The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 Recap And Review- Payback Is Here But Happiness Is Yet Again Short-Lived

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The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 has aired last night, and a lot of things happened.

Today, I am here to recap The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 and then discuss my thoughts on it.

Note 1: below is a recap of the important moments of “Penthouse 2” Episode 13, its not a detailed recap of every single scene in that episode but it does include everything that matters to the story and that you need to know of.

Note 2: Regarding the ending, since it requires its own explanation, I wrote a separate article that goes over the possible theories of the killer identity, here is the link.

The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 Recap

Oh Yoon Hee turns herself in to the police station, she doesn’t commit suicide as previously thought. Lee Kyu Jin becomes the president of residents at Hera palace momentarily.

We also find out that Mr. Yoo (Jenny’s father) is getting out of prison, so his wife is buying him suits.

The cheonsoo district gets embroiled in controversy, Jung Doo Man, the party leader of the happy future party turns himself in after handing in his resignation. The district is involved in bribery allegations. It is stated that he colluded with Joo Dan Tae to manipulate the land price and cause over-inflation of property value in Cheonsoo.

Turns out that Cheonsoo was originally set to become a landfill for garbage but was named the next development district. The man whom the Hera palace guys bought lands from vanishes and they panic. they attempt to run away. The three parents are then taken into custody for their involvement in the coverup for Min Seol A’s death.

At the police station, Oh Yoon Hee finds out her daughter is alive, Su Ryeong had kept a close eye on Ro Na knowing well that she’ll be targeted again, she bribed the doctors and moved her to another place after saving her life.

Ro Na was brought to the police station, her mom says she won’t see and will only do that when she can face her without being ashamed. At the police station, the three parents are being questioned for their involvement in abandoning a corpse and other issues including the buying of the land.

Oh Yoon Hee faces Cheon Soo Jin and tells her she’s killed Min Seol Ah.

At the police interrogation room, Shim Su Ryeong faces Joo Dan Tae and tells him she found out about Na Ae Gyo two years ago and found out he’s been using Na Ae Gyo to use her for lobbying disguising her as herself. Shim Su Ryeong found out a lot of information about Na Ae Gyo in Thailand and lived as her for two years to take revenge.

She also reveals to Joo Dan Tae that Na Ae Gyo was in love with Mr. Jung, he refuses to believe so. Mr. Jung confronts him in the interrogation room. Joo Dan Tae threatens to expose Mr. Jung’s dirty relationship with Na Ae Gyo but Mr. Jung isn’t scared. He beats him up and tells him killing her will become the biggest curse in his life, he promises to do his best to avenge her death.

Logan then talks to Joo Dan Tae to let him know he’s leaving to the U.S as his parents are getting questioned by police, he knows his real name in Mr. Baek. He also promises to bring him down.

Joo Dan Tae recalls 25 years ago when Na Ae Gyo got a butterfly tattoo on her back to distinguish herself from Shim Su Ryeong. Joo Dan Tae was deeply in love with her, he tells her he’ll make her dreams come true by building her a penthouse and having kids, and so on. Joo Dan Tae recalls these memories and at last collapses in tears after becoming sure he’s killed the only woman he loved.

Ha Eun Byeol is losing her shit [again] and wants to see her mom, she leaves the apartment and finds Ro Na waiting for her outside, they have an altercation where she refuses to believe she’s alive. She goes back inside her apartment after screaming and tells her nanny she wants to leave to a far away place no one would know her, she wants to leave to a place where there is no Roo Na. The nanny agrees and tells her to call her mom from now on.

Shim Su Ryeong meets Cheon Soo Jin in an interrogation room, Cheon Soo Jin claim she hasn’t done anything wrong and says Oh Yoon Hee is at fault, Shim Su Ryeong tells her she’ll destroy her and she should stay still as she makes sure to make her pay the price for her crimes.

2 months later

The Hera palace for the three infamous parents is basically deserted, the same goes for Joo Dan Tae’s office.

At the joint trial, all the parents are lined up in prison attire, Shim Su Ryeong testifies she saw Oh Yoon Hee push Min Seol Ah, she’s done it as a favor for Oh Yoon Hee who wanted to take responsibility for her actions and along with that take down the parents who helped cover up the crime.

The prosecution submits evidence that the parents disposed of the body and confessed to that on their own on a bus when they thought their lives were in danger. The parents deny it again, but Ha Yoon Cheol says its all true, they moved her body, faked her death and more.

The sentences are out

Kang Ma Ri and Ku Sang A receive 1 year and 6 months in prison for 3 crimes [tampering with evidence, desecration of a body, and violating the housing act]

Cheon Soo Jin receives 7 years in prison for [kidnapping, false imprisonment, tampering with evidence, desecration of a body, and violating the housing act]

Ha Yoon Cheol and Lee Kyu Jin receive 2 years in prison. And for a total of 12 crimes including murder and attempted murder, Joo Dan Tae is sentenced to life in prison.

Oh Yoon Hee is sentenced to 3 years in prison, as the parent of the victim has asked for a favorable sentence since she’s repenting and they’ve forgiven her.

Fight ensues in court as the parents try to beat up Joo Dan Tae. The police breaks up the fight.

As Cheon Soo Jin and Joo Dan Tae are taken to the buses to go to jail, they meet the twins who ask their father to give up his parental rights to their mom who will be their only guardian, they’re filing with their lawyer for that. Seok Kyung then threatens Cheon Soo Jin to reveal that she’s killed her father. Cheon Soo Jin panics.

Ha Eun Byeol disappears into thin air and doesn’t even visit her mom, her mom is worried about her. Jenny will be taken care of by the 3 CEO women we saw in previous episodes.

