“The First Responders” Season 1 Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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The First Responders” has wrapped up its run recently, here is a recap of its finale of season 1.

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“The First Responders” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with Bong Do-Jin getting a ring to propose to Song Seol.

It was also revealed that Assemblyman Ma Joong-Do has died and a funeral for five days will be held. His son, Ma Tae-Hwa, gets out of prison due to the funeral. Lawyer Yang Chi-Young is not exactly thrilled his son is now the one he’s serving. He’s sent a massive amount in bitcoin from Ma Tae-Hwa who slaps him when he sees him, he tells him to behave well.

Ma Tae-Hwa meets up with Jin Ho-Gae at the funeral and they have a conversation. He ends it with asking him to stay out of trouble.

Jin Ho-Gae submitted his resignation and it has not been processed yet but he’s having doubts and wants to quit the force.

Meanwhile, a serial arsonist is setting up fires everywhere and leaving a signature. He lights up three fires and the team is dispatched there every time, it seems he’s set on making sure its the same team that gets dispatched. Bong Do-Jin notices a signature and when he tries to check, either his camera is burned or the signature is gone because its only meant that the first people who respond see it.

They suspect another attack at 7 pm, but it does not happen and instead, a cat dies.

He suspects a serial arsonist case and its facing pushback from everyone who insists its not. He decides to investigate for himself after getting into trouble with the police for insisting they’re not doing their job right. While he’s patrolling the area he sees Chief Dokko Soon around 3 a.m. They have a conversation and he insists its a serial arson case. He brings up how when he was young, he was playing around with a friend who held a cake, he was spraying fake snow at him which caused the cake to go up in flames, when his friend asked him to help him and putting out the fire, he escaped.

Later, when the fighter fighters showed up, they rescued him but he now has a huge scar on his arm.

While visiting the hospital to collect blood samples from survivors of one of the fires, Do-Jin sees that Hyunsoo’s bills are being paid at this hospital.

Do-Jin decides to pay a visit to Ho-Gae who is drinking at a site, he gives him a flash drive with the information he obtained. He ends up digging into it and discovering the connections. He goes back to his job and asks the NFS to conduct autopsy on the dead cat. They discover it had eaten toluene, turns out toluene is highly inflammable and difficult to detect unless you’re looking for it. They go back to the site and discover the cat saved lives when it interrupted the arsonist plan by eating the material that was laid there to ignite on fire.

They end up working hard and attempting to narrow down the list of suspects by investigating through phones that have been in each area, they discover a phone from a firefighter was also spotted but they rule that out. They focus on a man named Choi Iljun, age 49.

At a building, Seol is sitting down on a chair and spots Ho-Gae who sits down next to her, she hands him his badge and he tells her at that time his heart stopped beating, he was glad she was there with him. He then runs away after saying that.

the camera shows a man with a fire scar on his hands in footage throughout the episode too. Through more investigation, they discover that the arsonist used science and toluene to cause ignition in all cases.

While going up to the location to check for one of the cases, they are sure he’s the one. Due to Do-Jin amazing skills at figuring out the situation, Yoon Hong from the NFS offers him a job. She tells him to think it through.

At night, Do-Jin and Seol patrol the area together. He then prepares the ring and is about to ask her out when they get a call for a fire. They had passed by that man who is possibly the arsonist.

They decide to go inside the building from the top of another building so both Do-Jin and Ho-Gae use stairs to get there. They go inside the burning building with the cars but it ends up exploding causing the stair to fall. Both Do-Jin and Ho-Gae are now trapped inside the building thats raging with fire.

when will “The First Responders” season 2 air?

Previously, it was confirmed by the screenwriter of the drama that as season 2 is coming soon. SBS has since confirmed that “The First Responders” season 2 will air sometime in July of 2023.

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