“The King: Eternal Monarch” Episode 5 Review And Recap

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“The King: Eternal Monarch” episode 5 is here and I am here again to talk about it.

I’ve been reviewing “The King: Eternal Monarch” episodes, you can read my review of the past four from here. If you read my last review, I said I was probably done with reviewing “The King: Eternal Monarch” episode to episode but due to popular demand and how tonight’s episode played out, I wanted to talk about it.

Initially, I had lower expectations going in to “The King: Eternal Monarch” 5th episode but I was pleasantly surprised but also a bit disappointed in some areas, its one of the reasons I am back to talk about it.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” has been pretty average thus far, but episode 5 was fun, there were moments I chuckled and moments I found cringy, other than that, there is also close to no development in this episode aside from two to three scenes, its problem that’s been plaguing this series thus far.

Episode 5 picks up right where we left off, Tae Eul is flabbergasted as she realizes that Lee Gon was not crazy and is actually a king. While she’s being escorted we suddenly shift to a scene that doesn’t fit, so far, I’ve understood that this was the place they went to while crossing between the two worlds, but the editing for this scene is just terrible… I was very taken back and couldn’t understand where it came from; I had to rewind just to make sure I hadn’t skipped a scene or something.

Tae Eul is shocked by her surroundings and has a hard time adjusting to how different she should be treating Lee Gon… with respect! Then came one of my fav scenes in this series thus far, the time Tae Eul pointed the gun at Lee Gon, and how everyone around her reacted.

One of my fav characters in “The King: Eternal Monarch” is the court lady, her expressions are just amazing and she’s the perfect comic relief in this series so far, she never overstays her welcome but is always funny and interesting to watch. I also like how careful Lee Gon is around her.

Throughout this episode we see just how whipped Lee Gon is for Tae Eul, he brings her food, he sneaks to meet her, he has her join his guard team and much more. This is one of the most absurd parts of “The King: Eternal Monarch” so far.

As I’ve stated before, I have no idea why Lee Gon has fallen for Tae Eul nor that it is clearly explained in the series, there is nothing to explain why it happens or how it happens, it’s just there… why? This is one of the weakest couples I’ve seen in a Kim Eun Sook drama thus far, usually, she does a better job explaining why each character starts liking the other, I see no spark and I see nothing that remotely explains why I should care about their romance, it feels forced.

It would’ve been better if the writer explained it in a way that basically says Lee Gon is obsessed with the card that had Tae Eul’s face on it and has long had a fixed obsession with it. But, at the time he discovered the card, he was only 8 years old and to develop a sort of romantic interest in who he perceives to be his savior feels very odd to me.

Tae Eul also shows no signs that she remotely likes him, she’s like the main male lead character in a typical kdrama who’s always mean to the poor girl. She’s never once treated him nicely or been polite towards him, she kicks ass and is good at her job, but I don’t understand why he’d fall for her, you’d think he has higher standards or at least cares enough that his potential partner respects him.

In the first half of the episode, they both kiss and it’s very awkward and cringy. Again, I don’t understand the timing or the need. It feels like Lee Gon is just a creepy dude at this point, plus Tae Eul doesn’t even like him, why isn’t she rejecting his advances? or is it because she found out he’s loaded in this world? Again, this is one of the poorest setups for a kiss scene between the two leads in a Kim Eun Sook drama.

Before their kiss, she asks him if he’s ever dated or if he’s dating her, but nothing she said or did thus far gave the impression that she was okay dating him, the series gave us nothing to prove that.

Another point of issue I’d like to point out is the editing, its very confusing.

I’ve read a lot of comments about this as well. Basically, “The King: Eternal Monarch” moves back and forth between the two worlds but it’s going to get even more difficult to distinguish between them as we’re introduced to the parallel characters who basically have very similar jobs in both worlds.

At least have a different color scheme for one of the worlds, because I was honestly very confused at least three times whilst watching the 5th episode of “The King: Eternal Monarch.” I had no idea which world the scene was in.