Shim Su Ryeong reclaims her penthouse, everything is now in her name after what happened to Joo Dan Tae. The twins are also helping Ro Na arrange her things, Seok Kyung appears to be somewhat repenting.

Then, Jenny and Min Hyeok attack Ro Na’s house and claim this all happened to their parents because of her mom. The twins defend her.

Later, Shim Su Ryeong and the twins visit Na Ae Gyo’s grave to pay respect. The twins then asks to also visit Min Seol Ah’s grave. Meanwhile, Ro Na is visiting her grave to pay respect.

At the prison, Joo Dan Tae is handed a newspaper that says ‘Logan Lee out. D-day, 9.’ He smiles.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s father is out, he’s greeted by the same right-hand man that used to work for Joo Dan Tae, he ask, ‘where is that jerk?’ and then calls his daughter to let her know he’s back from Dubai.

Logan is returning to Seoul, he asks to meet Shim Su Ryeong as he plans on proposing. On the airplane there is a guy next to him, the guy asks him if he’s going to propose, they have a pleasant but awkward conversation, and then that guy says,

its been a while that it’s making me nervous, my old friend I have longed for I will finally get to see him. I am glad I lived to meet him again. Mr. Baek.’

When Logan arrives at the parking lot of her store, he calls Shim Su Ryeong asking her to meet him outside, she rushes to see him and bumps into Jennie’s father played by (Park Ho San) who had recently gotten out of prison hungry for revenge. He gives her a look, he recognizes her but she doesn’t and is well on her way.

In the car outside the parking lot, Logan is sitting next to the man he met on the airplane Jun Gi. Jun Gi excuses himself to go smoke as he’s nervous to meet ‘someone,’ he places his briefcase in the back of the car and exits, he has a worrisome look on his face.

At the same time, what appears to be an older man wheeling a cart with things in it puts it near Logan’s car. Logan exits the car as he waves for Shim Su Ryeong. The same ‘old’ man walks past her, and then turns around to fix his posture and with his hand make a gesture that basically says ‘goodbye/salute.’ Logan looks at him and gets worried. As his face changes, Shim Su Ryeong notices something is off. However, its too late to react, the briefcase that has the bomb explodes killing Logan instantly.

Shim Su Ryeong screams in agony while the ‘old man’ is behind her looking at the explosion with his stick behind his back as he’s flexing it.

The end.

So what did you guys think of “Penthouse 2” Episode 13? did you like it? were you shocked?

The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 Review

Wow! That’s not the ending I expected.

This episode felt like the reckoning for Shim Su Ryeong but there was this thought in the back of my mind that everything was going sour any time soon, because you know, we have a 3rd season coming up. And despite how much the episode felt like the ending we longed for and wanted to see, I couldn’t feel that happy with it, because I know this isn’t the end.

I didn’t understand the purpose of adding this episode to begin with. They should’ve ended at 12 episodes and in that episode add Logan’s death scene.

Because in the end, this entire 13 episode will be likely undone by season 3, so what is the point exactly? Its not like the audience will feel happy when they know well you still have surprises in mind? And you have 12 more episodes to go…

I wished the drama would’ve ended with Logan’s proposal to Shim Su Ryeong and that’s it. I get it, its a very popular drama and naturally they’d want to capitalize on its success to the maximum but at this point you know its beginning to stall. Let us assume we needed a second season, it should’ve ended at that.

If you recall, shit went South at the end of season 1, then the screenwriter pulled a 180 and undone everything bringing us back to point zero.

At this point, it feels like they’re manipulating the audience feelings to their advantages, it doesn’t feel like it needs to be this long for the sake of the story, and at least to me, it feels more like a cash grab than anything else.

I am not against seasons, don’t get me wrong, what I have an issue with is when drama creators exploit an IP to the max to generate profit and along that way undo all the interesting things the drama has done.

The biggest issue is the back and forth of how drastically and unrealistically the main characters change sides and emotions. Characters arcs and development take place and then get undone by the end of each season as if they’d never happened.

Forget that its a makjang drama, this is still, a drama about life in a sense, and this goes against the basic human knowledge of how the brain and people generally function.

The penthouse characters are starting to feel like generic evil characters from a cartoon in the form of humans. Its becoming more difficult to take it as seriously as many have done with the first season.

There is one question that lingers in my mind, will they fast-forward to 2 or 3 or 5 or10 years in the future? If the screenwriter decides to undo the sentences, then its officially too much. Even if the justice system is flawed, you can’t just undo everything everyone has done. The ideal idea going forward would be to make Joo Dan Tae instruct people while in jail, because if they make him able to leave jail, then… I dont know what to tell you.

I am surprised the screenwriter opted to killed Logan, that was the end game. I think its safe to assume he’s dead and gone, its going to be difficult to logically resuscitate his character not unless he has a twin brother. I’d be very disappointed if they tried to bring him back somehow. It’s also safe to assume Park Eun Seok will be back to film for a couple of things ahead of his drama death. I liked his character and was rooting for him because he accepted to take responsibility for his actions.

I guess “Penthouse 3” will focus on finding out who killed Logan and avenging his death, I bet Shim Su Ryeong will join hands with Oh Yoon Hee to figure out what just happened.

I still am skeptical about the 12 episodes announcement. “Penthouse 3” will also have 12 episodes, I am curious to see if she pulls it off again. It is being said that only one episode will air weekly, but SBS never publicly responded to these claims yet. If its true, its a good decision because the drama staff and actors have been working for closely a year on this drama back to back, poor staff needs a break too.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. They’re doing too much now! I agree, they should have ended it with two seasons, everything now is just overdrawn and it’s become a bit cartoonist, like I can’t take anyone seriously. If the plot of season 3 is avenging Logan’s death then I’m sorry that’s so boring, we’ve literally see. The same plotline for 30 episodes

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