“The Interest Of Love” Open Ending And Finale- Episode 16 Recap

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JTBC’s “The Interest Of Love” has ended its run earlier today, lets talk about its ending, what it means, and more in the finale episode recap.

“The Interest Of Love” episode 16 recap

The episode begins showing 4 years have passed, turns out Ahn Su-Yeong ghosted Ha Sang-Su after their date that day. They’ve cut off contact completely.

The original bank branch team meet up to attend Ma Du-Sik and Bae Eun-Jung’s wedding.

We find out that Yuk Shi-Kyung retired, Seo Min-Hee is pregnant with her 3rd child, Noh Tae-Pyung is now the branch manager and Ha Sang-Su transferred to a new branch in a new location.

After Ha Sang-Su leaves, Park Mi-Gyeong shows up.

Sang Su goes on a blind date but the girl rejects him. Seo Min-Hee then visits Su-Yeong and we find out she’s opened a drawing cafe, they catch up but she does not ask about Sang Su.

One day, Sang Su is on his way to his new job location and he follows what he believes was Su-Yeong, he finds out its not but then stumbles upon a cafe that reminds him of her, the name is ‘future happiness.’ but Su-Yeong is not there.

At an art gallery, Su-Yeong and Mi-Gyeong run to each other, they talk and feel a bit awkward but Mi-Gyeong admits she missed her. She also reveals she’s now dating.

We also find out Jong-Hyeon is now a police officer living in a place where he can see the Namsan tower.

Su-Yeong goes out to the bank location to take a loan and narrowly misses Sang Su. However, one of the bank employees gives him a bunch of papers and he sees her name finding out her contact information.

He is then assigned her case and visits her asking for additional documents. She offers him a cup of coffee and they’re very awkward around each other.

On another day while crossing the street, she sees Jong-Hyeon in his uniform, he only catches her after she crossed the street, she smiles slightly at him, he salutes her as she walks away remembering his promise.

On another day, Sang Su brings the documents for her to sign. He decides to stick around and draw before taking his art back home. At night, both run into each other in the same place he used to go when he was troubled.

Then he asks her, why did she ghost him, she says, “I felt I had nothing left to give or receive.” When they talk about the past, he says she broke their promise to eat together, he asks her, “how about you keep that promise tomorrow?” she agrees.


The next day, he does his best to stay alert and wrap up work before the date, he sees missing money and decides to just pay it and not be late to the date.

They walk together and discuss their past regrets wondering if it would have made a difference if they had been more clear.

At the top of the hill, they stand after discussing how it would have been different and they’d be married and going through life with difficulty.


how does “The Interest Of Love” end?

Standing on top of the hill of oblivion, she asks him, ‘did you forget anything?’ he says, ‘nothing, absolutely nothing.’ They smile at each other and then continue walking together.

Does “The Interest Of Love” have a happy ending?

Yes, you could say so. While the lead did not end up dating, it was a mostly happy ending for the rest involved showing how each one aside from the leads moved on with their lives.

Why did Su-Yeon break up with Sang Su like that?

When he asks her, why did she ghost him, she says, “I felt I had nothing left to give or receive.”

Did Jong-Hyeon get a happy ending?

Yes, he became a police officer and is living just fine.

Did Sang Su and Su-Yeong end up together?

While the drama does not say that explicitly, its hinted that they are in a better place now and seem more ready to start a healthy relationship. You can also assume they might start dating again since Su-Yeong accepted to fulfill the promise she made 4 years ago leaving the door open for a future rekindling of their relationship.

“The Interest Of Love” final thoughts

Well…. That was an ending…

I don’t think we needed 16 episodes for such an ending, had it been a movie or 6 to 8 episodes, I would have been totally fine with this ending.

I am not against lead characters not ending up together, but when you spend the majority of the drama’s run time talking about why these two characters can never fit in each other’s lives, then you give an open ending… it almost feels like you can’t even stick to the entire premise of your script.

I think it would have been ok to just end it with both of them letting go of the past and moving on to better things. That would have made this drama carry a bigger impact with its message, sometimes, we meet the right people at the wrong time, and sometimes, we treat the best people badly even though we deeply care for them.

I understand most of what they were trying to say and agree with it but I don’t think it deserved to be this long or have this type of ending. I still don’t think they should date and the reasoning she gave for ditching him was just mind-boggling and didn’t make sense.

I really like the character Ga young picked this time, this is a departure from the type of cute/ clumsy/ bubbly characters she usually does, she pulls it off immensely well. Even if I wouldn’t say this drama was memorable or particularly well-written, it was well-acted. The cast truly carried the drama and Ga young delivered a great performance.

Anyways, thank you to the staff and the actors for the hard work.

What did you guys think of “The Interest Of Love” ending? Were you also surprised or not? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi, so is there any message on the statement Su yeong made; “what did you forget today” when they were in the hill of oblivion. If I should recall, it referenced episode 10… but the answer he gave was a bit contradictory to a possible restart, or did I get the meaning wrong?

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