After the first half, the majority of the 2nd half of this episode was very tedious and filled with fillers, not much happens aside from the king carrying out his duties and Tae Eul getting used to her surroundings, it could’ve been done that way but at least try to insert some plot development here and there, something to go on from, plz?

The most intriguing part of the series comes 40 minutes in, Lee Lim meets a pregnant woman and explains that she can have a different life, a life of luxury that’s lived by her in the other world, he says she must kill that woman.

Finally, we’re back to what makes the series interesting, I almost forgot we had a villain in this drama but again, it’s not enough and it feel deliberate.

It feels that it’s driven by money rather than a valid reason, of course, it costs a lot to make these episodes but the longer they air, the more they make and Kim Eun Sook is banking on that.

She knows her dramas do well and is banking on casting popular faces that fans would be willing to watch literally just be on screen without even questioning why. I don’t like it when this happens, I’ve long had issues with kdramas that are only 16 episodes not because they have to or need to be that because of the plot, it feels very disingenuous and I know I am one of the few people who feel that way.  

Even though Shin Jae didn’t have much of a screentime in this episode, he’s still by far the most charming character and the one that intrigues me the most, he’s also the most likeable among them and he’s not even trying.

At the last minute of “The King: Eternal Monarch” 5th episode, the two leads meet the feisty PM, but honestly I don’t really care, I know the PM is going to put on a fight but I know it won’t work because he’s already fallen for another woman.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” 5th episode was fun during the first half but very lackluster during the second half. Again, there isn’t much to talk about or to sum aside from characters either settling in or going about their day.

“The King: Eternal Monarch” is yet to prove that its interesting enough to be 16 episodes, it’s not a healing drama but still, very slow in terms of plot development.

What about you guys? what did you think of “The King: Eternal Monarch” 5th episode?

By Jass K.

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  1. I was waiting for you!! It is totally apt. The show is just disappointing more and more with each ep and the only reason I still watch it is Lee Min Ho. The lead woman do not even like him and shows no interest and still he continues to be cringy. Why??? And that kiss scene seemed totally awkward given that there’s no chemistry between them. Its just sad that a show with such a cast and background is failing on storyline and chemistry 🙁

  2. Tienes toda la razón, tengo expectativas más altas con respecto a este drama, muy aparte porque es la vuelta del rey Lee Min Ho pero en sí la trama se veía diferente a cualquier cosa que haya visto.
    Pero estoy a veces confundida con tanta vida y vuelta entre mundos ,tengo que repasar la escena más de 1 vez para entender un poco más
    Y este fue el beso más feo que vi del rey ,nose porque no tiene sentido o será porque en ella no vi ni una pizca de que le guste
    Más allá de ello voy a seguir viéndolo porque tengo esperanzas de que cambie un poco y nos de más de trama de amor que es algo que la mayoría espera

  3. I actually agree with everything you say. I was scratching my head half of the time and thinking….what! I honestly think that something is missing from the plot, it doesn’t flow well and leaves me confused. I also don’t understand how the feelings between the two developed. When and how did he start liking her? She has shown no signs of liking him. The scenes are edited in a way where half of the time I don’t know what’s happening or how it happened. I thought the plot would pick up after last episode which looked a bit more promising, but it has just been a mess. I will continue to watch a bit longer because of my love for the writer’s other dramas and the actors.

  4. I’d been looking for a review that talked about the weird editing and confusing plot points. Thank you! Yes, that balloon region scene and the kiss scene, both seemed pointless and forced, and ofc badly edited. While I shall continue watching it, this show is really a mess so far. Hope the coming eps don’t disappoint!

  5. You didn’t even mention about the long looks at each other for no reason and the excessive use of slo mo. Every time LMH moves, it’s in slo mo with romantic music. At the end of Ep. 5 he walks out of a building…big whoop. This does not need to be highlighted. 2 of the 5 hours so far has been slo mo walking or long looks with no pay off.

    Also, the whole bedroom scene was ridiculous. “Hey, I’ve brought you into a parallel universe…we’re dating now. Kiss”. Seriously, that should have been reserved for a kilig episode 8 or 9 moment after having a chance to get to know each other. Tae Eul is still being abrasive and unlikeable even after being shown the parallel world. Honestly there’s been more chemistry between her and the bodyguard then there has between her and the king.

