“The Kidnapping Day” Ending Explained- Is Season Two Coming Soon?

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“The Kidnapping Day” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its 12th episode and its ending explained!

“The Kidnapping Day” episode 12 recap

Choi Ro-Hee’s extended family sees the news and finds out the world now knows she’s alive. Meanwhile, Kim Myeong-Jun is arrested.

Seo Hye-Eun sees the news, she wants to go to Choi Ro-Hee’s house and retrieve the laptop. When her daughter tries to stop her, she tells her to not trust anybody even her mom.

Park Sang-Yoon is let out by the help of Choi Ro-Hee’s extended family. He goes back to the house and speaks to Choi Ro-Hee. She wants to end it and reveal who the real killer of her parents is.

Meanwhile, Seo Hye-Eun hands Jaden the laptop and he checks it and its legit.

Through examining the CCTV footage again, they can prove the person who came in was the CCTV guy but who came out was a woman. They put a PBA on Seo Hye-Eun. She cannot leave overseas anymore. When she goes to check on the people who were supposed to help her with a fake passport, she discovers they died.

Choi Ro-Hee meets with the chief of police and suggests he appears on TV to incite Seo Hye-Eun to expose herself. Meanwhile, Jaden is arrested immediately for theft and brought in.

Jaden then meets with a person named Richard [cameo by Kang Ha Neul]. He thinks he’s his lawyer, he hands him a coffee that he drinks and its poisoned. He reveals he’s Ho-Young’s brother [the man who was always with Jaden working for those mysterious people] and this is his revenge. He laughs at him as he dies.

Meanwhile, the police plants CCTV and listening devices at Choi Ro-Hee’s place and she calls Seo Hye-Eun who comes. Myeong-Jun is also momentarily let out to observe the situation and help if needed.

Seo Hye-Eun comes to Choi Ro-Hee’s place and have a chat. Choi Ro-Hee accuses her of killing her dad and reveals she’s been threatening him for some time and extorting money, but then, one day, he invited her home [the day of the murders], he was planning to kill her and blame the murder of his wife on her. She defends herself and with the sword kills him. she then calls for the CCTV ahjussi and he cleans up after her.

Seo Hye-Eun does not take the bait and insists its her imagination, then the kid asks her why she made Myeong-Jun suffer along with her. She says it was his cross to bear but she took it over for him and thus, he needed to suffer.

She begins to break down as Choi Ro-Hee pressures her and admits to having killed the father, she then realizes she’s screwed and takes out a knife, she threatens to kill Choi Ro-Hee and police show up.

Myeong-Jun also shows up and tries to calm her down, he manages to do that successfully. She cries in his arms as police finally arrest her.

Police reveal the identity of the killer and Myeong-Jun’s trial is held. Ro Hee gives a statement and begs the judge to release him as he’s done nothing wrong. She says she never felt afraid of him.

After the trial, she hands Dr. Mo Eun-Sun a paper with information after reading her father’s research. She says she hopes it helps her.

After some time

Ro Hee visits Myeong-Jun in prison. She suggests his daughter leaves overseas but he’s not convinced. He says she needs to go to school and learn social skills. They bicker again while the lawyer tries to calm them down.

Eventually, Ro Hee and Myeong-Jun’s daughter both attend the same school. Ro Hee tries to introduce herself and discusses her wealth, and sees the kids are confused, then she reintroduces herself and says she lacks social skills.

In the epilogue

Dr. Mo Eun-Sun visits a school in Singapore [or overseas]. She’s been given four addresses in four different places by Ro Hee. She then meets a young girl, that girl looks the same as Ro Hee, her name is Eliana. The doctor is shocked.

The end.

“The Kidnapping Day” ending explained- FAQ

“The Kidnapping Day” ending- review

Man, I’ve never had this much fun watching something that made zero sense in a while. This tells you just how much it matters what the casting is.

This drama made less sense the more time went by. Despite that, I’d say the original ideas and key points remained consistent throughout, but the execution fell here and there. Despite that, it was a very enjoyable drama. This means the writer had an idea of how they wanted everything to play out but the details of how they played out made less sense as time went by, which is, for something of this genre, not an ideal.  

Having Jaden be killed inside a police station was very implausible. I get that these higher ups have leeway, but it’s a bit much to kill him right then and there.

Plus, Ha Neul looks amazing when he’s evil, we need a villain role ASAP.

Writing that Seo Hye-Eun comes to the kid and then somehow ends up admitting it is also a nonsensical, but I’ll let it pass. The ending was filled with moments like these where it does not make sense but keeps on moving.

With these 12 episodes, the drama had the luxury to explore every aspect of the story, but they chose not. I think if the drama’s run was slightly reduced and the script re-examined several times, this would’ve easily been one of the best written kdramas in recent memory.

I wanted to know how many years Myeong-Jun got and if he adopted Ro Hee, but that didn’t happen. For my sake, I am assuming he did.

When I tell you this has been one of the most fun kdramas of 2023, I am not joking.

I am not going to sit here and judge every single plot point because some of them didn’t make sense, but I really enjoyed everybody’s performance and overall, found this drama to be one of the most unexpectedly fun kdramas of 2023.

Overall, this was a solid watch. Will miss our lovely duo next week.

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