The Identity Of Big Mouse In “Big Mouth” Finally Revealed, The Shocking Identity Of Who Runs The Organization

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Big Mouth” episode 13 has finally lifted the lid from the mystery that has been the identity of big mouse and it is as unexpected as you’d think. Lets talk about it.

Note: the below are spoilers of “Big Mouth” episode 13.

Who is big Mouse?

Big mouse turned out to be prisoner No Park, but here is the catch, ‘big mouse’ is not one person but an organization made of many figureheads who run the show. There are three top figures who can make commands that the rest have to follow.

Here are the identities of big mouse figureheads:

Warden Park Yoon-Gab: he’s No. 3 in command.

Kim Soon-Tae [Chang Ho’s friend]: is No. 2 in command.

No. 1 in command is supposedly Park No himself.

Meanwhile, Jerry has recently joined the organization and knows enough about it.

Who kept Chang Ho alive all this time?

Turns out, to make a request in the big mouse organization you have to be one of the top 3 in command. The person who wanted Chang Ho to stay alive was his friend Kim Soon-Tae.

With the figurehead Park No dead, someone else must become Big Mouse and that person is Park Chang Ho.

Park No films a video asking the organization to accept Park Chang Ho as big mouse saying he’ll run the show moving forward. Park Chang Ho is cornered into accepting the offer, otherwise, he knows they will kill him because he knows too much about them.

As of this writing, Park Chang Ho is BIG MOUSE.

Park Chang Ho has many reservations about becoming big mouse mainly because the organization is horrible and has committed countless crimes against humanity but he’s forced to take charge until the situation with the Chairman Kang Sung-Geun is taken care of.

He wants to do it his way and expose the mayor’s crimes as well as Chairman Kang Sung-Geun crimes and then step down from being big mouse. He wants to do it ‘legally.’

Personal thoughts

Well….. that was anti-climactic. I was already not quite pleased with the revelation that Park No was big mouse but it honestly makes sense. A young adult couldn’t have possibly achieved all of this.

I was still believing that Jerry had to do something with big mouse until the very last moment and I don’t like the chain of events that we have come to. Jerry is now part of it but he’s already deep enough despite the fact that he has only been there shortly.

Also…. Like I said in previous episodes reviews, the more expectations we build up, the more they can come crashing down. While I would not say this happened with me, the entire way it was revealed was underwhelming and unexpected, and not in the best of ways.

Even after Park No’s death, I was still hoping he was the right-hand man, not the figure himself, he got killed off so easily…. its honestly kinda stupid how easy it was to take him out…. but I guess it is to be expected from a writing perspective because we need Chang Ho’s character to remain the focal point. You’d think that big mouse would be protected once his identity was made known because he has so many enemies but that wasn’t what happened, its so odd.

I also don’t like how big mouse, who is an all-around horrible human being, chose someone as nice and as well-behaved as Chang Ho to lead the organization. Its a dumb decision quite honestly but I am hoping there is some sort of twist there because otherwise…. Why?

Anyone who met Chang Ho knows he’s not about that life, the dude was trying so hard to just exit the entire situation knowing how dangerous it is. big mouse already knew that and already knew he was not pleased to me put in the middle of this fight, the dude has a family to look after.

It could be guilt, but a foundation based on horrible acts can’t be cleaned just because the figurehead is not a murderer anymore, it does not erase what they’ve done.

Why would he lead a horrible organization that stole from people, distributed drugs that ruined countless lives, and killed many people throughout the course of the drama to hide the identity of big mouse?

I also told you guys that Kim Soon-Tae had something to do with it. I even suspected he was big mouse. But with this revelation, there are some plot holes spread throughout. He says he wanted his friend to survive, but Chang Ho came close to death at least 3 times and almost died. Also, the fact that the warden is part of the big mouse organization is quite honestly puzzling. The dude is extremely chaotic, greedy and a ticking time bomb. Also, why was he colluding with the same people that killed big mouse’s daughter if he’s a part of the organization? He switched sides like a toddler switches between toys on the daily, whats going on?

If Kim Soon-Tae wanted his friend to survive, they should have made it easier for him to become big mouse not harder to the point that he almost died a couple of times and wanted to commit suicide.

These are some of the discrepancies that come to my mind revisiting the entire drama. I bet I can dig up even more if I think for a little longer.

Having said this, the writing, for the most part, has been quite fun to observe. I appreciate the fact that the screenwriter made many interesting twists and turns and didn’t settle for the average noir drama. I might not be quite pleased with how everything turned out but I am happy that the screenwriter is at least trying things we don’t see often in kdramas.

I like the fact that big mouse is not one person but an organization and I liked how the build up was made so you’d believe he’s just one person. That was brilliant.

In such types of projects, you can’t help but run into plot holes the longer you go on, having said this, “Big Mouth” held up a lot better than I had originally anticipated and for that, I am thankful. Its still a fun drama to watch.

So what do you guys think of the identity of big mouse?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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