The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 Shocking Heartbreaking Ending Bewilders Fans – “Penthouse 2” Ending Explained

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Another chapter in the hit SBS drama has concluded, the “penthouse 2” episode 13 has aired a couple of hours ago and the internet can’t stop talking about it.

And while everything appeared to be going well on the surface, issues for our main protagonists emerged in the last 10 minutes and what we presumed to be the happy ending turned out to be the beginning of another horrible chapter for our Shim Su Ryeong.

Just for the record, the “penthouse 3″ air date is still unspecified. It is presumed that “penthouse 3″ will air after “Taxi Driver” concludes, this is the same drama set to take over the time slot occupied by “penthouse 2.” It is also rumored that “penthouse 3″ will air only one episode weekly but SBS has not issued a comment to confirm or deny this report.

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Note: below is the short recap of the last minutes of the “penthouse 2” episode 13. It is aimed to recap the final moments and explain the ending.

The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 Ending Scene

After all the people in the Hera palace get sentenced for their crimes, things calm down enough for Logan to impatiently return to South Korea to see his lover Shim Su Ryeong.

In the airplane, he is holding onto a ring, he plans on proposing to his lover at last after getting rid of Joo Dan Tae and putting him in prison. A mysterious man sitting next to him on the airplane named Jun Gi (played by actor On Joo Wan) asks him if he’s proposing, he says he’s going to do it soon and he can’t wait to set foot in Seoul.

Logan then calls Shim Su Ryeong to tell her he’s back, she tells him she has something to say to him as well and they agree to meet outside.

Joo Dan Tae; who is entrapped in prison; gets a newspaper with the hidden message ‘Logan Lee out. D-day, 9.’ He smiles.

When Logan arrives at the parking lot, he calls Shim Su Ryeong asking her to meet him outside, she rushes to see him and bumps into Jennie’s father played by (Park Ho San) who had recently gotten out of prison hungry for revenge. He gives her a look, he recognizes her but she doesn’t and is well on her way.

In the car outside the parking lot, Logan is sitting next to the man he met on the airplane Jun Gi. Jun Gi excuses himself to go smoke as he’s nervous to meet ‘someone,’ he places his briefcase in the back of the car and exits, he has a worrisome look on his face.

At the same time, what appears to be an older man wheeling a cart with things in it puts it near Logan’s car. Logan exits the car as he waves for Shim Su Ryeong. The same ‘old’ man walks past her, and then turns around to fix his posture and with his hand make a gesture that basically says ‘goodbye/salute.’ Logan looks at him and gets worried. As his face changes, Shim Su Ryeong notices something is off. However, its too late to react, the briefcase that has the bomb explodes killing Logan instantly.

Shim Su Ryeong screams in agony while the ‘old man’ is behind her looking at the explosion with his stick behind his back as he’s flexing it.

The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 Ending explained

What a shocking finale, just when we thought The “Penthouse 2” couldn’t get any crazier, screenwriter Kim Sun Ok proves she’s still capable of surprising us the viewers yet again.

Since this time its an explosion, its safe to assume Logan Lee has died in the 13th episode of The “Penthouse 2.” But why? And what is the identity of the mysterious man he gave a lift?

Little is known about the character Jun Gi but one thing is for sure, he is acquainted with our main leads. Neither SBS nor the screenwriter have given a response yet about this man’s identity nor have we been given news that actor On Joo Wan was set to make an appearance on the show.

Regardless, its safe to assume he’s approached Logan Lee with hidden agenda in mind, his briefcase is what killed Logan.

It is also safe to assume that Joo Dan Tae is somewhat behind the murder of Logan Lee who brought him down and ruin his reputation and exposed him putting him in prison.

Joo Dan Tae is not even his real name, his real name is Mr. Baek. Could it be that Jun Gi is Joo Dan Tae’s brother/acquaintance or one of his men? Whatever the truth is, Jun Gi is responsible for his death, what set off the bomb is his suitcase so this also raises a bigger question, how will he avoid being punished? When police investigate, they’ll easily point the fingers at him? How will he avoid that? He appears wealthy so it could be that he’s the son of a chaebol family that’ll weasel him out this.

Many people presume that Jun Gi will have a bigger role in The “Penthouse 3” as we enter the final chapter of this drama.

During their plane ride, Jun Gi says to Logan,

its been a while that it’s making me nervous, my old friend I have longed for I will finally get to see him. I am glad I lived to meet him again. Mr. Baek.’

Logan appears a bit confused by what he said because it’s specific but doesn’t think much of it.

We also don’t know if Logan Lee knows Jun Gi personally enough to give him a ride from the airport, he speaks formally to him on the airplane which could either mean that they’ve met for the first time on that airplane or that they have a business relationship.

What killed Logan appears to be the briefcase judging by the editing of the drama, but again, this old man disguised himself in makeup to make himself look like an old man, he brushes against Logan and Shim Su Ryeong and stays to see the explosion. Could that old man be Joo Dan Tae? Has he gotten out of prison and wanted to see Logan die with his own eyes? Who else could’ve take the time and energy to disguise himself and give Logan that final goodbye salute?

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So this is the “Penthouse 2” episode 13 ending explained, what do you think of the “Penthouse 2” ending? Did it shock you too? Who do you think killed Logan?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. The ending left me so confused. Why is Jeni’s dad going after Logan Lee? They alluded to the fact that he “works” for Ju Dan Te in previous episodes when Kang MaRi said her husband went to prison in JDTs place. But now that he is out of prison you would think he would be done helping Ju Dan Te. I’m just all kinds of lost.

  2. damn i really wanted joo dan tae to stay in prison till the end of season 3 , he doesnt deserve anything not even a life he didnt even learn his lesson when he was at the court he just kept talking back as if he really did nothing thru out the whole season 1 and half of the season 2

  3. They brought back everyone in this drama that ‘died’ so far so they better resurrect Logan. He’s one of the main reasons why I’m still watching this show.

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