The “Penthouse 2” Episode 12 Recap And Review- Two Birds In One Stone But Happiness Is Short-lived

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The “Penthouse 2” Episode 12 aired last night, and as you’d expect, the internet went crazy over it and the theories that are coming out of it are giving me even more anxiety and fear, I am becoming afraid of watching next week’s episode which will also be the last one in this season.

Before I begin with the recap and review, I need to clarify that The “Penthouse 2” is not 12 episodes, but 13 episodes long. The last episode of this season will air next week Friday. There seems to be confusion regarding this.

The below recap is of the highlights of the episode [the biggest moments], its not a detailed recap

The “Penthouse 2” Episode 12 recap

The drama goes back in time to before the arrest of Joo Dan Tae. Oh Yoon Hee sat down with Cheon Soo Jin to discuss the plan. She tells her someone named Na Ae Gyo will die tonight and says if she wants the necklace back, she must do as she says.

Cheon Soo Jin crushes sleeping pills into Joo Dan Tae’s drinks. She then goes to get one of his suits and his car keys, she also texts Na Ae Gyo this message, ‘bring the money by 10 p.m. and I’ll spare your life.’ Oh Yoon Hee is handed the stuff and she uses his car to remove the camera memory card and gives the car to Logan.

Logan drives to that location, after slightly running into Shim Su Ryeong, he puts her in a cab and tells her to be careful, she gives him a ring of her to place in Joo Dan Tae’s car.

Meanwhile, Oh Yoon Hee goes to retrieve Na Ae Gyo’s ashes and gives them back to Cheon Soo Jin along with the outfits they used for the ‘murder.’ Oh Yoon Hee also uses Joo Dan Tae’s phone to send his men to a storage room, but then turns it off.

Logan goes to the hospital to pick up Bae Ro Na with the help of Seok Hoon who tags along because he can’t trust adults. They take Bae Ro Na to the place where Shim Su Ryeong has been staying. Shim Su Ryeong then tells Bae Ro Na to act as if she’s been abused by Joo Dan Tae and locked up by him. They both hide in the basement and Oh Yoon Hee has the key.

Oh Yoon Hee goes back there, she puts some of Cheon Soo Jin’s belongings and DNA there to make it seem like she’s been there many times. She then returns to the palace and gives Cheon Soo Jin the key to the basement, she tells her this key of some sort has her daughter’s necklace. She tells her to go search for it but be back before 6 a.m. She goes there but is unable to find it in time, she leaves in a rush.

On the day Joo Dan Tae gets caught

Oh Yoon Hee shows up at the police station to rub it in his face, he realizes Oh Yoon Hee and Cheon Soo Jin plotted against him. He tries to strangle Oh Yoon Hee which doesn’t help his case. Cheon Soo Jin prepares for divorce as news of Joo Dan Tae spread everywhere.

After Shim Su Ryeong and Bae Ro Na get taken out of the basement, they give testimonies to the police. Shim Su Ryeong claims he faked her death and tortured her in that basement for two years, Bae Ro Na gives a similar statement.

Logan reunites with Shim Su Ryeong and they kiss.

At the Hera palace, the parents’ trio ask Cheon Soo Jin if she knew her husband was like this, then, they tell her Shim Su Ryeong is alive, she loses her shit. She then goes to confront Oh Yoon Hee who is barely hanging on and cleaning up everything as she prepares to say goodbye, she’s done what she wanted to do.

Cheon Soo Jin looks for her daughter Eun Byeol, the Teacher Jin then tells her she’s cleaning her daughter’s room and has sent her somewhere else, Cheon Soo Jin senses something is wrong with this woman so she fires her, but before she’s able to carry that out, she’s captured by police for abducting and imprisoning Shim Su Ryeong and Bae Ro Na. She is dragged by police outside as she screams she’s innocent.

At the police station, Joo Dan Tae realizes he’s in deep shit and it won’t be easy to get out of it. He is also told Bae Ro Na isn’t dead. He freaks out as he discover he’s killed the love of his life, Na Ae Gyo.

We then discover that a man named Jung Doo Man and Logan have plotted to bring down Joo Dan Tae. Turns out, he’s known Shim Su Ryeong’s father for a while, he started seeing whom he presumed to be his daughter but he quickly found out she was another person, who is Na Ae Gyo.

