“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” Ending Explained

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“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection episode 16 recap

Nam Chul-Woo has his gun up to police officers saying they should get going because they need to stop Matthew Lee. eventually, the police lets him and Cha Ju-Ran go.

Matthew Lee is at the huge launch event of the Tikitaka city and launch of LUCA. He greets viewers and Min Do-Hyeok tells Go Myoung-Ji to put the incriminating video footage on the laptop. So as he’s explaining LUCA, footage of him colluding with the prime minister appear. People demand answers. Then, Do-Hyeok shows up and asks him to tell him how he killed Yang Jin-Mo. He lies, of course and the prime minister points a squad with guns at him.

Meanwhile, Han Mo-Ne surrenders to police and admits to killing her husband. She also admits to having a child named Han Na and how she framed Bang Da-Mi for it.

at the event, the situation heats up and Do Hyeok asks Matthew again and he lies. He then exposes more of his lies on the screen and people rally in front of him to protect him from gun shots. People also begin streaming the event live and voices calling for justice grow.

The prosecutor in charge is also told to get an arrest warrant. Since Matthew kept lying, Jin-Mo shows up. He’s still hurt but alive. Turns out, they found him a donor and did a surgery successfully. He managed to recover and survive, they hid his survival from everyone.

The world begins to spin for Matthew so he takes one soldier’s gun and begins to shoot at random at people. Chul-Woo is deeply injured, he passes away at the hospital while Ju-Ran cries.

His AI system LUCA is a threat and the prosecutor asks Matthew to unlock it and stop it from accessing people’s info and exposing their messages worldwide. But he refuses. Then we find out that Do-Hyeok got a hold of it and the system now deleted everyone’s info and exposed Matthew’s. The system shuts down recalling only his crimes.

Police makes several arrests and a law in Da Mi’s name is enacted too.

3 months later

At his hearing, Matthew says one last thing, to the judge he says he has a daughter named Han Na and he wants a chance to experience life with her as a father, he pleads for leniency and says he deeply regrets all his actions.


However, the judge deletes what he said from record and forbids the press from talking about it too. She says he’s a horrible human who did so much harm. She sentences him to death.

Matthew is in his jail cell when he hears weird sounds and his cell door opened. He then goes outside and both Do-Hyeok and Ki-Tak have come for him. Ki-Tak begins shooting at various places in his body eventually shooting his heart. He’s also doused in gasoline and Do-Hyeok sets him on fire.

10 years later

2 high school girls are fighting because some girls accused their parents of being behind the Da Mi’s case. They admit to it but get into a fight.

Jin-Mo and Myoung-Ji are now parents, they have a son and those two daughters, one of which is Han Na. They have a Chinese restaurant and are doing okay. They get a call that their kids got into a fight.

Ju-Ran visits her husband’s grave and shows him how their son has grown up. We find out she’s now an OBGYN.

Mo-Ne resurfaces and leaves flowers for her daughter. She then goes back to her mother who now does not recall anyone but her grand-daughter. She takes good care of her now. However, when they went out into the woods, she got hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. There, news of Mo-Ne being spotted spread.

Meanwhile, Do-Hyeok is the head of their big corporation and they’re doing well supporting a lot of orphans too. He says he wants to quit and go back to nature. He then finds out that Mo-Ne was spotted.

at night, after taking her mother to the hospital, Mo-Ne talks to her and her mother recalls her now. They have a beautiful convo and sleep next to each other, but then, the mother passes away in her sleep. Mo-Ne cries.

Mo-Ne calls her daughter to let her know that but she sounds suicidal so the daughter calls Do-Hyeok. They rush to her village and eventually, Han Na finds Mo-Ne and they hug it out crying in each other’s arms. She says she does not hate her mother.

the end.

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“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” ending explained- FAQ

“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” ending- review

That was ok, not counting the massive loopholes….

I think neither SBS nor screenwriter Kim Sun-Ok anticipated the lack of interest in the 2nd season of this drama. I was surprised by how low the ratings had been at times.

I kinda expected people to be more critical of her writing this time, but not to this degree. I was genuinely surprised that even international fans had issues across the board with the drama’s writing.

The issues this drama has with its writing are very similar to the issues Penthouse had. But that drama had a huge fanbase and despite declining quality, the ship had sailed, and a lot of people had invested a lot of time into the initial hype that they wanted to see it through. Not including those who thought it was great.

I wonder whether the response to this drama will make her re-think her writing or not. It’ll be very interesting to see how she writes the next project and to what degree it’ll be similar to her last two dramas.

Walking away from this drama, I personally LOVED Lee Yoo-Bi’s performance the most. I was so surprised by how well she commanded her character despite how utterly ridiculous most of the situations were. She really shined in this project. Lee Joon did so well too and Hwang Jung-Eum was genuinely infuriating, she did a good job too.

I feel bad that these amazing actors didn’t get to enjoy praise because of how bad the script is.

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