The K-drama “About Time” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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We’re revisiting The Korean Drama “About Time” and talking about its ending, why some fans found it disappointing, and more!

“About Time” episode 16 recap

Mi Ka wakes up from her sleep, she can see her clock is gaining time more and more, she knows its because of Do Ha, so she’s anxious, he notices it but brushes it aside.

Do Ha decides to go with her to the supermarket, he wants to cook her food, however, when they accidentally bump into something, they get separated, Mi Ka disappears.

Do Ha frantically searches for her everywhere, but he cannot find her. She goes to see Oh So-Nyeo and tell her about this issue. She consoles her.

Do Ha calls everyone he knows including Sung-Hee who lies about this. Mi Ka meets with her to tell her about her plans to go away, she decides to do so because she knows if she stays here by her family’s side, he’ll find her and then he’ll die.

Sung-Hee cries asking her not to go.

At home, Sung-Hee sees Wi-Jin and his mother, he talks about telling them they’re dating but she refuses, through an argument, she explains his sister will die soon and the mother overhears this.

She then explains it to her while she’s crying her eyes out.

The mother recalls past events and why her daughter suddenly began to eat faster and move faster, she cries seeing the banknotes her daughter left behind.

Do Ha then meets with Mi Ka’s mother who begs him to do a full body scan on her to find whats wrong or to help her out, he promises he will.

The mother then goes to see Mi Ka, she apologizes and they hug each other. Mi Ka tells her to live life and consoles her.

On another occasion

When Mi Ka finishes grocery shopping, she is crossing the street when suddenly her stuff falls to the ground, she goes to pick it up and then sees her clock is acting up and she’s gaining time, she panics and starts looking around for him. She finds him and talks to him through the phone, she tries to run away but the cars start driving around them while he tries to cross the street to see her, then the white truck of death hits them both, they both fall to the ground.

Mi Ka recalls her past time when she was with her grandmother as a little girl, she was playing around a field when she suddenly saw a flower petal and followed it, the grandma saw a car coming and jumped to block it. Mi Ka sees her grandma on the ground bleeding, her clocks is up, the person who was driving that car was Do Ha’s parents car driver. Do Ha sees what happened.

At the hospital, she cries calling for her grandma, young Do ha comes and consoles her, they both cry.

When they’re older, they brush against each other in the street and due to this, Mi Ka begins to see her own clock too.

At the hospital, Mi Ka wakes up, she looks at her wrist where her clock is and tears up, then someone enters her room.

The rest of the episode goes through Mi Ka and Do Ha living their lives as a happy couple. Mi Ka is practicing for her musicals, she goes on a date with Do Ha.

Mi Ka’s mother makes a meal for the couple which they happen to enjoy.

Wi-Jin meets up with Sung Hee and they’re playing around, they kiss and end up having sex later on.

Do Ha then sees his father and discusses how business is doing well, his father is not happy he wants to introduce his girlfriend, but Do Ha insists she’s the love of his life and someone he can’t live without.

On another day, Do Ha takes Mi Ka to see her father in a prison visit, she introduces him. And another time when Mi Ka visits Oh So-Nyeo, she talks about how difficult it was but how its also weird she can’t see clocks anymore. She talks about the good and the bad of seeing this.

At night, Mi Ka thanks Do Ha for going to visit her dad with her, he asks her to stay the night. She goes with him but we find his friends back at his place. She then sleeps in while he talks to his friends. She sees a teddy bear there and replays its button and finds out he said ‘I love you Mi Ka’ on it.

In the morning she wakes up and he’s there by her side. Along with the teddy bear she was holding he presents her beautiful earnings; she tells him she loves him too. They kiss.

They’re a happy couple living happily through the good and bad times. They believe their love for each other helped them overcome whatever that clock was.

The end.

Does the kdrama “About time” have a happy ending?

Yes, it did. While the drama’s ending was not one that made sense, it was still a happy ending with the couple ending up together.

What is the ending of the kdrama “About Time”?

The ending of “About Time” is a happy one, it ends with both Do Ha and Mi Ka getting into a car accident but surviving it. While the screenwriter attempts to brush over the clocks acting up to ‘fate,’ the couple end up dating happily and the drama overall has a very happy ending to it.

So what did you guys think of the kdrama “About Time” ending? did it make sense to you or not?

“About Time” ending review

Wow… that was some execution, I’d tell you that. Revisiting this drama and its ending, I must say, the ending is not good, at all.

I mean teasing the clock and its consequences to then abandon the core idea is like everything a screenwriter should not do. If you cannot commit to the plot you’ve set up, then maybe, just maybe you should not have made the stakes feel so high.

The screenwriter neglects to mention why it happened aside from attributing it to love which is like saying, ‘I don’t know how to end this nicely,’ I think if Do Ha had died, it would have been sad but expected, especially since the fans who watched had been anticipating this outcome.

I think the most sad thing is how the writing turned out, because no matter how good actors, producers or the directors are, if the scripts they have to deal with isn’t up to standards, it likely won’t work, the script truly lost its charm along the way and that ending solidified that feeling too. I feel bad for the actors especially since they worked so hard on this, and probably were blindsided by the ending themselves.

This is why very and I mean VERY few people ever bring up this drama when discussing their favorite Lee Sung Kyung or Lee Sang-Yoon drama.

The drama should have definitely been shorter and the screenwriter should have stuck to the ideas she had spent over 10 hours setting up.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I finished this show today so it’s funny this article just happened to be written in time for my confused Google after seeing that ending. It was so random, I’m all for a happy ending but this felt like lazy. I honestly was expecting a last minute reveal that this “happy ending” was actual just something their brains made up as they both bled out and died together holding hands. Honestly I might have liked that better, this show gave me whiplash. I am not usually a fan of sad shows but it might have been better in this case. I was expecting the purpose of the clocks to be about people cherishing the time they had left and being grateful for the fact that they can prepare themselves to day goodbye.

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