Sang Joon admitted to cheating on Jung Sun because he didn’t know how to explain to her that his boss is having an affair with a 20-year-old something woman. He also seems to be the type of man to keep a tight lid on everything that happens within his workspace so my assumption wasn’t unlikely.

I initially thought of it that way because the idea of an actual sinful leading man in kdrama land is not something we see every day.

Usually, in kdramas, the lead might be a prick and slightly awkward or rude but they never do something like that, something so awful and immoral, their actions are always justifiable and they usually change for the better as the drama progresses, this is why I thought the writer would actually twist the entire drama in that scenario direction. I am impressed the writer chose a different more realistic route; even good men cheat on their wives and it’s okay to show an unlikeable main lead.

The writer usually avoids such scenarios because they’re afraid the audience would hate the character and not want to root for them, if they hate the main lead who is on screen for the majority of the drama runtime, they’ll likely give up watching it.

“VIP” is a different case. It was written and directed beautifully in a way that makes you hate Sung Joon’s actions but you still can’t keep your eyes away, you’re still curious about what’ll happen to him and to Jung Sun.

The writer did well playing with our emotions and I never thought Yu Ri would be this awful right in front of Jung Sun like that. I hate how Sung Joon handled the entire situation and how it seems that everyone around Jung Sun knows a bit of the truth. It’s utterly embarrassing for your husband to cheat on you with a younger staff member in the same freaking department, the same department, and the same company.

I was afraid the writer was gonna attempt to stretch it out even more but I am glad we finally know the mistress identity; I am really interested in what will happen next. I like Jung Sun’s approach to this issue and her maturity at times in dealing with a less than ideal situation. I would love for her to cause him damage as much as he had done to her, this will probably haunt her forever.

“VIP” will most likely have a sad ending but I’ll still take it, at least, it’s realistic. They’re not gonna come out of this unscathed.

“VIP” came late and only aired in November but it proved to be worthy of attention and the good ratings it got. It is by far one of the most interesting kdramas of 2019.

I am glad SBS took a chance with this drama; kdrama writers for padublic channels are struggling with lifting ratings for their projects because they keep repeating the same scenarios over and over again. It’s refreshing to see a public broadcasting station address adultery the way it did using the first male and female lead characters instead of the second male and female lead characters.

What did you guys think of “VIP” most recent episode? Were you shocked or did you see it coming?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I agree with you that the writer took on a very good job in hiding for the last 8 episodes the identity of the mistress. It perked our curiosity and we also did our own analyzation and came up with different scenarios. The script is well written and so does the main characters. Jang Nara is very good in her acting, as usual. And so does Lee Sang Yoon. As a woman and a wife, I am so angry at the Sung Jun and made me want to pull the hair of Yoori. And everytime I watch the episodes, particularly this episode 9, it makes my heart palpitate. I guess I have to prepare myself for a sad ending, as you said.

    On to watching!

  2. I guessed it right – that yoori is the daughter of the president. And sangyoon’s character was just doing the cover up for his boss.
    I agonized with Jungsun’s thoughts on how her husband holding her(mistress) hand, how he caressed her face and held her……painful
    This is a great drama….i love sangyoon and na ra even before now more so…..
    Grateful for this mature drama…..

  3. Drama keeps you guessing until now. Tried to figure out how lead will be able to become good but it looks like not. Excellent acting and script is not typical.

  4. Schoccata è poco.
    Molto arrabbiata e delusa.
    Guardo i kdramma proprio x nn ritrovarmi a vivere queste storie.
    La realtà la vivo tutti i giorni nn ne ho bisogno.
    Vedere il pianto di Na-Jeong nella camera del bambino è straziante e dice più di tante parole.
    Nn c’è vendetta che possa valere questo dolore.
    Niente sarà più come prima.
    A questo punto nn mi interessa più vedere le altre puntate. X me è finita qui.
    Mi dispiace xk mi piaceva proprio tanto.
    Potrebbe pure essere che alla fine l’unica che ci rimette veramente è la moglie.

  5. Should Park Sung Jun be bold to Na Jung Sun about his family history background.
    Why bother to fall to Yuri after sharing each other’s darklife …
    I hope Sung Jun’s feeling for his wife is at it’s strongest
    I am proud of Jung Sun’s will to root for his husband
    Yuri have to get a life, she got the power of money from her dad already, why bother to chase someone else’s husband especially after got rejected nicely

    this drama heats me.. am looking forward for the ending

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