“The Queen’s Umbrella” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap

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The Queen’s Umbrella” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

“The Queen’s Umbrella” episode 16 recap

did the king reveal the truth behind Crown Prince Taein’s death?

Yes, he ends up revealing the truth. His mother, Queen Dowager threatens him with his rule that he would not dare expose it because it will undermine his legitimacy.

After giving it some thought and with the help of his wife, the queen, he decides to do it. To expose the truth, it turns out he’s also seen his mother kill Prince Taein. He confronts his mother who is almost not convinced he’d do this to her but he ends up sort of banishing her and restricts people from interacting with her.

What happens to Queen Yoon?

The queen meets with her to let her know that Yi Ik-Hyeon had died but he had a son and that son was Prince Uiseong. Her life is in danger, she says she doesn’t care but when she finds out he has a son, she asks the queen for a favor, to keep him alive.

She remains alive after what happened and is reinstated after the truth is revealed.

How did the queen expose the queen Dowager?

After finding out her son is thinking about exposing the truth, she goes out of her way and exposes that Grand Prince Muan has had a child with a woman he’s not married to. However, he’s not punished for that.

She tries to make the royal physician kill the baby inside the new crown princess and the king finds out. The Queen had found out about her plans and stopped it. Queen Dowager tries to weasel her way out of it but fails.

The queen also hands the king a paper that proves the former crown prince was poisoned and tells him to do whatever he wants with it.

He ends up exposing the truth and exposing his mother.

Was Prince Uiseong executed for his participation in the rebellion?

The court men request the king to execute him for his participation in the rebellion. The king is hesitant to do this. He ends up not doing so, the queen keeps an eye on him and he’s now banished and cares for his mother who does not seem to recall much.

He is not killed.

What happens to the Queen Dowager? Does she die? And why?

After her son exposes her and restricts people’s access to her, she refuses to acknowledge the situation. She ends up killing herself wearing her most lavish outfit that signals her status. She refuses to be punished by her son.

What happens to Crown prince Seongnam?

He’s happily with his princess who is pregnant with their child. He also spends a lot of time with his brother’s son keeping his promise to him.

What happens to Grand Prince Gyeseong?

He ends up leaving the palace as he wishes to be free and experience things for himself. The queen is heartbroken but he leaves. He sends her drawings of the places he’s been to regularly.

Does “The Queen’s Umbrella” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. It ends with the Queen Dowager being punished for her crimes as well everyone living their best lives.

How does “The Queen’s Umbrella” end?

The final scene of “The Queen’s Umbrella” shows the queen walking around the palace when it starts to rain, her son, Crown prince Seongnam shows up with an umbrella and protects her from the rain, she holds onto his arm and they walk together.

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