He went against Joo Dan Tae who killed his lover. At the time of the murder two years ago, he had arranged for her to flee to the U.S away from Joo Dan Tae. But she died.

Logan then goes to the hospital to see Shim Su Ryeong and tells her Mr. Jung was truly in love with Na Ae Gyo.

Flashback to two years ago

Shim Su Ryeong saw Na Ae Gyo with Mr. Jung, she confronted her about impersonating her and making money by getting real estate information out of politicians and building new buildings. Shim Su Ryeong tells her she can’t understand why she’s working with Joo Dan Tae. When Shim Su Ryeong threatens to reveal her identity to Mr. Jung, Na Ae Gyo freaks out and says ‘all I’ve been doing was receive political funds from Joo Dan Tae and help Mr. Jung. For my children to live happily, I must cooperate with Joo Dan Tae.” Shim Su Ryeong then tells Na Ae Gyo the twins are being abused.

end of flashback.

Seok Kyung sees her mom and they both have a beautiful reunion.

Since Joo Dan Tae is cornered, he reaches out to Logan’s father who rejects his calls, as a result, Logan’s father is being questioned by U.S. police. Logan says he must go back and asks one of the people helping him to keep this info from Shim Su Ryeong.

Logan then speaks on the phone with teacher Jin. Turns out she’s batshit crazy as well and thinks she can be Eun Byeol’s parent and look after her. When Eun Byeol discovers her mom was arrested, teacher Jin turns out to be totally crazy and lies to her by saying her mom doesn’t want to see her.

Joo Dan Tae meets up with Lee Kyu Jin who overcharges to represent him, he wants 30 million dollars. He ends up in an argument with him, Lee Kyu Jin beats him.

Oh Yoon Hee sends one final message to Ha Yeon Cheol, she tells him she knows he didn’t kill her daughter, he can sense she’s about to do something wrong.

Oh Yoon Hee is unreachable by phone, Logan and Shim Su Ryeong begin looking for her but they can’t find her. They neglected to tell her her daughter was alive.

Shim Su Ryeong goes to her place and finds a letter of goodbye, the scene cuts to Oh Yoon Hee possibly jumping into the Han River.

The “Penthouse 2” Episode 12 reviewed

Wow, they spent a good 30 minutes on flashbacks and setup for the imprisonment of Joo Dan Tae. I just hope that they don’t do something to reverse it again at the end of episode 13 next week.

I am surprised they’re ending it with 13 episodes unlike the previously announced 12 episodes, only time will tell if this was needed for the plot or not. The thing is, with the massive popularity this drama has amassed, the broadcasting station wouldn’t obviously want to give up on it. The screenwriter is also doing everything she can left and right to stretch the plot and add details here and there that’ll eventually [hopefully] become connected.

I have a feeling Oh Yoon Hee didn’t die, I am almost sure she didn’t but if she did, I will commend the writer for taking such a risk by killing off one of the main actors of the drama. Eugene has already posted a selfie of herself with the script of episode 13 so I am guessing at least, she’s sticking around for a while.

I still dont quite understand why she wasn’t informed that her daughter was somehow alive, I think they will provide an explanation next week but I just don’t understand why they’d make her go through all of that especially considering how Shim Su Ryeong orchestrated the whole thing and probably saved Bae Ro Na’s life.

I can already see that Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Soo Jin will team up again considering how they were both screwed by Shim Su Ryeong and Oh Yoon Hee.

Now, there is this theory that is honestly scaring me, some fans seem to believe Logan will become the bad guy, and honestly when I first read that, I was scared. I like his character and I am seriously worried this could be true. The fans who think so explained that they believe so because Logan laughs hysterically like a villain in the preview, its not enough to warrant such a theory but …. the screenwriter might shock us all in the end. This is why I am scared.

Lord knows what’s gonna happen next week, but I am both excited and nervous, will the screenwriter follow the path I suspect she would or will she shock me yet again.

I wanted to say something that I dont think a lot of people are discussing but I am liking it.

The drama is casting great popular actors to make cameo appearances but in some of these cases, the cameos are actually pivotal to the story and have deep roots and interests, I like this when it happens. You can see that the popular actors don’t mind making longer cameo appearances as well since the drama is nearing 30%, who would say no to this? Its just something I wanted to bring up because I like the way the cameo appearances are being used.

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