“The Forbidden Marriage” Ending And Finale- Episode 12 Recap

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If you’re a fan of “The Forbidden Marriage” and want to learn more about the drama’s concluding moments, this article is a must-read.

Today, I’ll be recapping “The Forbidden Marriage” episode 12.

“The Forbidden Marriage” episode 12 recap

Grand Queen Dowager meets up with So Rang. So Rang says she wants to uncover her real name.

On the next day, one of the two candidates to be the King’s queen bows down citing that it should be Hyun Seon. The Grand Queen Dowager calls her out her name and two girls step up. So Rang ends up revealing she’s the real Hyun Seon while Hyun Hee adamantly denies it. Seo Woon-Jung asks the father to confirm the facts, he ends up revealing she’s truly his daughter and her name is Hyun Seon. Then Seo Woon-Jung is exposed to have been trying to tamper with the selection process and the king drags the three of them away.

The king then asks So Rang for her hand in marriage, she agrees before everyone. He then announces the marriage ban is over. Everyone cheers and many asks their loved ones for their hands in marriage.

Lee Heon’s Anti-Group gathers at night to discuss what happened when its revealed that Na Sang Joo was set free, he comes to kill Jo Sung-Gyun who has other ideas, however, turns out the king himself set him free in exchange for handing in his master. Jo Sung-Gyun revolts by drawing his sword at the king and he’s attacked and wounded in the process with arrows, then the king delivers one final blow killing him.

Later, the king meets with So Rang and they have a conversation, he asks if he can still call her that and she agrees its best he does it. She expresses how lucky she is to have him and he assured her to have known Grand Queen Dowager would stand by her side once she found out the truth. Then the queen dowager escorts So Rang away from him for 40 days until marriage and embraces the new queen.

So Rang must begin training to become a queen.

Se Jang then talks to Court Lady Won-Nyeo who was brought back to serve the coming queen, and he asks for her hand in marriage, she excitingly says yes.
Na Sang Joo is let go but he ends up in the hands of Ban Ran-Tan who wants to avenge the death of his sister, they kill him.

The king later sentences So Rang’s family, the father is revealed to have been poisoned by them and his health deteriorated because of it, however, since he couldn’t manage the family, he’s suspended until he repents. Meanwhile, Hyeon Hee is sentenced to work away in a far land as a punishment for the rest of her life, Seo Woon-Jung is hanged for her crimes.

Later, the king and queen marry.

After their marriage, So Rang asks Lee Heon to grant new moms many days to recover, so he orders 100 days of maternal leave and the husband also gets 30 days off.

On another day, So Rang sees Crown Princess An Ja-Yeon’s father whose at her grave, she promises him a posthumous epithet to be given to her and a grave to be re-done to match her status. He cries.

Later, So Rang also asks the king to spare the women who were in line to be selected to be his wives, because under the older law, they couldn’t get married even if they were rejected. Later, both of them set up Shin Won and Hwa Yeon together. They end up dating.

Since the marriage ban was lifted, everyone is happily getting married. The queen and king walk among people and end up gazing at each other lovingly before sharing a kiss.

The end.

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