  6. Hello! Thanks for the review. Honestly, i also felt weird on the progress of the drama. Every point that you’ve said is true, i felt that too. I hope there is something behind their fast attraction to each other, the scene where a masked person saved the young Lee Gon, and the things the Lee Lim is plotting. I’m so confused! But, hopefully, watching it ’til the end will give us answers and will be worth the watch.

  7. Oh my God, how unlikable is that girl. I won’t even get in to the lack of chemistry between the two. I will still keep watching but, good grief some parts are just exhausting to watch. I agree the most charming character is the detective friend, he is awesome.

  8. Why does lee gon not try to locate himself in Republic of Korea when he knows that everyone should have a doppelganger in the parallel universe. Sure hope the director gives a convincing answer later.

  9. Lee Min Ho is a bland actor, I know he is popular- but he’s just not that good. Compare him to Gong Yoo for exp (they both starred with the female lead) and you can see the difference. I don’t particularly like Gong Yoo but I can’t deny he is a very skilled actor.
    Kim Eun-Sook is a great writer- she wrote one of my all time favorite dramas: the city hall, but this drama isn’t one of her finest.

  10. The thing that stands out the most for me so far is the cinematography. I wouldn’t say it’s outstanding all the way. But generally, it is an eye feast. It hasn’t been a compelling watch for me up to this point. Same here, the two secondary male leads seem to be piquing my interest more than LMH.

  11. Take out lead actress role and drama will be fine as it is. King can just go to parallel world and find out who his savior was using her identification card and be able to solve his predicament. He can even find a more beautiful and kind girl in that other world too, a twist will heal this mess if only it can be done that while the king is solving the mystery in the other world he will fall out of love for this odd ball police officer and find a better object of his affection and it would be someone who will just be a simple nitwit and it will be just fine atleast it will be the source of humor. This drama is BORING that i wish i was watching LMH in BOF and HHJ in Shining Inheritance together and whew that will be a real treat but then again it is just wishful thinking. In this episode it is a big flop that the lead role is even written. What a big disapointment. It is like saying LMH can take on the drama on his own with no need of a lead actress who is utterly useless and annoying at that. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  12. The most sensible review i’ve read so far. A lot of people say it was miscast, that they don’t like KGE. But i always think it’s not with theses actors lay the problems but with the development of the story. Even the directing was questionable, they have this scene were Yeong described Myeung-seung to Enseup, but the picture that was flashed back was of Nari like i Don’t get it.
    You’re right with the king being suddenly inlove with Tae-eul, it wasn’t explained. I think eps 1-7, they could have put some more story there. There were no impact were you really would want to look forward on the next episode. But thank God, it’s getting better from eps 8.

  13. Oh thank God a sensible review, I thought it was only I who cringing to the bone while watching this mess. Iv just joined the club started watching about a week ago and I can barely get through an episode. The only reason I endure isbecause 1. The cinematography it is absolutely breathtaking like I’ll give then that its gorgeous, and 2. Lee Min Ho who has never looked better honestly if he wasn’t in this I’d have given up loooong ago. I just feel like this story line is really reaching, as in there is absolutely no chemistry and yet they keep forcing this relationship on us. I mean they are both great actors, we all love Lee Min Ho but good Lord, these celebs can’t carry this drama all by themselves, based on fans loving them No! there has to be a story, I mean it’s episode 5 and I still have no clue why he likes her, she’s unlikable period, nobody in their right mind would put up with her stand-off attitude, even if she did save his life as a child. Be grateful to her I get that, but it’s not enough, I repeat its not enough for a romantic love especially since she absolutely doesn’t reciprocate it. That kiss omg I was cringing the entire time like why is this happening?? And you, this guy is supposed to be a King a whole King, he’s behavior doesn’t tally not at all. All in all I’m sad and disappointed and quite frankly frustrated coz this could easily have been fixed it they’d just given us a little more towards the basis of his feelings for her, and we would have had a wonderful kdrama to our list of beloved kdramas. I really had high hopes for this one they were all crushed.

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